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To be in a large airport in a dream is associated with something terminating in life.

A smaller airport seen in a dream can suggest a heavy problem that will take time to solve. Airports in real life are segmented into landside or airside areas. Generally, in dreams, we often see the landside parts of the airport. This can include parking lots, train stations, luggage claim, airport security, aircraft gates or alternatively terminals and waiting areas. These are all quite prominent in dreams of airports. The airside parts of the airport include the runway, air traffic control or planes. I have tried to break down as best I can on the general meaning of an airport dream. Just scroll down to find your dream.

What is the general meaning of dreaming of an airport?

It means spiritually a journey, in your life. This could be a new path or goal that you will work towards. If you had a dream of a concourse then this can interchangeably mean that you are waiting for a new change. Airports represent our own inner confusion. To dream of the airside parts of the airport indicate that a journey will be embarked and you will not be able to escape a problem without resolving this in life. Generally, airports in dreams occur when you're feeling somewhat confused about which direction you want to go. In my opinion, airports are generally busy places and I believe in our dream this represents that we have a number of inner journeys on a subconscious level when an airport appears. Many of you have written to me about your dream, see my facebook comments below and when this happens it indicates that we are unsure about which way to go in life. The aspects and the feelings encounter during the dream of an airport are equally important. If you are seeing someone you know in an airport during the dream or you are picking up someone at the airport this could be a dream connected to your relationship with that person. Airports often occur in dreams when we are going through an important phase in life, for example, moving house, changing job, looking at ways we can improve ourselves through education.

What does it mean to dream of strangers in an airport?

If you see many “strangers” at the airport in your dream it can represent feeling isolation. Normally, in my opinion, these dreams generally occur when for example you have lots of friends on Facebook or in real life and you do not actually have a conversation with them – they are not true friends. I am talking about prior friends or acquaintances or friends of friends generally the airport dream indicates that you might feel that it's time to remove those people that you don't connect with on a regular basis. If you are meeting somebody at the airport in your dream it can often represent a new love or a new friendship is on the horizon.

What does it mean to be lost at the airport?

When you are lost at the airport it can indicate that you are feeling confused about a matter in waking life. The fact that your lost and you cannot find where you're going illustrates how you're feeling inside about daily life. If you lose something at the airport such as your child or luggage or an item of value - it can suggest that you feel that in waking life you're going to lose something important to you. You need to understand why this particular item is lost and how significant this is in your own life. Then, you can connect this back to the dream.

What does it mean to dream of bordering boarding a plane?

Boarding a plane in a dream is an illustration that your conscious mind is ready for a new start in life. The journey itself is symbolic, it doesn't matter if you are going to fly to a city or a beach resort the dream indicates that you are a new path and there's going to be a fresh start new begins coming your way. It is generally a positive dream which can suggest that you need to find peace and contentment in life. There is much happiness associated with the dream of boarding a plane, if you lose your ticket in a dream this can represent a loss in life. To board a plane and see an air hostess it can suggest that other people are going to be involved in a new journey in life. To board a plane and not be able to find a seat, or that somebody else is sitting in your seat can illustrate that you feel competition is quite high in your career. Generally, in my experience boarding, a plane is a positive omen and you must understand and look at the significant details around such a dream.

What does it mean to dream of a crowded airport?

A crowded airport can often indicate confusion in the subconscious mind. If we look deep into our dreams it can illustrate that you wish to embark on a path but you are confused as to which one to take. There are many changes coming your way if the airport was significantly busy. If you see many crowds queuing during your dream it can be an indication that other people close to you are going to take on new journeys or a new path in life. If you dream of more than one person in an airport this can be illustrative of your own thoughts and processes in life.

What does it mean to dream of an empty airport?

An empty airport in the dream illustrates that you are feeling confused. The empty airport is an illustration of our own subconscious goals. It can often crop up when we were unsure about which goals we wish to take. As I have already mentioned, an airport is generally busy place in waking life and - for this to be completely empty indicates you do not know which journey you are going to embark on. If you see security guards in an empty airport in the dream this can suggest that you are turning to people for advice. This dream can also indicate that you're going to change the way you think about things and also how you plan ideas and how you are represented, other people. An empty airport due to a terror attack in a dream signals a new start. To dream of an empty airport signifies that changes are afoot and shortly you will have a situation that must come to ahead. To dream of a crowded airport means that if the slightest thing goes wrong you have been expecting the worse to happen. This dream signifies that new beginnings and many ambitious are coming your way. It may be that some ideas have been in your mind for a while and it is now time to start to put these ideas into action.

What does it mean to dream about waiting in an airport?

Waiting in an airport lounge or alternatively shopping in duty-free generally indicates you are waiting for something in life. To see yourself waiting around for your airplane can suggest that your subconscious mind is waiting for something to happen. In my view, I believe that dreams of waiting in airport indicate that you know you will need to take a journey, you know you have to set goals this can take time to understand. Think about need out of life. To see or be with other people that are waiting for a plane in a dream indicates that there may be some new relationships on the horizon. Sometimes friendships don’t go to plan and dreaming of waiting or “hanging around” in an airport can often represent our own relationships. This dream is illustrative of the fact that you need to move forward in life with progression. The ancient dream interpreters believed that dreaming of an airport shows that your life would benefit from new relationships, new dimensions, a range of backgrounds, some travel, and a new phase of life. If you dream of an airport the interpretation will depend if the airport is crowded or empty and your intention in the airport.

More dream interpretations of the airport:

To wait for someone to come off a plane in an airport means you are building important stages in your journey of life, but you must try to be more positive about when things go wrong. To see a commercial airplane represents your life's paths and the journey signifies parts of your life. This is also a representation of the people or organizations that support you throughout your life's journey. If you had a smooth comfortable flight then this dream means that you will have a series of positive feelings and support from friends. You may have to change your travel plans or delay a project that you are working on for the moment if your airplane was delayed. I will now quickly go over some aspects in your dream that you may see:

  • Air hostess: It is important to take some time off work.
  • Waiting for a flight: if this flight crashes or is delayed then it shows that you may encounter women in life that may be domineering. Simply waiting for a flight is a positive meaning. To wait in an airport lounge indicates that there maybe a new twist to life, especially from a love context.
  • Boarding a plane: indicates that you are clever and that you will get by on your discipline and the willingness to work hard.
  • Losing your airline ticket: the flight may take us to new "higher places" in light of this losing your ticket may mean that it's time to ensure new departures in life are not missed.
  • Sitting in an airport: suggests that changes will imminent. You have a desire or need for adventure.
  • Landing at the airport: representation of feeling lonely around others.
  • Missing a flight at the airport: indicates the feeling of worry regarding plans. This can also mean that you have lost an opportunity that is important to you. You may have a special talent for business and personal dealings in the near future.
  • Collecting someone from the airport: a routine is going to change shortly. To collect someone you know suggests that you are going to meet up with them soon. To collect a stranger indicates a new relationship will be formed.
  • Planning a journey: to plan airport stops indicate that you will be planning a business venture soon.
  • Lost in the airport: you need to find your feet at work.
  • Cannot get to the airport: an objective is going to be difficult to reach.
  • Aim to catch a flight: if you have a need to get a flight it indicates a change of routine is required.

In your dream you may have:

Found yourself waiting in an airport terminal. Missed your flight. Waiting in an airport lounge. Seen a runway. Been in an empty airport. Found yourself in a crowded airport. Missed your flight.

Positive changes are afoot if:

The overall conditions within your dream are positive in nature. You boarded the flight. You are you were in complete control of the situations within your dream.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream:

You experienced any type of emotional pain in your dream. The dream involved feeling emotionally upset. The airport was scary or frightening.

Areas of your life that this dream is connected with:

New beginnings are on the cards. New phase of life is possible.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an airport:

Worried about the airport, emotionally disturbed, fear of missing the flight, inability to get to airport, cannot catch the flight, collecting a person from the airport.

By Flo Saul
Oct 4, 2012