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Dream meanings Defecating


Defecating in your dreams cannot be that nice, even in a dream. It is not obvious that you always interpret the meaning as the words appear to be.

Just in this particular case where defecation seems a little odd to be discussed and whenever it comes to your mind, you have this feeling in your subconscious that it carries bad meaning so its interpretation would definitely be bad as well. In real, the scenario is different and it is based on the situation it was dreamt.

To dream that you defecate on someone indicates that you are angry and aggressive disposition towards that particular person. The reason to that could be multiple but the interpretation to such situation is same for every relating scenario.

To dream that you defecate on a public place represents you as a selfish person in your approach to others. Your only concern would be your self-interested things and you will take full advantage of that. No matter if you have to toss away the interests of others, you will carry on your egocentrism for your own concern.


In your dream you see that you are being defecated by other people shows that you are of no worth to them. They are not concerned about your feelings, present conditions, and emotions. It also represents feeling of guilt towards them and you get yourself caught in remorse and lower self-esteem. This can cause you depression and distress for a long time.

In your dream you may haveā€¦

  • Seen you are defecating shows that you are ready to take a step in to a new life. Wipe out all the bad that is inside you or happened to you in the past. All the sorrows and guilt could be overcome by changing few habits of your lifestyle.
  • Seen you are defecating also represents that you want to get rid of negative feelings, emotions, false hopes and deeds, by redefining your way of living and dealing with people.
  • Seen defecation on a public place by you shows your selfishness and self-concernedness about your work.
  • Seen you been defecated by others interprets that you are worthless for them.

Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You dream defecation shows that you want to let go your past and mentally ready to have a new beginning.
  • You dream defecation shows that you are willing to resolve hard matters and broken relations with your friends and relatives.

Detailed dream interpretationā€¦

To defecate in your dream means that you are going to get rid of all the bad, unwanted, and dirty things that you encounter in your life. This means that you are seeking a fresh start and to let it happen, you want to wash away all the dirt from your shoulders, wipe your slate clean and step in the direction of clean and clear start.

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