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Door meaning in dreams


A door often represents the opening of new possibilities and challenges in the future. This dream suggests that it may be problematic to accept difficult situations in the future.

It can also represent a lost opportunity in life, such as a promotion at work. A locked door can be a symbol of goals out of reach or of gossip behind your back. However an open door means that your wishes may be fulfilled soon.


A door in your dream could mean harm or damage. If you see a door within a building, possibly your house, this indicates there are barriers that limit your growth in this world. If the door is locked, then this symbolizes that you are trying to achieve goals that may be out of your reach. There may be conflict in the future.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a door.
  • Seen a closed or open door.
  • Seen a locked door.
  • Been behind a door inside a house.
  • Seen an outdoors door or gate.
  • Shut the door behind you.
  • Heard a knocking at a door.
  • Heard a squeaking door.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You open the door.
  • There is a great opportunity behind the door in your dream.
  • The door safely excludes intruders.
  • You feel safe behind the door.
  • A lover waits for you behind the door.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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If you are being chased and you shut the door behind whatever or whoever is chasing you, it could foretell that you are going to encounter a protective individual in the near future. If you hear somebody knocking or ringing the doorbell, you will be asked to comment on a situation which is out of your control, or you will receive unexpected news. A ringing doorbell could foretell that you will meet some shady people. If you are knocking at a door, you are wise in taking good care of your love life.

An open door means wishes may come true and your fate will be positive, but also that you could receive guests. An open door can also mean harmony with your life partner. If you are opening the door in the dream, you will meet new people at work or you may discover a secret. Open doors can also refer to a new spiritual path you may encounter sometime soon. The door refers to the openness you could enjoy if you engage on this spiritual path. If an open door squeaks, it can symbolize fights and bad luck. If in the dream the door of your house is burning, a person you know could die. The house’s main door on fire is a sign of death. If the door fell on the ground, it represents moral damage.

A closed door means you may disappoint your partner, or you could be disappointed by him or her. If you are closing the door, a small loss or something unpleasant can occur. If you are behind the door, you may encounter some difficulty in solving issues. If you strongly shut the door behind you, there will be some gossip in regard to your private life. Shutting the door also means that you have decided to ignore gossip and not get affected by it.

If in your dream you are applying lacquer on a door, it means that you have great control over events in your life and great responsibility. The lacquer color matters too. A light color lacquer means you will enjoy respect from others. Darker color means you may have a hard time being accepted by people around you. If a door is covered with shutters, it means that you will have financial gain soon.


The front door of a house in a dream refers to good fortune in love. If the door is stolen or broken, your life partner may get sick. If the door is half-open, you will have good and pleasant love relationships.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a door…

Angry. Open. Closed off. Locked out. Secluded. Confused. Alone. Controlled. Wild. Secluded. Expected.

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