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An axle refers to a central shaft of a rotating gear or wheel, generally, this dream can suggest movement in life.

So good news for you if you have had this dream. This dream is rather engaging the axle is a very important tool that makes the wheel or gear rotate. So if you happen to dream about an axle, it is about moving your life in the right direction. Ancient dream analysis state that you are spiritually being cautioned to concentrate more on the important things in life instead of trying different things in life. If in your dream, you are holding an axle it implies that you are giving a lot of your quality time to less important events in life - and leaving out important things. This is a warning that, if the status quo remains, you will start lagging behind in development and your own goals and achievements. 

Detailed dream interpretation:

In order to explore this dream further there are many claims from old dream books. Right, firstly, you should focus on the basic things in life; make sure that you give others all your time, money and concentration. This will lead to more progress and above all - happiness is likely to come your way. My advice is to follow your own instinct in life. The dream state allows us to tell if a symbol is something important or less important. Try to use your inner intuition on how having the dream of the axle can affect your life.

This dream can also suggest "blocks" in life. You need to uncover what these are. Once you realize what they are you should allocate the time to focus on your life spiritually. Maybe you have had difficulty in your life love, and you need to make the effort so that the relationship grows. When you identify a block in life and remove it, you will be astonished at how your life will start moving in the right direction, with everything working for you. To fix something with an axle in your dream indicates creating priorities depending on the prevailing circumstances.

A situation whereby, you happen to see a familiar person (that you know in waking life) holding an axle in your dream, it means that you need to approach a friend or a relative in order to make the correct decision concerned with your life. This will help you understand what is important in your life because at the moment, you are confused. To spin an axle in the dream in old dream books denotes that you have several friends and family members whom you trust if you approach someone for help it seems they will always be in a position to help you. 

When an axle is held by a strange person in your dream it can suggest that you have planned your life well, giving quality time to the most important goals and this has made your life follow in the right direction. You know where to invest your time, money and concentration. In summary, to see an axle means that you need to help others to keep focus on their goals. 

Feelings associated with your dream: 

Focused, concerned, important, trustworthy and worry.

By Flo Saul
Jun 11, 2017