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What do dreams of cycling mean? What does it mean when you see a bicycle in a dream? Ring that bell and fasten your helmet I will provide here a detailed overview of what cycling means in your dream.

There is always ubiquitous movement when it comes to cycling. Cycling in dreams indicates that you are trying to reach a goal. Bicycles can be seen in many different shapes and sizes in dreams - which I will talk about a bit later on. As bikes are “metal” and used as a mode of transport this dream indicates that you are embarking on a journey. My name is Flo and I will provide you with what the dream of cycling means from a spiritual perspective, and above all psychological. In order to ride a bike, you need two things balance and wheels. So here is my first question: what needs balance in your life? Interestingly, many ancient dream books believe that a bicycle symbolism in dreams indicates you are trying to get somewhere but are finding it very difficult to progress. Maybe you feel that you are not reaching your potential? I’m not sure that I totally agree with this definition I believe there is more to this dream - read on to understand why.

Our brains do not need to be unconscious in order to remember how to ride a bike, after all most of us learned how to ride a bicycle when we were kids, so one would assume we still know how to ride even when we are asleep. This dream could possibly be your subconscious mind giving you a strong reminder that you still remember how to ride a bike. This interpretation is very much as Jungarian theory. If you are riding through a desolate city or town in the dream it can signify that you will have the option to go through your own objectives.

What is a spiritual meaning of cycling in dreams?

The biggest thing that came through spiritually when researching this dream meaning is that cycling in a dream indicates the need for completing things. And there is a focus on finding the right course of action in life. A bicycle requires different skills than a motor vehicle. Such as balance and perseverance. Therefore, this dream requires you to be strong in the face of opposition. Bicycles can appear in many different forms in the dream state. The three most important aspects of a bicycle are that firstly you need balance. The balance can only be maintained for a certain length of time, as long as you are peddling at a consistent speed. Spiritually to peddle fast in a dream means you need to overcome any obstacles in your way. Riding a bike also gives us a way to move freely around, thus, this dream is also about the choices you make in life. Here is an interesting fact! Freud believed that because the bike was connected to “straddling” it was also associated with our sexual frustration of feeling free.

The funniest thing I read when researching this article was that bikes were originally only for men due to the fact society believed that straddling the bike would cause women to orgasm. To summarize all this cycling in a dream can encounter a type of sexual awakening life. If in the dream you feel the shaking and vibrations of the road then this can suggest that this you have worries about the future. To see yourself cycling in a city or town is connected to the fact that you need to put more effort into the working environment or as I mentioned earlier that you may also visit that city. On a bike we are often vulnerable to passing traffic, therefore there might be a spiritual need to watch how things develop in life. Perhaps you have lost all motivation and your feeling rather unfocused at the moment? Let’s for now look at how a bicycle can be featured in your dream. I have broken this down into specific areas - just scroll down for your specific dream meaning.

What does it mean to dream of a broken bicycle?

The bicycle as a spiritual symbolism indicates that there is a number of different journeys that will propel you through in life. A broken bike or if the wheel has a puncture in dreams signify that you need to think about making your own path and where you want to be - in order for you to move forward with your own goals. As the bike itself is focused on forming a particular direction it can be a symbolism of the broken path that you wish to follow. Traditionally as I already mentioned the bike has only one passenger, therefore, this can indicate that you may feel that you are somewhat alone, broken even.

Does dreaming of cycling mean I need to be alone?

Yes, in life sometimes we have difficult relationships and we may feel that it is necessary to withdraw from these. As the bike itself does not carry any passengers apart from yourself it can suggest that you are feeling that you must retreat from others and find your inner voice for guidance. This is important because you need to be strong and try to understand your inner strength and above all command that in all areas of your life you seek peace. Symbolically, it is as if you need to smoothly ride over any troubles or roadblocks can stand in your way. There is also a certain focus on being free to enjoy what you have gained in life. In everything there are two sides to each story, you may feel that you have made your mind up about a relationship even though opportunities to improve this connection will come your way. Looking at this dream from an external viewpoint, the bicycle often occurs in dreams when we need to focus our own energy on looking after yourself. Transport, after all, is focused on energy, as the bicycle is connected to our physical exertion it can indicate that you will find peace in order to define what you want from life, of course in your own time! It means being alone.

What does it mean to dream of a racing bike?

Symbolically, this dream implies that you will develop and appreciate the external and spiritual facets of waking life. As I have already mentioned the bicycle also is connected to solo endeavors and this carries the same meaning as a racing bike. The racing bicycle itself has often been connected to how we progress through revolution from a biblical perspective. The racing bike is associated with how we straddle and mount our own conscious and subconscious minds. By using our own inner strength we can then try to change. Inertia will not hold you back in life. A race bike seen in a dream means that motion is in place. This could possibly be altered by an external force or interfering person in waking life. You may see yourself as ambitious and independent but it is important that you cherish your own inner child. In some dream dictionaries to participate in a cycle race can also suggest that you have been isolating yourself. You may need to rumination for a while to define your goals.

What does it mean when you are using a bicycle as a means of transport?

Bicycles are very different from any types of transport and can be featured in many different ways in the dream, from participating in a cycling race through to simply seeing yourself cycling along a sidewalk. As cycling is a healthy mode of transport and above all provides the “freedom” we need in life to see yourself on a bike in a dream can indicate many different layers of your life. The weather conditions in the dream are also important and should also be used for interpretation. If it is raining and you are riding a bike it indicates emotions are at play. If the weather is sunny and fine it can suggest that for a while things are going to work out well. If it is windy then this can the suggestion that turbulent times ahead, especially if the wind is stopping you from peddling. The interpretation of your dream depends on your dream state. For example, if you were riding the bike uphill, it means you will encounter some difficulties and obstacles on your road to success, however, it doesn’t mean you should give up. To fall off the bike means you should pay attention to something you promised to finish but didn’t. You need to ask someone to help.

What does it mean to see a cycling race in a dream?

To see or join a cycling race in your dream signifies your competitive spirit and that you wish to leave your mark in life. You want people to admire you because you admire yourself and you believe you’re somewhat durable. If you are ranking in the bike race, but not winning it can suggest that you need more effort and motivation in order to succeed. To rank first place in the cycle race indicates you are going to participate in a contest shortly and possibly be a winner.

To see yourself in a famous cycling race such as the Olympic games, Giro D’Italia or Tour de France indicates you will win something. To be the next Vincenzo Nibali in your dream can suggest that potentially you will need to take advantage of a situation and grab opportunities coming your way. Being last or not progressing in a cycling race can indicate that you will feel demands on you especially at work. To see or be a part of a cycling race in your dream also represents your motivation and personal effort. You’re a born winner and you hate losing. Yet, you shouldn’t because when you lose – you learn how to win better next time. I recently had a dream of riding a bike in a race and it was related to my motivation in life in connection with work. Thus, I believe that this dream indicates you will overcome anything if you have that “inner” motivation. To win a cycling race foretells career progress or accomplishment of a long-awaited goal. However, to lose the cycling race implies wasted energy. Maybe you’re competing with the wrong people to get what you want, or you put too much effort and energy into the wrong project. Think about the competition and is it worth it – or do you want to change direction? Maybe diversify your skills.

What does it mean to see yourself riding a bike down a hill in a dream?

If you were riding a bike down a hill in your dream and you successfully reach the bottom this denotes you’re going to take a risky move to accomplish a goal. To see a steep acclivity in a dream can indicate that there is going to be much focus on direction and in achievements going forward. The steep acclivity symbolically denotes that whatever happens in time the end will become positive! There is a hidden warning in this dream – try to learn to not take too many risks. It is not worth your time, or your safety. Maybe you will do something dangerous for fun.

Reconsider your future plans and actions. However, if you were riding the bike down a hill and you felt scared or terrified, it signifies your fear of losing something you care about. Maybe you will have to choose between two difficult choices. To safely reach the bottom of the hill in your dream indicates that you will find it easy to achieve your goals and it will be the first time you will be satisfied with life. Your dream also denotes your afraid to lose your balance in life. All you got to do is to keep on moving.

What is the biblical meaning of riding a bike in a dream?

If we turn to the Bible 1 Corinthians 9:24 this part of the bible states the following “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.” The biblical meaning of riding a bike in your dream is associated with your movement in life and emotional stability. If the bike is broken, rusty or missing parts, it predicts that you may soon feel an emptiness. represents the troubles he or she will encounter in the near future. Additionally, balance can only be used when one is going forward or you will fall off. Biblically, this dream is connected to our own freedoms in waking life. Need to think how you can quickly move your goals and ambitions along.

What does it mean to dream of riding a bike in the dark?

As we know, riding a bike represents balance, however, riding the bicycle in the dark stands for a lost balance or blurred goals. Are you feeling manipulated by someone? Or do you feel like you’ve lost your direction in life? Maybe you’re scared of career failure or losing your emotional balance? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then your dream represents your current emotional state. The only way you can progress in life is by listening to what your intuition is telling you to do. Don’t be afraid of the dark is the spiritual message. You may find problems begin to get more difficult. There is a positive message when things get darker – light can’t exist without darkness. Problems will solve themselves eventually. Your dream also symbolizes the rough patches that you’re going through.

What do dreams about a tandem mean?

To dream of riding on a tandem means to question your intentions in waking life around two or three people – as the tandem has three wheels. Riding a tandem is all about finding a happy medium. However, to dream you’re riding a tandem is also about getting to a point in life. Dreaming of a broken tandem’s might symbolize your wish to bring your life into order. To see two people riding a tandem implies that relationships will go well in life.

What does Sigmund Freud say about riding bikes in dreams?

According to Freud, many dreams are related to our sexual desires or suppressed sexual wishes, especially the ones which include riding. To ride a bike in your dream symbolizes your wish to get rid of a sexual tension and enjoy intercourse. Generally, there is something’s stopping you from experiencing all the beauties of life. Maybe it’s your mental barriers are stopping you - and you need to break or your morality codes or you need to change. Whatever it is – you can solve problems only if you ask yourself – “What do you truly want and what do you actually believe in?” Freud also stated that people who have transport dreams are driven by sex and have an enormous power that needs to be released.

My dream about a cycling race?

The final thing that I wish to say - which brought me into this dream interpretation is the fact that I had a dream about a cycle race in a city that I’ve never lived in, New York. Why was I riding a bicycle in extreme traffic all the way through New York with my make-up bag around my neck? I have never ridden a bike in New York, in fact the last time I rode a bike (apart from an excise bike) was thirty years ago. In order to define the dream, it could possibly be the fact that the city or town that I was dreaming of could, in fact, be somewhere that I wanted to visit. If you are unaware of the location or city in your dream and this indicates that you need to be more prepared waking life.


The general meaning of seeing cycling in your dream represents different aspects of your life that need to be balanced. In other words, you need to work on your balance to improve your life. If you struggle to maintain your balance on the bike or fall off it means you should learn how to align what you want in life. You shouldn’t limit yourself but you need to start in small steps - in order to achieve something bigger. Also, learn how to manage your spare time and responsibilities better.

By Florance Saul
Dec 29, 2017