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When one is vexed or experiences someone else who is vexed, this is a trait which describes someone who is angry, frustrated or perturbed as a result of situations which encompass varying degrees of disapproval.

A person could be vexed about a situation, a place, a person, a discussion, a movie, any number of reasons. Being vexed is a personality characteristic which means that we are mad at someone or we are taking something out on someone else which is unreasonable. Sometimes being vexed is used to be described as something which is a brief moment of frustration which passes and sometimes it lasts for a long time.

If you dream of being the person who is vexed at someone, this can be a health sign and you want to be sure to check on your high blood pressure. Usually these kinds of dreams are ones that represent a high strung or head strong person who does not deal with change well.

In this dream you may have

  • Been vexed at a neighbor for doing you wrong.
  • Been vexed at a child.
  • Experienced someone being vexed at you.
  • Experienced vexation at an animal.
  • Been vexed at a plant.
  • Been vexed at some kind of inanimate object.
  • Been vexed when you heard your lover’s favorite song on the radio.
  • Been vexed at an apple.
  • Been vexed when you couldn’t make a sandwich because you were missing avocado.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were able to relax after being vexed.
  • You found others relaxing who used to be relaxed.
  • You came up with agreeable ways to get along with others in a stressful situation.
  • You could make your sandwich with the avocado and ceased being vexed as vexation is primarily a negative attribute.
  • You jangled keys at someone who was vexed at you and then felt better.

Detailed dream meaning

If you are dreaming of experiencing someone who is vexed as a result of something they have done means the dreamer is feeling overly guilty about something they did or did not complete. You are still trying to purge the energy of that experience.

Feeling guilty for vexing someone often means that you must resolve unresolved situations and make nice with those that have previously been seen as enemies in order to clear up the Karmic slate. These dreams are a call to action for you and it is time to swallow your pride and do the right thing.

When you see yourself as being vexed by children or immature individuals, you want to actually consider your own fault in a situation. Usually these dreams are indicative of being controlling and are a warning of you that you are causing problems in a situation. This is a time to consider your own fault or blame.

Vexing can also be referring to cursing or to the desire to tell someone off. When the dreamer is being vexed by someone else, or being made to feel angry or feeling cursed, then repressed emotions are often an issue. If you dream that you are feeling upset because of the actions of another, consider the validity of your own feelings in the dream. If you can’t see the person who is vexing you, if their face is hidden, or you are simply vexed by many people then usually this is representative of a general situation rather than a specific person who is causing problems in your waking world. Often the mind is working out these issues and there isn’t a lot you can actually do in the waking world but you need to understand that you feel this way and not repress these feelings as they will cause negative outcomes in the future for you.

Being vexed at an inanimate object or a plant is an odd dream indeed. This is pretty direct and indicates that you are being silly or immature in your life. Consider people or situations that have been getting on your nerves and look at your own behavior. Stop being petty in your life and avoid drama.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Overcoming anger.
  • Indulging in reactionary situations.
  • Feeling lost or afraid.
  • Uncertain about where to put your emotions.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Vexed

Frustration. Vexation. Uncertainty. Anger. Calm. Peace. Agreeable. Determined. Focused.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012