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If your dream involves air, then this is a clear message to make sure you have enough force around you to get through difficult times. If you dream of air in terms of oxygen, then it shows you need to make sure you have elements of your life balanced.

The guru of the Golden Dawn system of Magic, Israel Regardie referred our lives to four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Therefore, if you dream of any of these elements, it is essential that you make sure that everything is balanced.

In your dream you may have dreamed of

  • Had a dream about outside air, oxygen, smoky air, red air, clean air or polluted air.
  • Seen dark air, plaque air, fresh air, hot air, suffocating air.
  • That the air was smelling bad.
  • You flew through air.
  • Seen an air conditioning unit.
  • Could smell unpleasant air.
  • Witnessed air turbulence's.
  • You were blowing air in a musical instrument.
  • You were blowing air in a balloon.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Make sure that everything is balanced in your life.
  • Reduce the gap between the spiritual world and physical.
  • Try to relax a bit.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream about the outside air can signify freedom and intelligence. To dream of blowing air means you are connected spiritually to someone, and your dream implies there are creative forces at work. To breathe air in your dream means that you need to breach the gap between the spiritual world and physical, as this is a necessary part of your lifestyle.

If the air in your dream is smoky, polluted or in any way unpleasant, than this can suggest the dream is a direct implication of your ideas and decisions. In another aspect, this dream can mean that family resources are forced, and people are trying to support you. Air surrounds everything. Therefore this represents that you perhaps need to use a strategy to gain power in order to achieve your goals.

If you dream of being on a plane and you sense air turbulence, it indicates that difficult times are ahead. As our life force is divided into four elements -- consequently earth, air, fire and water, this dream can also indicate your values, and that you may need to reassess to determine your objectives in the near future.

To see air in the sky changing color indicates that you may have some domestic problems in the future. To dream of being in a hospital and being given oxygen (oxygen mask) is a sign that you are fearful about the future. Everything is going to work out. The air your dream is directly associated with your state of awareness. To breathe smoky or polluted air is not a good omen. Please also see our entry for wind for further clarification.

To breathe in hot hair is a negative omen, and you may have bad business associations in the future. To blow air into a musical instrument in order to play a melody or tune, especially in the soprano or tenor range signifies that it is time to relax, and peace will enter your life soon.

To dream of air conditioning is a positive sign. If you feel the air from the air conditioning unit represents that tranquil times are predicted. If you dream of an item that contains air or is inflated by air, such as a balloon, please look at the meaning separately.

Air in your dream can suggest you will have a gain, especially if you dream of contemplating clear and serene sky. Generally dreams on the subject of air are good omens. Blowing into something is a positive omen.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of air

Enjoying. Worried. Content. Sad. Jolly. Happy. Grateful. Surprised. Happy.

By Flo Saul
Oct 4, 2012