Dream meanings Abundance

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To dream of abundance is a positive omen. It shows that it is now time to get hold of something important.

It’s like a warning sign for you to cut down the reservation of something in life, and if possible, try to share that thing or enjoy time others. In such cases, when you dream of abundance as this dream shows that in real life abundance will shower on you - yes, happiness and internal satisfaction will come into your life. Dreaming of being abundant by a resource also foretells that sooner or later, you will progress in your business. Only, if you know how to utilize these resources that you are abundant in will you succeed. You should try to learn various ways to manage your resources in a very precise way. A dream about an abundance of in the work context - like you get a new job or approach things different generally represents progress in your job or business. It also shows your inner strength to deal with tough and worrying times and any difficulty in life will vanish. You will approach problems in a more - comprehensive way.

Detailed dream interpretation

Having a dream of abundance in life represents a great time in waking life. Now, there is a hidden warning. To dream of this might harm your employment/business and even your relationship with others; especially in your love life. You will receive more than desired that will certainly start creating trouble after a specific period of time. After that, you may suffer in your business. All in all this is a great dream. Try to start using time wisely if you see piles of gold coins in a dream.

A dream regarding an abundance of money indicates that you are now about to welcome heavy amount of money at your doorstep. You don’t need to make strategies and long-lasting plans to get it. You will have it without even rolling the dice.

To dream that you have an abundance of friends around you shows that you are not alone in this world. There are people who care for you and that is why they appear to be abundant around you in the dream. Though, in this social circle, there are people that want to gain more status and wealth. There are also numbers of people that really care for you, no matter who you are and where do you stand in your life. So well done, to have such a lovely dream!

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dream that you are abundant of happiness and joys of life that are rare to experience.
  • You dream of excessive money associated with your name.
  • It foretells that you are going to be rich in on time.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of abundance

Success, happiness, satisfaction, progress, hard luck, harshness of life. Here I have listed some dream meanings of being abundant. If you dream of you home abundant with friends which show that you have a healthy social circle with strong emotional feedbacks.

In your dream you may

  • See yourself abundant at work shows your inner strength to deal with things and represents how multi-tasking you are.
  • Seen abundance of variety of material wealth - items and products interprets success, happiness and good luck in waking life.
  • Seen yourself entitled with a sudden windfall or abundance of money represents the good news of you getting rich with the nick of time, even without doing any hard struggle and efforts.
  • Seen you are abundant but poor at the same time in a dream indicates possible struggle with finances but eventually lead to a wealthier path.
  • Seen yourself happy in a social circle of friends shows your healthy relations.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013