Teeth or tooth dreams

Teeth or tooth dreams

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings Of Teeth

From falling out, crumbling, spitting, moldy, rotten, broken through to disfigured teeth dreams, I will cover all the meanings here.

Horrified, you might have dreamed your teeth falling out. Perhaps a whole section of your mouth becomes toothless and bleeding by the time you're done spitting it out. It's hard to believe that this is happening in your dream and you don't know what to do. A person who is stuck in a stressful job might have nightmares about their teeth falling out or losing financial security. A woman who is in an abusive relationship will be more susceptible to dreams of repetitive tooth loss dreams, which include severe bleeding and gaping wounds. Sigmund Freud, the famous dream psychologist believed that dreams about losing teeth are a symbolism of how we feel in life. Freud believed that teeth being lost indicates change and that we are feeling oppressed.

The lack of chewing in our society has changed the shape of our teeth, due to evolution. Most cooked food is soft, for example, mashed potatoes, chocolates, yogurts, eggs. Therefore, we only spend on average one hour a day chewing, compared to three hours in paleolithic times. This has resulted in dental problems in society. Teeth represent our bite in life. The aggressive nature inside.

What does it mean when you dream about losing teeth?

  • Figure out your passion in life and stop stressing
  • Don’t make decisions based on temporary matters, be patient and make the right decisions
  • Don’t be silent practice communication and the art of giving others your point of view
  • In life, we often feel insecure and make sure we don’t go backward and always forward
  • The one thing that empowers you is what lies within you 

Think about how you want your life to look. Do not panic about your dream and think you have to tell your boss tomorrow morning or change your career or your relationship overnight. You can respond and stop these kind of dreams by reviewing your priorities and putting the promises you made to yourself higher on the list. Shiny white enamel teeth can haunt our dreams in many ways. 

Does dreaming of teeth signal death in real life?

Although many connect teeth dream with death this is due to gypsy folklore. There are many predictions in dream lore that also point that a dream of teeth has nothing to do with death. If you had a dream in which your teeth were falling out or most famously spitting out teeth is connected with your teeth. Many people associate teeth with death, and in the research that I found only a few people actually died – it’s a pure coincidence in my view. Teeth dreams are all about changes, self-perception, inner strength and more importantly the fear of losing something in life, rather than losing something forever. Teeth are also a symbol of your self-confidence. To see large, white beautiful teeth – indicates that you will have much self-confidence. 

Famously, Arabian Caliph in Islam dreamt that his teeth were dropping out. When he consulted an interpreter, he told him this was a bad omen, and that his parents were likely to die. The Caliph had the dream interpreter whipped. 

He later consulted a further dream interpreter who told him that his dream was a good omen and that he can expect to outlive his parents. His parents did not die, but it is interesting to note that the ancient dream interpretation of the loss of teeth is generally connected to death or the death wish. Generally, any dream involving teeth portends aggressive sexuality, but normally this dream means that you are undertaking some type of transition from childhood through to maturity.

What is the spiritual meaning of teeth falling out in a dream?

According to my website statistics, “teeth” is one of my most searched for dreams. Since ancient times dreams have been associated with predictions of the future. The tooth dream in folklore is quite negative I am sorry to say. It presages that power may be lost or challenged. This dream is usually less severe than the more extreme versions. These dreams usually involve losing a tooth or finding out that one of your teeth has fallen out. This type of feedback after a decision serves to remind you that while a temporary compromise can be strategically advantageous, there are real costs associated with maintaining the course for the long term.

If teeth are missing from the mouth, pulled out, breaking, or spat out indicate our own internal stresses. It is true to say that in dream psychology teeth are connected to our own stress levels. Therefore, I can conclude that this is a stress-induced dream. 

Sometimes we dream that our teeth are black, moldy, or rotten. Spiritually this implies the crown borrowed success. As the teeth are being lost in a dream it can indicate that you need to work on meditation grounding.

Why do I dream about my teeth falling out?

This dream can indicate you will naturally encounter a feeling of insecurity. In psychology, our teeth coming out represents not only stress but also the feelings of not being secured in an element of life, this could be a relationship alternatively job. It’s important to note that teeth coming out represents emotional times ahead. If you cannot touch your teeth in your mouth then this shows that you’re going to go through a period of engagement. It may be that you uncover a difficult situation or that you are trying to find the best course of action to solve a problem. You should spend more time with people who support you, do activities that release you, and pursue pursuits that restore balance. It is important to be clear about your thoughts and to decide what you can and cannot bear. Here is more detail about why you may have dreams of teeth falling out.

1. Dreams about teeth are about making decisions:

Dreams about losing your teeth could indicate that something is not balanced in life. It is normally associated with personal objectives. If the teeth are just coming out of your mouth you are trying to catch them and this can indicate that you need to change certain aspects of your life. The symbolism of your teeth being lost on the floor can indicate the end of a period in life. Normally this type of dream occurs during the REM sleep stage. It can indicate you are going to be confronted with many different opportunities going forward. Everything is manageable and you must try to enhance your life for the greater good after having such a dream. 

2. Dreams about teeth are connected to problems in life:

Dreaming about losing teeth can also signify you might be facing a number of problems and that you do not know how to solve them. I like to think that the chief represents our own protective crown. Teeth are broken or in poor shape, it is a symbolism whereby you need to draw attention to inner concerns.

3. Dreams about teeth are connected to identity issues:

Dreaming about losing teeth is concerned with our own personal identity. Everybody has a smile, in a dream state if you are unable to smile because of the chief being lost in this can create the perception. There are issues about perhaps assertiveness, self-confidence and also overcoming anxiety. As your teeth are missing, it can indicate that you need to find your own identity and communicate better with people. Being toothless is a reminder that you need to face challenging situations and be one with your own identity.

What did Sigmund Freud write about dreams of losing teeth?

I have touched on dream psychology in my opening paragraph, the Freudian that the dream is connected to male private parts. Yes, you heard right! It is associated with a partner or someone who holds power and control over you. Freud researched extensively what dreams about teeth really meant. The dream is caused normally by power shifts. It can denote a sudden loss of control over something important in life. If you are feeling your power has been taken from you then this dream is common.

What is the general dream meaning of teeth?

When one struggles to complete a task in life, this dream is common. If you lose teeth in your dream, then this represents fear. This dream is a message to make sure you are hundred percent healthy, as it can signify some type of illness, go to the doctor and get yourself checked out if you feel unwell. 

Dreams about dentist removing teeth

If the tooth is removed then you feel a sense of relief, this is exactly the advice the dream is giving you. Make sure that you remove yourself from situations that are stressful. By doing this you will make sure that your life will become a lot easier as you move forward with success. Remove the problem to feel relief. If you dream of your teeth actually falling out, then this goes back to your childhood and that you have been living a carefree existence for some time now.

What do dreams of crumbling teeth mean?

Have you ever had that dream of your teeth suddenly crumbling in your mouth? Or you spit out crumbling teeth? To dream of crumbling teeth is (according to folklore) a negative dream. I can assure you please don’t worry about this negative interpretation too much. Sigmund Freud believed that bad or missing teeth reveal that you may be feeling powerless and subsequently you may have to face the consequences of control and power.

A dream of crumbling teeth around your feet can suggest that you need to think about how you communicate with others. It could also suggest that things will work out well. Maybe you dreamt that you had tooth decay or alternatively you went to the dentist to have some crowns or bridges fitted, then they began to collapse and crumble. Our teeth are patched up through fillings but over time many fragments break away. I myself have even experienced a crumbling tooth in real life and in dreams. 

Dreaming of having “brittle” teeth can actually mean something. The crumbling tooth in real life is associated with wanting something to be removed in life. If you dream your crumbling teeth were removed, fragment by fragment by a dentist this implies in dream lore that success will prevail. Crumbling teeth in my research suggest there is a sense spiritually that a “situation” will need directing. To see another person in a dream whose teeth crumble indicates a difficult decision to make in the future. Maybe you feel like you’re losing your power over something. Perhaps your relationship isn’t working as you imagined but it will do. It could be that your partner does not feel right for you. Crumbling teeth in dreams have been related to the feeling of getting old. In particular, fearing the loss of beauty and attractiveness.

Ancient meanings of teeth dreams (pre-1930s)

The general tendency in dream interpretation is to move away from isolated symbols and to interpret the dream as a whole. The traditional oracles in connection with what teeth mean generally account for one's individual thoughts and feelings. Historic meanings of spitting out teeth generally mean that you are going to eat your own words. Remember what you say and think before you give your opinion to others. 

Teeth falling out or coming out easily indicate that you are going through some form of transition in your life. This means that sexual maturity is likely to happen in the future. If teeth are dropping out, this shows you have a fear of aging or are scared of moving on in your life. In traditional folklore, being born with one tooth generally means that a baby is likely to be a problem child. Ancient dream dictionaries foretell that any dream involving your teeth is generally unlucky, especially if they have actually fallen out completely.

  • If you are a man under the age of 30, and you dream of losing a tooth, then you should listen to wiser, older people giving you lots of good advice.
  • If you are male and over the age of 30, then you are likely to lose some type of valuable possession.
  • If you are a male and over the age of 30, you are likely to discover that you have a false friend.
  • If you are a female over 30, then your husband or partner is likely to become unemployed for a short period of time.
  • If you are buying tooth powder (old word for toothpaste) or cleaning your teeth, this means that a visitor is going to enter your home, and you are going to have enjoyable times.
  • If you dream of your teeth dissolving it means that an important problem in your life is likely to end.
  • If your teeth have fallen out, and they are growing back, it means new opportunities are coming your way.
  • Not being able to talk in your dream due to your teeth falling out means you will find it hard to communicate in the future.
  • Gold teeth or a tooth means riches are within your reach.
  • If you have black teeth, then things are going to be hard over the next three months with regards to a project.
  • Bleeding gums or teeth means that you need to take things easy for a while.
  • Brushing your teeth shows that you need to have a spring clean. If you look into a mirror while brushing it means that you need to reflect on what is important to you going forward.
  • Large gaps in your teeth mean it is time to take a holiday.
  • If you lose your teeth somewhere, you feel scared, and people are looking at you, this shows that you fear what might happen in your old age, and you do not want to be helpless or undertake any dependency upon others. 
  • To have a feeling of more than one tooth in your dream indicates that you are likely to lose some type of material that is of value in the forthcoming future, according to dream lore. This dream indicates that you are likely to find that valuable following its loss. 
  • If you dream of dentures or that your teeth are being made for you, it means that somebody is likely to take over a part of your life in the future. It is important to throw yourself into a project and not let others take over your responsibilities. 
  • If the dentist actually pulls on your teeth in your dream and you feel it, it is an indication that you will encounter a minor illness that will not be fatal, but it will be lingering for some time. 
  • If you have a dream that your teeth are being removed by a dentist, it shows that you have lost control. 
  • To have your teeth knocked out shows a sudden sense of loss which is generally associated with your finances. Maybe you feel like you would like to return to carefree days.
  • If you have any symbols of biting in your dream, it means that some type of aggression may come into your life, involving yourself or someone else. 
  • A dream which involves a woman swallowing a tooth will be seen as being symbolic of her desire, or alternatively her fear of becoming pregnant. 
  • If you are a man and you dream of swallowing your tooth or teeth, this is associated with the fact that you need to make sure you become more dominant in your love relationship. This will enable happiness to continue. 
  • Make sure you give romantic gestures to your love; this may involve flowers or arranging a romantic meal. This will enable the spark of romance to return to your relationship. If your teeth appeared rotten or decayed or not in good general shape, this dream indicates that you are going to experience some intense strain in an affair connected to a project. 
  • To dream of spitting out your teeth indicates some sort of sickness; a family member is likely to become ill for some time.
  • If you find the teeth falling out into the palm of your hand, this indicates that your plans and desires are going to be oppressed based on a condition of illness. 
  • If you find that more than two teeth falling out, then you are likely to encounter a serious accident. Make sure that you always remember and check when you are reversing the car or that the road is clear when you walk across. 
  • If you decide to pull your teeth out it means that you are going to take some time to relax and recuperate from a stressful situation. 
  • Dreaming that your teeth are covered in tarter, or if there is food in your mouth that is actually covering your teeth, this represents that you need to find enjoyment away from your responsibilities. 
  • To actually look in the mirror or admire your teeth or other people's teeth, or simply looking at somebody else smile it shows there are going to be pleasant times ahead.
  • If you dream that you have actually lost your teeth, and you can not find them and that you can feel them in your mouth, then this shows you are about to enter into an engagement which is not going to please you. 
  • You are going to find yourself in a difficult situation with associates or friends, and the best course of action is to actually decline this offer; this may be a party or a work event. 
  • To dream that a dentist or hygienist actually cleans your teeth and they are perfect it shows that you are going to believe your financial interests are secure when they are not. The money in your life will expand, and you are going to find that you will encounter a stranger, most probably female, who will help you in the future.
  • If new teeth grow back, or you have additional teeth, then this signifies the outcome of what is likely to happen in the future. If they are bright and whiter, things are likely to be better. If they are bad or rotten, things are likely to be difficult for some time. 
  • If your teeth are white this foretells pleasant occupations connected to work are likely to happen in the future. If you find it difficult to communicate with others because your teeth have fallen out or they have been moved, this is an indication there are pressures to agree with others in relation to a work situation. This also indicates that you have been feeling your faith has been lost in regards to a group situation.
  • If you dream of brushing your teeth, this indicates you are likely to borrow money from relatives. 
  • If you dream of gold teeth it portends a state of happiness ahead. 
  • If you dream that your baby or child loses its teeth, this suggests that you need to move on in your life, as you or childhood years are behind you. 
  • To dream of the tooth fairy indicates that you need to reward yourself in some way, shape or form. It is clear that you have been working too hard recently or are overworked. Take a holiday or a shopping spree to reward yourself. 
  • If your dream involves wearing a brace it indicates you have been feeling that you are not heard and that you have been restrained in conversations with superior people. 
  • To dream that a child has gaps in their teeth suggests that you have been feeling hurt by a family member.
  • If you are struggling to communicate to a large audience or to one person because of your teeth it shows there is a deep sense of feeling inadequate in social gatherings. It is time for you to get your confidence back.
  • If you are experiencing a crisis in your waking life, then the dream of losing teeth is quite common. 
  • The gaps that are featured in your mouth because of lost teeth often indicate a sense of morals which have been lost due to a team or a group of people in a work situation. Things are likely to shift for you in the near future. 
  • If you cannot speak in your dream, and you find that your voice is not the same, this indicates that you need to experience a lot more opportunities open to you in your life. 
  • Grinding teeth is also associated with an aggressive nature in life.
  • If you dream of touching your teeth, then you have control over situations in your life. 
  • If you dream that your gums are bleeding, and you subsequently have a lot of blood, this indicates a loss of some type. Another indication of bleeding gums is that you feel there is a lack of support around you. 
  • If you are grinding your teeth in your dream, this determines the loss of honesty and integrity. To dream that you see another person with white teeth shows that you are likely to have a beautiful lover who you will marry in the future. 
  • To dream that your teeth are loose or wobbly is normally associated with some type of sickness in old dream lore, but happiness overall in more modern dream books.
  • If you have fake teeth in your dream, then you are likely to enjoy some type of social event in the future. If you have cut your teeth or a milk tooth has come through or falling out, this indicates some type of change of residence, and that you are likely to encounter a marriage within the family. 
  • A wisdom tooth indicates that it is time to grow up and face an event that is likely to cause many people to talk, especially if this is hurting you. The other important area of this dream is how you translate from an adult to a child. 
  • If you dream of wisdom or milk teeth, you need to change your life as new possibilities are on the way. 
  • If a doctor pulls out your teeth, then an illness will be overcome. It is important to strive and re-evaluate your relationship with others. 
  • If you dream that you are examining your teeth, or alternatively visit the dentist for a routine appointment, this is an indication that it is important for you to be careful with your affairs. 
  • If you dream of opening your mouth and your teeth are gone, it means that you may encounter somebody that is unlikely to carry out their plans and can also indicate a depressed state of mind in the future.
  • If you have a sensation in your dream where you cannot feel the teeth in your mouth or feel the cavity, and you find that the whole dream is associated with mystery it means there are going to be a few problems in the forthcoming months which do not please you. 
  • If you dream that you are toothless it shows that you are going to find difficulty in advancing your interests due to limited prospects in the future. 
  • To see others’ teeth it generally indicates there are enemies trying their best to make sure you do not survive in a work situation. 
  • To dream of a toothache indicates you will have great social gatherings in the future. Seeing a crown or brace in a dream means that something is stopping you from going forward in your work or career. 
  • To dream of dental floss, it means it is time for you to approach a new project.

What’s the psychological meaning of teeth falling out in your dream?

So far, I have discussed at length about teeth in general and the old folklore regarding teeth dreams. Dreams of teeth falling out are one of the most popular dreams to have. There are a number of reasons why you may have dreamt of your teeth falling out. The interpretation of dreams by Sigmund Freud can provide some insight. he wrote on page 83 of this book about concealing teeth. 

Freud believed that the concealing of false teeth indicates that there is going to be some examination in life. To dream of your teeth falling out is one of the most common dreams in history. I have carried out research into this dream and I have been studying dreams for 20 years. I’m Flo and I wish to share some interesting facts about this dream. 

And although many claims this dream represents something negative and unfortunate, we say the opposite – the interpretation of this dream is positive and refers to changes. Sigmund Freud analyzed teeth that when you dream of your teeth falling off, your dream has a sexual connotation, but as you know, with Freud everything is related to sex. 

In Freudian times, this dream was likely to be associated with relationships. The dream generally indicates a sense of loss in love. The image of an extracted tooth is symbolic and related to some type of loss. The emotion that you feel in your dream is important, because the extraction of the actual truth may be positive, which completely changes the meaning of this dream from negative to positive. 

Freud always believed it is impossible to fully interpret teeth dreams. When trying to find the answer to why this dream has suddenly happened in your life, it is important to understand the emotions and feelings that you experienced within your dream. It is important to realize that you are likely to experience a lack of communication from someone close to you the next month. The individual meanings associated with losing your teeth will be dependent upon how you feel during your dream. 

Maybe you have had a difficult period of time around work, and it is time to think about what you really want from life in general. It is important to note that this dream has been considerably searched for during June, one of our top performers. Many people in ancient dream interpretation books especially from the 1920s generally associate dreaming of teeth with erotica. Raphael expresses a general view that to dream your teeth are lose it generally predicts illness of some kind. He also stated that for your teeth to come out it generally indicates that death is likely, but it is not sure this is a true interpretation as this was very old folklore. It is not surprising that if you dream your teeth were lost, you are in essence losing something in your life. 

What does it signify if you lost one tooth in a dream?

To lose one tooth in your dream means losing something in waking life that you no longer need or want. Maybe it’s a person who’s been walking with you for too long. Or someone you no longer care for. In older dream lore, it can mean losing money too but that won't be a problem for you. Remember, that we can always find a way to double your money after you experience a financial loss. I feel this dream is about losing your path in life. Do you even know where you are going?

What does it mean to dream of a dentist fixing your teeth?

To dream of a dentist fixing or operating on your teeth signifies you’re the need for discretion, in ancient dream lore. Sometimes we think that we can handle everything in life but it is hard to sometimes stay focused. Seeing a dentist's surgery or getting “oral work” done on the mouth implies a time of great resistance.

What does it mean to dream of someone you know being toothless?

Often people with toothless grins are older people. If you see a man or woman without teeth this can imply you need to focus on yourself. To see yourself who is toothless in your dream suggests that you may be going through a life transformation. I think that such a dream would be quite frightening, depending on the details. I know we all look a bit strange with gaps in the teeth. In my view, these dreams lead us to ask ourselves certain questions. Does someone need help? If the answer is no, then this dream indicates that perhaps you need to reach out and ask if someone close needs help. 

Alternatively, your dream reveals an excessive worry about a certain person in waking life. There is a key interpretation of this dream and that is to reach out and offer your help and support. To dream of seeing a man without teeth in a dream reflects your inner issues as well. It is time that you pay attention to yourself and thinks about how you are feeling today.

What does it mean to see blood on your teeth in your dream?

To dream of seeing blood on your teeth, or that your teeth are “knocked out” represents your enemies in dream lore. There is much folklore about bleeding teeth that signifies someone’s wish for revenge. Alternatively, seeing bleeding gums in the dream indicates that you need to be more gentle with yourself. There is a message here spiritually: try not to punish yourself toо hard for the mistakes you’ve made – we all make mistakes.

What does it mean to dream of false teeth?

To dream of false teeth represents in folklore fake friends are around you in waking life. It can imply that not everyone is honest with you. False teeth in real life are about our identity, how we connect, what makes us feel good. Therefore, to dream of false teeth can indicate that above all watch out for people that are not completely truthful.

What does the loss of a front tooth mean in a dream?

The loss of a front tooth in a dream can indicate that you will find “love” in dream lore. Front tooth replacement could be through dental implants if in your dream can imply a new approach to old ways. Since olden times dreams of losing a front tooth have been associated with a knock-on effect in life. After all, when we lose one tooth it can affect the other teeth in dentistry research. In real life, the loss of front teeth is due to accidents. In our modern world, we generally wear mouth guards and to wear this in a dream suggests that you need protection in life. The loss of one tooth in old dream lore is quite negative and one tooth is a great example of the loss of power in a specific area of life.

What does it mean to dream that your teeth are in good shape? To dream that you have perfectly white gleaming healthy teeth means that you feel comfortable in your life but you feel you deserve more. In my view, such a dream appears when we have been working hard and taking care of everything. Of course, we all feel that we deserve only the best and nothing less. Maybe your friends, relatives or partner don’t have the capacity to understand what you really want.

What do white teeth falling out in your dream to mean?

To dream of white teeth falling out is usually connected with anxiety in older dream books. However, we have a different interpretation based on many types of research that prove these types of dreams have absolutely nothing to do with death nor diseases. Some dictionaries state that when you dream that your teeth are falling out, it means that you’re ready for a change. No matter how painful the change will be – you may need to alter your perspective. This could be your relationship with your family, friends, and relatives too. The good news is that this dream denotes that you know exactly what you want from life. To see your entire teeth just fallout indicates that you need to look at your heart to give you the right answers in life. Ignore your rational mind and listen to your intuition. This dream also denotes greater self-confidence. You will achieve success thanks to your persistence and the faith you have in yourself and of course your inner aspirations and goals.

What does it mean when your teeth break off in a dream?

If your teeth break off in your dream, it symbolizes the end of something and what I call regeneration. Sometimes in life, we lose something and it can hurt but you will overcome difficulties because of your inner strength. The message of this dream is to think positively. After a storm, we generally experience an emotional breakthrough. There is a warning here: try to avoid conflicts and gossip.

What do rotten teeth mean in a dream?

To dream of rotten teeth signifies future independence in old dream lore. Rotten teeth are interlaced with diet and diseases. it is amazing when rotten teeth appear in dreams. Of course, we are eating more than we have ever done, also sweet foods are associated with rotten teeth. As we have evolved our teeth have made changes. one of them, of course, is the fact they rot. To dream of rotting teeth can indicate that you need to examine your own development. You may also notice a newfound ability if all your teeth were rotten in the dream.

What do dreams of pulling your teeth mean?

The first thing I will say about this dream is that dentists or anyone should not pull teeth unless they have to, many dentists just pull teeth now… when they could be saved. The question of such a dream is if you had a toothache in the tooth that was pulled in the dream this can indicate your control in life. If the tooth was infected or decayed in the dream and had to be pulled is a synthetic representation of a problem you are experiencing in life. Pulling your teeth (yourself) in your dream suggests that you should stop forcing yourself to do something. It can mean that you are facing some radical changes and you should be gentler with yourself. Remember that you can’t control everything that happens in your life. Or who enters or leaves your life. But you can always control yourself and how you react to everything.

What does it mean to dream of teeth falling on the floor?

If you dream that your teeth are falling on the floor it symbolizes great success, especially if the teeth you could see were your own. In old dream lore, this proves that teeth dreams have nothing to do with death or misfortune like some older dream books state. On the opposite side, teeth can symbolize joy and success. This dream also symbolizes a problem in “communication” with someone at work who’s below your level. This person could be obsessing with what others think of them.

What does it mean to dream of “watching” your teeth falling out?

To see a dentist “watch” your teeth, or someone else looking inside your mouth in your dream, it foreshadows naivety in waking life. Do you let people get close to you, even if you don’t know them well enough? In dream lore “watching teeth” in a dream also reveals that you have a secret admirer who always has your back.

What does it mean to dream of teeth falling out for a young girl?

I am going to cover this because most older dream books have specific meanings for young girls who dream of teeth, I would say those women under the age of 25. If you’re a young girl and you dream of your teeth falling out, it represents minor problems in a “love” relationship. Maybe a person you know is keeping secrets from you. These secrets will hurt your feelings but you shouldn’t pay much attention because you’re still young and your dating life has just begun. To dream of all your teeth falling out in a dream also denotes pain and depression. Why are you unhappy with yourself? Can’t you see your great potential and pure soul that’s going to help you achieve everything you want in life?

What does it mean to dream of someone with no teeth?

To dream of someone who has no teeth (toothless) represents your way of perceiving people. You always put yourself first and you think you’re better than everyone you know. And maybe you are. Remember the famous quote: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?” You should try it sometimes. People who fail to have teeth are normally older people, to dream of someone “older” without teeth can indicate you will have some fans in the future. It can also indicate possible travel in the future.

What does it mean to lose your teeth in a crowd?

I had this dream once of losing all my teeth in a crowded room. I was on the floor looking for my teeth. What does it mean? To dream of losing your teeth in a crowd signifies inner conflict and lack of freedom in waking life. If you feel like you can’t express the real you or are trapped in a cage indicates that others will help you. Often, I believe these dreams happen when we have to stand up for ourselves and more importantly what we believe in – even if it means standing alone. Losing your teeth in a crowd also represents someone else hygiene in old dream lore.

What does it mean to wear braces in a dream?

To dream of wearing braces indicates a communication warning and an announcement. You’re being warned of losing your power over some aspect of your life. But there’s also something positive about this dream – it announces something great for the future. I wish to say: ”Brace” yourself for what’s coming because it may knock you off your feet. Some people who have emailed me after having this dream have found a job opportunity from abroad, unexpected funds, or new love, so be prepared.

What does it mean when your teeth are breaking?

When your teeth are breaking in your dream it could feel awkward and frightening. However, my interpretation of such a dream is positive. In old dream lore, teeth breaking can indicate that you are going to encounter a spiritual awakening. There is one question that I need to ask. What makes our teeth break? In real life, it could be that we encounter decay or the tooth is rotten. To move this into a dream meaning, it can indicate that you may lose something important but also gain everything you ever wanted. Depression may strike you, but you will successfully strike it back.

What does it mean to dream of someone else losing their teeth?

There might be a sensation that you are going to lose your power or be overwhelmed due to a loss of control. Freud’s central theory on dreams and anxieties are connected to our impulses in life. The fact that you could see someone else losing their teeth can mean you are going to take action in life. To dream of someone else you know losing their teeth represents your lack of concern for the person in waking life. The person you dreamed of is going through something and needs someone to talk to.

What does it mean to lose your teeth in front of someone?

To be in front of others and suddenly lose your teeth in a dream can imply a minor disagreement according to ancient dream lore. If you dream of losing your teeth in front of someone you know, it signifies future disagreement with the person. This particular person will surprise you in a way you could never imagine.

What does it mean to dream of a filling?

To dream of encountering a filling (composites or amalgams) can indicate you subconsciously need to ‘fill” your mind with more information. A visit to a dentist in our modern world normally means a filling or two. Drilling cavities are common and fillings and adhesives are used, if you had a filling in real life or you are due for one then it is not uncommon to dream of them. To gain mercury or metal filling in a dream can suggest that you are established in life. To dream of a more natural-looking filling (such as white filling) can indicate that you are looking for answers. Dreaming of having a mouth full of metal indicates that you may suffer from sweating or irritability in life. To see a filling refilled indicates that you will educate yourself.

What does it mean to have reoccurring dreams of teeth falling out?

To have constant dreams of your teeth falling out means that your subconscious mind is trying to warn you of something. Your intuition is always telling you what’s bad and what’s good for you and your health, but you refuse to listen. Are you in a toxic relationship that’s making you feel miserable and alone? Or worry too much about things that will never happen or have occurred in the past? If the answer is yes, now you know why you dream of your teeth falling out all the time. However, if you’re feeling comfortable in life and have nothing to worry about, these reoccurring dreams are here to warn you of a major change. The new “you” is yet to come.

What does it mean to dream of losing a lot of teeth?

To lose a lot of teeth (or all your teeth) in your dream state reveals the loss of unnecessary people from your life in reality according to dream lore. Turning to Carl Jung to lose our teeth can imply we feel a loss of control. You are going to experience some time in order to retreat in life. Such a dream, in my view, can imply a good friend and a devoted partner.

What does it mean to dream of losing your front teeth?

To lose your front teeth in a dream symbolizes transformation, change, and enlightenment. I researched the older dream lore and this is overall a positive dream. Our front teeth are those we see, for them to be replaced with rotten teeth. Indicates that you may not be able to communicate as well as you had hoped. To dream of seeing a few teeth fall from the front of your mouth signifies courage and persistence.

What does it mean to “spit” out teeth in a dream?

To spit out teeth in a dream foretells a transitional period in your life. You are going to “spit” out everything you once believed in go through a type of “rebirth” in waking life. New opinions will be formed. New people will walk into your life. Sometimes, in dreams, we “spit’ things our when we are going through a transformation. I do believe that this transformation will be yours soon if you were spitting out more than one tooth.

What does it mean to dream of bleeding teeth?

To dream of a teeth hemorrhage or bleeding teeth can be associated with negativity in old dream lore. If you are not employed then this dream can indicate a new job. In Scottish folklore, bleeding teeth can imply financial problems. If there is no blood and you had your teeth pulled the this can imply fortune. To lose your upper teeth and that they are bleeding is a common dream. You will be pleased to know that has a positive interpretation. Something positive is about to happen to a family member. To dream of seeing someone else's, teeth bleeding can imply a wedding or engagement. Your dream also predicts inner peace. This dream also denotes finally solving inner issues on your own.

What does it mean to dream of losing lower teeth?

The technical term “mandibular” is given to teeth in the lower jaw area. In dreams, we can sometimes see problems in the lower jaw area. Missing the lower teeth in your mouth during your sleep - can indicate that you are missing out on something in life. This could be fun, sex, or a romantic relationship. I know from past experience, our dreams sometimes tell us how it is in life. They can give us clues into what people are thinking and the focus on life. To lose your lower teeth in your dream in dream lore is associated with your career. You may find your career declines for a while but don’t worry. The message of this dream is to work hard.

What does dreaming of dentures mean?

Dentures are normally made of acrylic and are removable teeth. I can remember seeing my granny's dentures in a cup at night. But what does it mean to dream of dentures? To dream of dentures signifies that you may meet someone who is not completely honest with other people, or yourself. However, if you dream of someone else wearing dentures, it means that a person is not totally honest with you and keeps secrets that can hurt you. Seeing dentures in glass can suggest you are protecting yourself against something in life.

What is the biblical meaning of teeth falling out in a dream?

The biblical meaning of teeth falling out in your dream is associated with your faith in God. In Psalm 58:6, teeth are mentioned when Kind David prayed to God to destroy his enemies. Therefore, the meaning of teeth in dreams is related to victory over enemies. Your positive side will overshadow the dark part of your personality. The biblical message is to keep your faith in your God, humanity and yourself. The rest will fall into place, eventually.

Does dreaming of teeth fall out mean pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant and dream of your teeth falling out, then this dream is not associated with death or misfortune. Generally, I would say that this dream could just be an anxiety-based dream. I would ignore the old dream lore, it isn’t denoting future problems. This dream could be the worry of labor and foretells your future life changes. It’s a bit scary but fills you up with joy. In olden times they believed that teeth falling out in a dream - meant a new baby would enter the dreamer's life.

Dreams about losing teeth are considered one of the most common dreams…ever! There are so many ways you could lose your teeth in a dream. Dreams are one of the oldest mysteries on earth and are associated with events in our lives. This dream is probably one of the most disturbing dreams to encounter and I am here to help you decode your “losing teeth” dream. If you have never had a filling in your life then the dream of losing your teeth out indicates there are problems you are facing in life. A healthy mouth is important in a dream as it represents your “personal” well-being. These teeth dreams can come in many different forms. Maybe you were frantically trying to pick up your teeth from down on the floor or that you were spitting out your teeth. This dream results in us waking up wondering what this drama really means.

What’s does a toothpaste in a dream symbolize?

The toothpaste in dreams is a symbol of cleaning you're conscious. Seeing toothpaste in a dream can imply your maintain or balance. To see yourself dreaming of toothpaste indicates self-confidence, and you should never lose anything in life. The toothpaste represents your talent and can imply that if you are single you may meet your soulmate soon. Either way, try to focus on what makes you feel better about yourself. This dream also denotes your fear of getting old – we all fear this.

What does it mean if you tell your child to brush their teeth in your dream?

If you dream of your child brushing their teeth, it implies simple anxieties about being a parent. Yes, we all have them. Importantly, you are doing great and you may need to take a break. Otherwise, you will break. However, if you don’t have children, and you still had such a dream, it foreshadows your deep wish of having someone to care for. Maybe it’s a good time to get that pet you have always thought about. Such a dream also reveals your need to manipulate people and tell them what to do – yes, it's about control. What do you really want in life? The answer to this question will reveal some new aspects of your personality that you didn’t even know existed. To see yourself as a child brushing your teeth in a dream in old dream lore indicates more fun in life.

What does it mean if you see food stuck in your teeth in your dream?

To see food leftover or stuck in your teeth in your dream means you’re not paying enough attention to what’s happening around you. To see food in your mouth can imply an “embarrassing moment” to attract the attention you need to present something in public. Such a dream also represents your lack of self-care. Are you paying enough attention to yourself and your life? When was the last time you took some time off to relax and gather your thoughts? No matter how busy you are, you should always pay attention to how you feel is the meaning of this dream.

What does it mean to brush your teeth in your dream?

To dream that you were brushing your teeth means that you wish to make a good impression. This dream can also imply your own reputation. Are you always worried about how others perceive you? Sometimes this dream can indicate that you need to brush away your problems. Instead of trying to become the main subject in daily gossips of your enemies, work on yourself and find another way to boost your self-confidence. Your dream also reveals the good care you take of your health. Pay your doctor a visit, just in case. And, try to relax a little.

Does losing teeth in a dream mean death?

This is an old wives' tale. I don’t think this rings true. There is a definitive reason why you had this dream and it is more to do with (as I have said several times before) the stress in life. It could be you would like more “control” over a situation or that something has happened in your personal life that means you have not been able to carry out your own objectives.

Why have I had a dream about losing my teeth?

Think about dreams as a way of helping us decode our own emotions of the day. Dreaming is one of the most important ways of processing this particular information. If our lives are full of anxiety and stress then this is a common dream. Generally speaking, teeth loss during the dream is often connected to “losing” something important. It could be that you are going through recovery or you have suffered some emotional damage that has been inflicted either in childhood or through your early years. It is a “vulnerable” type of dream that brings insight into the specific stresses that we can count on a daily basis. Trying to get a handle on this dream is a good way to understand the stress that you are experiencing both in your dreams and in your waking life. Here I am going to run down what this dream means from a psychology viewpoint:

What does it mean to dream about losing teeth and then this "tooth" breaks?

Dreams about losing teeth and then they are breaking them can be quite concerning. If the teeth are broken and this can signify that something in your life is broken you need to try to understand what is. From a dream psychology perspective breaking teeth recommends reviewing your current activities. Traditionally, teeth are symbolic of our stress in life. They also sometimes have a sinister association due to a lack of imagination or focusing on the material aspects of life. Dreaming of losing teeth can suggest pride in the work when it is broken indicates you are overregulated in your job or home life.

What does it mean to dream of losing teeth and new teeth growing?

If you lose teeth, however, finding that they are growing again can indicate that you have issues with either power or authority. The dream to be encouraging you to see how you behave towards others and take a more controlled viewpoint in life. The new teeth growing is a positive omen. It can be a sign that you have out exploited and past but things are starting to move in the right direction. Growing teeth is also representative of new beginnings. It can suggest that even through insecurity or questioning the value of your own skills you can overcome anything. The inside of your mouth is also equally important. If your mouth looks healthy then this can suggest that it might be a subconscious message to find a more comfortable level of emotional expression.

As we get older we tend to become more anxious and worry about things that we didn’t think about when we were younger. It's a natural process of revolution. Dreaming of your teeth can represent that you are out of control in regards to where your life is heading. Sometimes it could indicate that we have reached the stopping point in life and that something new and exciting is required.

I can remember my own friend kept dreaming of losing her front tooth (she kept looking everywhere in the dream) she asked me about it and it was clear that in her life she was going through quite a stressful time at work, not only that, she was also going through the menopause which meant that she could not control her aging or associations recent research from a psychological point of view at Stanford University show that dreaming of losing teeth can be attributed to aging and getting older.

What does it mean if you dreamed of someone else losing teeth?

This is quite an inspiring question that I received from one of the users by email. While dreaming of losing teeth is highly subjective it often represents as I have said many times before this article that is connected to our own stresses and strains in life. Someone out his teeth representing a dream could simply mean that you are encountering emotional experiences with others.

Think about the teeth themselves as a way of survival, a challenge. It could mean that there is somebody that is trying to connect with you on an emotional level and the fact that you saw their teeth that are lost in dreams means that you find it difficult to communicate with you. Trying to understand the hidden issue of this dream will help resolve any future dreams of this nature. It could be that you are feeling very vulnerable in a certain relationship which is making you rather emotional.

There is a hidden symbolism of dreaming of losing teeth - relating to our own culture. In some societies to lose teeth is quite common. In the Western world, we are focused on keeping our mouths healthy and it is associated with the reflection of our own path. If you noticed a gold tooth is lost in your dream it can indicate that you are going to feel your goals from a material perspective. In conclusion, dreaming of losing your teeth is never a great dream to experience. It can be particularly worrying especially if it was rather vivid. The most important takeaway of my article is that you need to try to restore your own happiness and overcome the stress and anxieties in your life.

What does it mean to dream of animal teeth?

  • I’m going to include animal teeth in this dream interpretation. While I was researching this article I came across so much folklore and a host of great information about animal teeth. The bird itself has no teeth at all. This really surprised me when I found out as I am nearly 40 years old and never even knew this. It means that birds have to swallow their food whole. 
  • If you dreamed of a bird's teeth then this can mean you then have to swallow something in life as one. Spiritually speaking, perhaps a comment or criticism from another. 
  • The beaver has amazing teeth. It has four huge front teeth one of the top and another one at the bottom. These teeth can grow about 4 feet each. 
  • Additionally, the walrus and the elephant have tusks made of ivory, and you dream of teeth from these mammals the dream indicates that you’re going to be looking up to things or people. This may represent the higher ideals to which you aspire to. 
  • To dream of a whale's teeth which have a massive 3000 teeth in each jaw represents possible treachery according to gypsy folklore. 
  • A squirrel’s teeth are extremely strong in order to chew all those lovely nuts. Dreaming of squirrel’s teeth can indicate “standing up for yourself” in spiritual dream lore. Dreaming of a snake’s teeth indicates you may be suddenly taken over by a rival. 
  • To dream of being bitten by a snake is connected to the snake's teeth. What does it mean? The snake has the most amazing small teeth at the front - which helps it swallow its food. As the snake’s mouth can contract and stretch to several times its body shape it can suggest a period of opening and renewal. 
  • The snake itself generally has fangs as well as teeth which allows it to squirt the poison. Who is currently affecting your thoughts?
  • Often in dreams we sometimes see a dog biting us. They have extremely sharp teeth and 42 in total. The dog generally uses teeth to fight or eat. The teeth of a dog are associated with being able to survive. A dog bite is quite an interesting dream symbolism, which means that you are likely to focus on a task at hand.

Conclusion of teeth dreams

This dream often occurs when you are going through a massive period of change in your waking life, as the economic crisis is settling down, and many people are left with a feeling of loss. The loss of your teeth is always puzzling and quite frightening. The mouth is generally associated with the feminine side of a person, so the dream of teeth is often associated with improving relationships and communications with females in the future. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of teeth

Worried. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Alone. Abandoned. Controlled. Enlightened. Rage. Self-conscious. Thinking that others are looking at you. Choked. Not able to speak. Fearful. A sense of being different from other people. Feeling a strange pain in your mouth. Embarrassment. Shame. Frustrated at not being able to speak. Lack of communication leads to arguments or a lack of understanding.

Your dream of teeth falling out

  • Encountered the sensation that your teeth are dissolving or disappearing, or just falling out.
  • Worn false teeth in your dream.
  • The sensation that your teeth are starting to fall out on the floor and you try to pick them up.
  • The teeth are falling out into your hand.
  • Wore a brace.
  • Visited the tooth fairy or by the tooth fairy.
  • You swallowed a tooth or teeth in your dream, and it hurts as you choke on it or your teeth in general.
  • The teeth in your mouth just keep falling out over and over again.
  • Your dream features a visit to the dentist, doctor or hygienist.
  • You find yourself replacing the teeth which are lost.
  • Teeth are automatically replaced in your mouth and you can not understand why.
  • You have an additional tooth or more than one set of teeth in your mouth.
  • You cannot speak, and you find it really difficult to get out certain words.
  • Your teeth are crumbling in your mouth.
  • You have eaten something hard such as an apple, and your teeth were left on the item.
  • Your teeth are rotten.
  • Your teeth are knocked out in your dream due to anger or violence.
  • Your teeth are covered in tartar or food.
  • Grinding teeth in your dream.
  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Bleeding gums or teeth problems that cause pain.


  • You are able to fully communicate with other people that are featured in your dream.
  • You have a perfect smile, and the actual loss of teeth does not affect you in any way, shape or form.
  • Overall the dream turns out well, and it enables you to learn an important lesson.
  • You work out how to avoid looking odd with no teeth.
  • The dentist is featured in your dream manages to fix your teeth with no problems.
  • The overall dream ends on a positive footing.
  • Your teeth begin to heal, and everything works out for the best.
  • The action of the dentist or the removal of your teeth is a positive sign as it takes away the pain.


  • A lack of respect in a work situation.
  • Generally, you are finding it extremely difficult to communicate with others in authority. This is specifically related to work or school. By choosing better words and better ways to communicate, this dream indicates that you are likely to improve your communication skills and progression in a work situation.
  • If you swallow your teeth or you find there is a tooth that has fallen out, and you subsequently choke on this tooth, this dream indicates you are feeling that you are giving up for someone else's benefit. Have you been feeling inadequate around others lately?
  • You have been feeling rundown stressed out lately.
  • People have commented on how you go about activities in your life.
  • You have got an overwhelming sense of struggling in order to keep up with buying material possessions in your life.
  • You have found that a sense of material burden has crushed your pride and demolished your self-confidence.

By Flo Saul
Jan 7, 2013