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A door often represents the opening of new possibilities and challenges in the future. This dream suggests that it may be problematic to accept difficult situations in the future.

Doors represent hope, opportunities, new beginnings, transformation, secrecy, mystery and hospitality in dreams. In our dreams, we often have a certain symbol that seems to have a powerful effect upon this, and I guess in this instance your symbol is the door as you have reached my website. Doors themselves are essential in our daily lives, think about how many doors you open and close daily.

Doors are feminine symbols associated with separating two paths. They are also symbolic of protection and shelter. I have covered most dreams people have sent me below, but if your dream is not covered then please leave me a Facebook message. My name is Flo and I'm going to confront the symbolism of the door in your dream. It can also represent a lost opportunity in life, such as a promotion at work if the door is small. A locked door can be a symbol of goals out of reach or of gossip behind your back. However, an open door means that your wishes may be fulfilled soon. A door in your dream could mean harm or damage. If you see a door within a building, possibly your house, this indicates there are barriers that limit your growth in this world. If the door is locked, then this symbolizes that you are trying to achieve goals that may be out of your reach. There may be conflict in the future.

What does a door in a dream mean?

I always feel the door crops up in our dreams when we are lacking a resolution, embarking on a new path or trying to find a resolution. What will you stop when you are feeling blocked? I had a dream of not being able to close a door once. It still bothers me now, and I can still see the dream if I close my eyes. I was trying to shut the door as everyone was trying to get in and I could not lock it. Doors from my perspective is about feeling overwhelmed and you are trying to block out something.

Of course, you may always feel that the door is a protection symbol depending on what is going on in life. If you re-enter a door in a dream it can indicate supportive people around you. The door symbol provides us with the catalyst for transformation that is about to be crossed. There is so much mystery beyond the field of doors. A dream could be associated with closing the door, front door, glass door, revolving doors or not being able to lock a door. Most of the time we dream of doors when we are either trying to protect ourselves or that there is potential going forward.

A closed door in a dream can suggest is so much more that is beyond your paths. You might not remember too many details alternatively you not able to access the hidden pass beyond the door. Turning handles of doors in a dream is a direct association with opening new possibilities around you. If you had a nightmare regarding the door it can signify trying to deal with an inadequate problem or belief system. Each dream that we have can represent our own internal and external issues. If you hold the key to the door this is a positive omen, however if the door itself remains closed then this can suggest that your subconscious needs work to formulate questions or issues in your daily life. This leads to the question the I have for you: what action should you take going forward?

What is the ancient dream lore of doors?

A closed door in folklore indicates secrecy and a barrier to moving forward, an open door represents a new beginning, seeing a house that does not have a door represents gossip, a backdoor can imply dishonest entry in life. A trap door implies something that is not expected. If the door opens a little way and you do not want to go over the threshold then.

What does an open door in a dream mean?

An open door is about a new start or a new approach in life. Seeing an open door in a dream is associated with the connection in life. Connecting two paths. In Greek tragedy, the door is associated with the home and family and a front door is connected to hospitality. An open door in my view is connected to “opening the way to a path in life.” There may be opportunities or associations going forward. I will say that an open door can often represent choices in regards to a decision about an important event in life career alternatively a combination of new phases in life. In older dream lore an open door means wishes may come true and your fate will be positive, but also that you could receive guests. An open door can also mean harmony with your life partner. If you are opening the door in the dream, you will meet new people at work or you may discover a secret. Open doors can also refer to a new spiritual path you may encounter sometime soon. The door refers to the openness you could enjoy if you engage on this spiritual path. If an open door squeaks, it can symbolize fights and bad luck.

What does a front door in a dream mean?

The front door is also associated with drama. The front door of the home can signify you are about to embark on something important in life. A doorway seen many different front doors can imply that you wish to get to the “front” of a problem. Many people place lucky charms on the front door, such as horseshoes. Wind chimes are also placed on the front door to bring luck. So, what am I trying to say here? That the front door in the dream is a lucky omen that you are in fact reflecting away any negative vibrations.

What is a broken door dream meaning?

A broken door in a dream is quite interesting symbolism of the door indicates that something might be blocked if seen broken. It can indicate a possible catastrophe that you've blocked the view about something. In terms of your own energy, the broken door can possibly suggest that you are blocked somehow. The door itself can also signify a remedy to difficult Fulham if you actually break the door down.

There was one lovely lady who emailed me when I first start the website ten years ago. This was a terrible dream that she kept having about an axe man who was trying to breakdown her door. She kept getting these nightmares. It was clear after going over the symbol connected to her life, that this dream was about her own internal aggression. She wasn't doing too well in the progression and seemed blocked at the management level in her career. The door represented the opportunities that she was missing out on. She later mailed me to say she'd actually found a new position which was, in fact, $20,000 more than she was being paid. What I'm trying to say here is that the broken door is associated with missed opportunities and possibly a “block” against moving to the future in some aspect of your life. Maybe you need to try to take initiative if the door was broken in your dream. For me, this dream indicates a fresh start.

What does a white door in the dream mean?

White is connected to innocence and purity. If I look around at the doors in my house (internal) they are all white. And I know what your thinking, what on earth does this dream mean? Your resignation with a certain color white door can indicate positive energy in life. As white doors are also associated with the main it can signify you are going to have the power cleaning your life perhaps even a fresh start. Cleaning the front door of your house may be appropriate after having this dream. If you do, however, have a white door real-life dream could just be symbolic if we turn to the famous dream psychologists Carl Jung believed that the symbols in our dreams are connected to our own lives.

What is a glass or clear door mean in a dream?

Spiritually speaking, glass or mirrored doors are connected to water elements. We often find mirrored doors on wardrobes alternatively glass doors in large office buildings. The glass is reflective of you and the goals you have set. Glass see-through doors in a dream represent great luck and fortune the Chinese dream culture. If you are stuck in a revolving door in a dream then this can apply being blocked in waking life. The door that you can see through reminds us of being mindful and spiritual in our endeavors in life.

What does a car door in a dream mean?

Car doors in dreams are associated with going somewhere or a journey into the unknown. If you cannot open the car door in your dream then this implies you are trying to move forward in life you will find it difficult to focus. It may be that you need to turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxation, that you are hearing car doors outside which is initially creating symbolism is in your mind. A frozen car door in a dream from my research implies that you feel an outsider at work. Car doors as I've already outlined indicate you want to embark on a journey perhaps changing the way you think or feel in order to take on life’s problems. If you are unable to unlock car doors in your dream then this can signify roadblocks in regards to focusing future. A dent in a car door indicates an awakener spiritually. Someone or something has dented your ego.

What is knocking on a door in a dream mean?

I spent quite some time researching this dream meaning. The knocking on doors in a dream is quite an interesting symbolism. If somebody is actually knocking on your door then this can signify that there is a possible opportunity that might not be obvious. Knocking on the door in a dream also suggests a period relaxation is needed in order for you to control the future. Try to understand any problems can come your way. It is also possible that the locking of the car door is associated with spiritual protection. If the car is jammed this can imply that something may break up.

What is the color meaning of doors in your dream?

Spiritually, doors represent our own passage in life. If you can observe the color of the door and this is quite important. If the door is red then this is a positive omen, if we turn to feng shui the red door is associated with opening our own energy. Many Catholic churches also have a red door which is connected to sacrificing Jesus on the cross. The red door in this respect is associated with rebirth blood.

1930’s dream interpretation:

If you are being chased and you shut the door behind whatever or whoever is chasing you, it could foretell that you are going to encounter a protective individual in the near future. If you hear somebody knocking or ringing the doorbell, you will be asked to comment on a situation which is out of your control, or you will receive unexpected news. A ringing doorbell could foretell that you will meet some shady people. If you are knocking at a door, you are wise in taking good care of your love life. Spiritually if the door is orange it is connected to Mercury and communication, work, movement intelligence and also flexibility.

If in the dream the door of your house is burning, a person you know could die. The house’s main door on fire is a sign of death. If the door fell on the ground, it represents moral damage. In older dream lore a closed door means you may disappoint your partner, or you could be disappointed by him or her. If you are closing the door, a small loss or something unpleasant can occur. If you are behind the door, you may encounter some difficulty in solving issues. If you strongly shut the door behind you, there will be some gossip in regards to your private life. Shutting the door also means that you have decided to ignore gossip and not get affected by it.

If in your dream you are applying lacquer on a door, it means that you have great control over events in your life and great responsibility. The lacquer color matters too. A light color lacquer means you will enjoy respect from others. Darker color means you may have a hard time being accepted by people around you. If a door is covered with shutters, it means that you will have financial gain soon. The front door of a house in a dream refers to good fortune in love. If the door is stolen or broken, your life partner may get sick. If the door is half-open, you will have good and pleasant love relationships.

What does a backdoor in a dream mean?

The backdoor in dreams symbolizes problems that you try to avoid in ancient dream lore. Maybe you are confronting problems on your own and refuse help. According to dream psychology, you might be facing some negative situation that makes you want to leave and walk away forever. Of course, you will be using the back door of your home (if you have one as not all homes have a backdoor). Your dream also reflects your ability to find the fast and optimal solution to every problem. So, in summary, the back door is like the hidden passage in life and that you wish to remove yourself from existing problems.

What does a red door in a dream mean?

To dream about red door means you’re holding either passion or aggression inside. Red doors in homes throughout the country is popular. Often, people paint their doors red before selling a property as a red door is suppose to attract a sale. Additionally, the red door in older dream lore indicates acting cold and you won’t let that anger or passion materialize. If you open the red door in a dream, it signifies that you’re ready to confront your emotions.

What does a blue door in a dream mean?

To dream of a blue door signifies a change to make things right. The blue door symbolizes the transition period you’re going through. Most dreamers find the blue color as a spiritual color that represents heaven, peace, truth, intuition, and ocean. Thus, to dream of a blue door also indicates a wish to go on a vacation for life.

What does a white door in a dream mean?

A white door in your dream is associated with the moon. The white door serves as a gateway to your deepest emotions, childhood dreams and the purest part of your soul that remains untouched. The white color represents feminine power, purity, cleanliness. To dream of the white door means you will finally find your inner peace.

What do small doorways in a dream mean?

Small doors always remind me of the film Alice in Wonderland. To dream of small doorways suggests that you’re hiding your potential and you underestimate your skills. You will have to confront someone below your level of knowledge, social status, and class. You’ll find yourself in an unpleasant situation if you cannot go into the small door.

What does dreaming of opening a door mean?

To dream of opening a door means you will finally come to your senses and show the world what you can do. If you have been living with self-doubt and low confidence for too long, the time has come. The opening of a door in your dream represents new opportunities. These may be created by yourself. Opening doors in a dream with a key suggests many options are waiting for you.

What does dreaming of closing a door mean?

To close a door in your dream has a transparent meaning – you’re closing a chapter in your book of life. I like to say “book of life” as we all lead on a path. This dream implies that you might reject a person or business offer. Think twice before you do that, so you don’t regret your actions in the future.

What is the dream interpretation of multiple doors?

If there are multiple doors in your dream, it denotes options you have in waking life, especially when it comes to love. The multiple doors also denote opportunities coming on your way. Choose wisely – only one leads to success.

What does a broken door mean in a dream?

A broken door in your dream symbolizes detachments, revealed secrets, depression and bizarre events. To see a broken door also denotes misfortune.

What is the meaning of a door in the bible?

The biblical meaning of doors is associated with heaven. They’re mentioned in connection with the God’s temple (1 Kings 6:34). Also, in (John 10:1,2,7) it says that Christ is the door that are connected to the gospel ministry. In my research, the door’s spiritual meaning is related to self-awareness and the ability to make the right thing or ‘open/close the right and wrong doors’ in life. Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a door: Angry. Open. Closed off. Locked out. Secluded. Confused. Alone. Controlled. Wild. Secluded. Expected.

In your dream you may have:

  • Seen a door.
  • Seen a closed or open door.
  • Seen a locked door.
  • Been behind a door inside a house.
  • Seen an outdoors door or gate.
  • Shut the door behind you.
  • Heard a knocking at a door.
  • Heard a squeaking door.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • You open the door.
  • There is a great opportunity behind the door in your dream.
  • The door safely excludes intruders.
  • You feel safe behind the door.
  • A lover waits for you behind the door.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012