Dreams About No Mouth

Dreams About No Mouth

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To dream of having no mouth represents your inability to fully express your thoughts and emotions.

Biblically the mouth can indicate spoken words. Lips are featured in numerous religious passages in connection with internal worship and knowledge. To dream of a mouth without lips can indicate that moment you might hear a word of consolation or even an apology. Mouth less people featured in the dream can connect to our inner need for social interaction. In many ways seeing lots of people “not” being able to speak can imply that you might need to reach a mental understanding with someone. We do live in a frenzied world, and this dream can not only indicate communication but fast-moving decisions. Take, for instance, seeing your friend without a mouth can indicate your innermost feelings towards them.

Such dreams (as having no mouth) is following a period in life where you might feel undervalued and unimportant in society. However, with time, you will come to realize that you’re the one creating that can control “what you say.” Not being able to open your mouth in your dream or having no mouth at all can be a result of REM paralysis in some cases. This can mean you wake up from the dream and you are “between” states. Thus, I am mentioning this because the dream could just imply a physical issue or problem. Alternatively, your dream reveals that you feel hopeless in communicating in a given situation.

Gossip and the dream about having no mouth:

To dream about mouth less people can also imply gossip. Gossip is not unstoppable and as human beings enjoy engaging in others about misbehavior, gossip can result in bad press and this is true for the worldwide media. This dream sometimes means that gossip may increase and have a domain in your life going forward. I am sorry to say that.

The mouth is a quite interesting dream to have, this dream can obviously symbolize that you will find it difficult to communicate with others. Alternatively, this dream can mean that you do not really know what to say in a given situation. If you see many people, crowds of people without a mouth and this indicates you could be speechless over something in regard to your waking life. Often, many people have contacted me following a dream of having no mouth. In my dream analysis, I came to the conclusion that this kind of dream is associated with keeping a secret. Having no mouth can be connected to how we communicate, or if the mouth is stitched up in any way this can suggest feeling helpless in a given situation – like you have just given up! I like to think that this dream indicates the matter how hard he seemed to be working towards a goal just can’t seem to get anywhere. If you cannot close your mouth you cannot see it on your person and this can symbolize that you no longer feel able to communicate.

What is the spiritual symbol of our mouth?

Everyone’s mouth is the part of your body that helps us speak to others. It’s the voice of your soul. Meaning, it symbolizes a very deep thing. However, to discover the actual meaning of your mouth in dreams, you need to remember as many details as possible. If you heard a voice coming out of your mouth, it denotes that you’re important to people around. This can imply the value in your opinions. However, if you were unable to open your mouth or you see this “shut closed” in a dream it means that you feel undervalued. You feel like no one wants to hear what you have to say. If you see a tongue sticking out from your mouth in the dream, it reveals your desire for sex. You’re in desperate need of sex and affection in your life.

What does it mean to dream of having no mouth?

The spiritual symbolism of mouth is associated with communication, expression of feelings and emotions or the total opposite – the feeling of being unable to express yourself completely. It also symbolizes backbiting. The mouth is the Centre of many of the main components of our body activity. It represents romance, interaction, breath, communication, speech and most important of all – it’s the door to our soul.

What does it mean to dream of someone mouth less?

To dream of someone mouth less represents that you feel you cannot communicate. Dreaming of an animal that is “mouth less” is connected to our own personality traits of feeling powerless. You may meet an honorable, compassionate and rightful person then this dream can mean simply “shut up.”

What does it mean to dream of seeing yourself mouth less?

To dream of yourself mouth less means, you’re feeling disadvantaged by someone you know in waking life. Are you feeling humiliated or hurt? Also, people often tell you that you should mind your own business more, meaning, you need to keep some of your opinions to yourself. And as you assume, this reflects in your dreams. Alternatively, the dream represents your reserved attitude and your suppressed emotions and feelings.

What does it mean to dream of a girl with no mouth?

A girl with no mouth can imply difficult situations with a “female” going forward. Seeing a woman who does not have a mouth is no different to the “general interpretation” that I have detailed above. It’s all about communication. Such a dream means you are feeling blocked in life by a female specifically.

What does it mean to dream about a boy with no mouth?

A male or boy in a dream without a mouth can indicate a change is coming. The male aspect in this dream can imply that there is a male or person of control over you who is trying to say something, subconsciously!

What does it mean to dream that people have no mouths?

I have sort of touched on this above. Many scientific studies have taught us about linguistics and the science behind speech, at the same time, in dreams, we can often notice that our own language or the fact we “cannot speak” then this dream is connected to how we process things in life. In dreams, we are often left with a curious state of affairs and neurobiology could also help understand why we have such dreams as not being able to see our mouths. Our hormones, when we sleep can step in the way of our dream state. What I am trying to say, is that if you are feeling constrained then it is not uncommon to have a dream of not being able to talk or seeing no mouths on people.

In conclusion, we spend hours in each other’s company and it is no surprise that sometimes we dream of people not communicating or having no mouth. Being attentive in life to communication and details will surely follow this dream. So, to set the scene and conclude this dream is very much focused on our own social world.

By Florance Saul
Jun 17, 2018