Dreaming about the future and it comes true

Dreams About The Future

Dreaming about future events and psychic dreams

Dreaming about the future is connected to our own subconscious mind.

If you think of dreaming as associated with a higher sense of awareness it is not uncommon that dreams actually can predict the future. When I was 10 years old I had a dream about a house. This house was a terrace (in England), with a backyard, it did not have a garden. A few months passed and my parents took me to a new house they bought. It was the house that I dreamed of. I remember even to this day the shock of walking through a house and knowing which rooms I would enter, what they would look like and the general floor plan. From this day on I have dreams of the future – good and bad.

People contact me about dreams of the future, as I have these dreams myself I thought it important, to sum up what it means if you dream about the future. Such dreams are known as precognitive dreaming. Before you ask me, it is a gift from above. Spirits are showing you the way. I do truly believe it is the spiritual realm connecting with you. Dreams may provide us with the common wisdom that we needed. A dream often provides us with access to various spiritual entities and is the normal route whereby our spiritual guides can communicate and speak to us. As our body is our physical presences, our soul keeps our body and mind together.

Dreaming allows us to process information and generally escape things in waking life. Knowing the future in general terms spiritually means we are reaching into the psychic data bank. Since dreams normally help us process information they also help us prepare for situations in life. Sleep researchers call these “somatic” dreams. This is when the dream imagery is vivid. There are many things that come to light in dreams, distant seeing, remote viewing, and precognition. So this is basically the knowledge of future events that may be blurred. Maybe you visited a town that you go to a few days later, or that you dream of an event that you read in the newspaper a few months later. In old dream books, there appears to be ancient wisdom and above all metaphysical possibilities.

There may be occasions when your dreams are in future time, these are messages in key areas that sometimes crop up in a dream state. For many, dreams have come true many times. You do not know necessarily at the time of dreaming that the dream is, in fact, a prediction. You can by the vivid nature of the dream. A dream that comes true can make us feel shocked and also we still do not understand why we dream in this higher state. There is a sense of clairvoyant feelings in such dreams and it clearly shows you have the ability.

To dream about things in the future in your dream is a normal occurrence because, at any given time in your life, you may be thinking about things to do in the future and thus, the future is always on your subconscious mind. why sometimes we often lose the dream messages, this is due to forgetting the purpose of the dream which results in messages that we are not able to act upon. When one becomes a more active dreamer then our dreams can provide us with much discovery. I like to think that dream is like a bridge to the next dimension. You can help us understand ourselves and our lives much better. Providing us with images and above all psychic energy that can carry through difficult problems faced. Dreams themselves can be celebrated depending upon the context of the dream.

What do dreams about the future mean?

Dreams about the future is normally a representation of your subconscious vision on how the future should look like. But what happens if a dream about the future actually comes true? I have encountered many nightmares that I worry about coming true. Luckily, they don’t materialize. So if you are here wondering if your nightmare will come true it will most probably not. When you think about the future, you will most likely dream about getting a new job, getting married, buying an apartment or a house, and having a child. The dream may not come true as you will dream them, but they will have a meaning close to the aforementioned. I have mentioned this before but dreams that predict are normally referred to as precognitive where whatever you dream about the future will come in real life exactly the way you dreamt of it. Such dreams are common for some people while others rarely have them.

Is dreaming about the future connected to your spirit guides?

Yes, dreams about the future could be as a sign of a prediction you are being given from your spirit guides or god. They might point out something negative that will happen in the near future and so you need to prepare and prevent it if you can. It can inform you to correct your actions or change the way you do your things in order to avoid the outcome you saw in your dream.

If you have the ability to dream about the future, you will dream about such things as world events like earthquakes, tsunamis before they actually happen in the days to come. Having precognitive dreams could serve as you being on the right path in your life. You see yourself in a certain place, or you are with someone then this can predict a strong psychic awareness. To differentiate dreaming about the future to normal dreaming, then they tend to be vivid, and provide you much detail and above all grab your attention and point out to a specific event about to happen. Dreaming about the future with no precognitive implication could just be a sign that you are overwhelmed with the day to day activities and life problems. It could be that you no longer focus and you are yearning for change.

What does it mean to dream about having a family in the future?

A dream about having a family in the future and you are currently dating or newly married means you have maternal instincts and you are thinking about having a big family for yourself in the future. It is also a common dream if you are finding it hard to conceive or to have children completely. Alternatively, it might imply that, in the coming months, you might be welcoming a baby into the family. It could be that, there is someone close to you who is pregnant and is likely to give birth in the coming days. It could also imply that you are pregnant if you are a women – even though you don’t know about it yet.

What does it mean to dream about the future in general?

Dreaming of the future is known as having a precognitive dream. These types of dreams have spiritual implications. World events can often be predicted, many people for example dreamed of

What does it imply to dream about a positive future?

A positive future in your dream could mean that you are headed for great times in the near future. It could be that most of your life you have struggled worked hard and now there are signs that you are going to be successful in your endeavors after having this particular dream. If you have invested in a project, it is likely going to bear fruits.

What does it mean to dream about meeting your future partner?

A dream where you see yourself meeting your future partner could denote that, your subconscious which is depicting your wish and desire which hasn’t been fulfilled yet. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you have a desire to find true love. If you are in a relationship, then there is something which is not working right and you have the feeling that, it is not the right person. You will need to look deep into your mind and try to figure out what you really want before you start hurting people around you.

What does it mean to dream about having a happy future with your current partner?

Having a happy future life with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the dream could mean that, you have a desire to have a strong relationship that is emotionally strong with a person who is very important in your life. You could be wishing for your current relationship to be stronger than it is at the moment or you want an out of the current relationship and to start a new one that will be emotionally binding. This dream can also indicate relationship problems or you might be yearning to go to another level in your relationship commitment with your boyfriend and that is the reason why you had the dream. It might be a vision for your ideal future and it reveals your desire for this particular vision to become true.

What does it indicate to dream about another person's future?

I kept having dreams of my daughters future, often waking and wondering what it means. Dreaming about someone in the future is a sign that, you will need to start being ready for changes in your life in the coming days. The change in question can be deduced from the details of your dream. Try to define all the small details about the changes that were happening in your dream. From that, you will then be in a position to get the true meaning of the change that will occur.

What does it indicate to dream about a negative future?

A dream where you see a negative future could in fact be a positive dream. In reality, the dream is symbolic of a positive period ahead of you where you will be able to overcome obstacles and improve your life.

What does it mean to dream about your future child looking like you?

If you are childless and you’re your future child this can imply that you are re-evaluating your steps in the past. There could be something that happened that you were not “happy about” but it is too late to change things now. Your conscious is telling you not to let your children make the same mistake you made.

What does it imply to dream about being lonely in the future?

Being lonely in the future in your dream could mean that, you are afraid of your family and friends leaving you in the future. You could have insulted or hurt someone in the recent past and that is what has triggered the thoughts.

What does it indicate to dream about being in the future?

Dreaming about being in a future world could simply mean that, you are currently bored. If you are yearning for more action in your life but you don’t know what to do to make it happen.

What does it imply to dream about your attempt to change the future?

A dream where you attempt to change the future could be a sign that you fear for your own actual future. This dream can indicate that you might feel stuck in something in waking life. Changing the future in the dream is positive but can also imply some irrational fears which are provoking such dreams. Alternatively, it could indicate that the beliefs you have about life happenings for a reason, and you are not in a position to change it. You could be encountering some important things happening in your future.

In conclusion, dreaming about future events presented to us in many gentle ways, if you have repetitive dreams that become more vivid and more succulent then this is like a telephone message coming from above. The key to dreaming of what the future looks like a dream is a positive omen. Having such dreams can not only be challenging, significant but above all help, you structure your life better so they can help you face different possibilities in life. Dreaming of future events can often be associated with becoming more vocal in life. Whatever happens at the end of your dream is also important as this can indicate what is going to happen in general life. I think it is also important to conclude that you need to stay with your dreams, try to relate and resolve the issues even if they are nightmares they can be hidden messages. I hope this helps you.

By Florance Saul
Jul 31, 2018