Dream About Ghosts

Dreams About Ghosts

Dreams About Ghosts

I often wake up feeling like my dreams were real. Unlike some people who barely remember theirs, I notice symbols in my dreams and wonder what they mean. It is my belief that dreams offer insight into the hidden turmoils and worries of our subconscious mind.

Did you dream of a ghost? Well, let’s face it there is a colorful history as a cultural symbol of “ghosts”, ghosts have haunted the collective human imagination for centuries, many people around the world have emailed me about having dreams about ghosts and other kinds of spirits, hinting at the possibility that these experiences may be signifying something much deeper within our own mind. 

What Are Ghost Dreams Telling Me?

Sometimes having dreams about ghosts could indicate that there is an underlying illness which you either are aware of or not aware of. I know this seems a little crazy, but dreaming of ghosts can indicate that you are worried about death and dying --- your subconscious could be trying to alert you of any illness in a subtle manner by projecting this as a ghost in a dream. I don't want to freak you out (I am sure your fine) but just think about it at little --- have you been under stress recently for example?

Is the dream about ghosts good or bad?

Let me first start with the story of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, if you remember this film, this basically shows us themes of moral redemption and past regrets through the three spirits that visit Mr Ebenezer Scrooge. This dream is about more than just seeing a ghost. It is about your view of the world. Television shows such as American Horror Story and Supernatural further offer a glimpse into why this dream could have appeared. The "ghost" is just a message, telling you to think about how you act with others and the fact you have maybe "hidden" away in life.

In our world, I'm sure you would agree that people have been fascinated by the mysteries that surround ghosts. Dreams are one way we try to understand them, with many different types of dreams featuring ghosts. Some dreams may show a friendly ghost that provides us with comfort and protection, while other dreams --- may show scary or wierd spirits that haunt and terrorize us. Ive had many emails from people about loved ones who have passed away, appearing as ghostly figures and it is my thought they appear to provide closure and peace. No matter the type of "ghost" dream, we can always learn something about ourselves --- this dream is about making sure you embrace the experience with an open mind and a sense of wonder.

In many cultures, ghosts represent spiritual continuance, reflecting on the transitioning soul between this life and the afterlife, or even as messengers of the divine. Western Christianity, for instance, associates ghosts with the wandering and often tormented souls of deceased people, whilst various African tribal beliefs incorporate ancestor worship and communication with the spirit world.

Why are you dreaming of ghosts?

Ghosts have long been seen in our dream world and it is not a mistake that you have had this dream. I also feel that dreams of ghosts are symbols of our mind, and provide a "hidden" meaning, I'm sure you will agree that dreams are seen as cultural symbols; seeing a ghost can suggest unhidden experiences. At times, our own worries can haunt us in dreams, and can make things seem “strange” — and in fact, these sorts of dreams are often caused by trying to reflect on our own problems in life. I’d like to remind you of a film called "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens if you remember this lovely childhood film included three spirits that basically showing a kind of moral redemption. What I love about this film is that it  outlines past regrets of the main character: Ebenezer Scrooge.  He realises that he needs to change himself. That is why I feel that the dream is about understanding your "morals" and how these can shape you going forward, and what you need to do to CHANGE who you are in order to get what you want from life. If we take a massive step back in regards to this dream, clearly we have long been intrigued by ghosts and their presence in our world (see Netflix it always has a serious of ghosts or ghostly shows). Dreams can bring us all sorts of odd or wierd stuff but it could be on what we watched during the day.

Dreams could feature loved ones who have passed away appearing as ghostly figures to provide closure and provide closure and peace. No matter "what" the dream type, we can always learn something about ourselves and our relationship to the unknown by exploring the dream's symbolic focus --- and our emotional responses in the dream. What I am saying here, is that if you are scared then this can mean you are scared about something in life. Remember to embrace each experience with an open mind and sense of curiosity. Iv'e covered quite a bit already, ghosts often represent spiritual continuity between lives or even divine messengers. Western Christianity links ghosts with wandering souls of the dead while some African tribal beliefs incorporate ancestor worship as well as communication with spirits in dreams. 

What does seeing a ghost mean in a dream?

I feel is a manifestation of anxiety in waking life — I also believe that seeing a ghost in a dream is a sort of loss of control. Dreams allow us to understand our subconscious mind,  this is where our deepest fears, desires, and memories are stored.  I read when researching for this article that people in China believe that seeing a ghost in a dream is a sign of possible danger or death, while the West see it as a symbol of unfinished business or unresolved emotions. The fact remains that seeing a ghost in a dream can be a powerful and really crazy experience. If the dream is about being possessed by a ghost then this can indicate that you feel something is "talking you over" maybe some depressive thoughts. If you had a dream of being “possessed by a ghost” or seeing others “possessed” this can indicate that you may be looking at others for validation, but you need to watch your own thoughts going foward.

What does it mean to die and be a ghost in a dream?

To die and to become a ghost in a dream is not uncommon, and many people find themselves wondering what the hell it all means. Perhaps it is a reflection of your subconscious fears, or an attempt to come to terms with the reality of our own life. It can also mean that encountering a ghost in a dream can is a way for our loved ones who have passed on to communicate with us. 

What does it mean to dream of a ghost from a biblical perspective?

I like to look at dreams from a biblical perspective, when we look at scripture there is deeper spiritual connotation attached to this “dream." In biblical times, ghosts were often associated with evil spirits or demons, and dreaming of one could be a sign that one is being spiritually attacked. The Bible warns against dabbling in the ohe ghost from a biblical perspective could mean that you need to watch out for others. Don't look too much into this but could just mean you need to be aware of others.

What does it mean to dream of a ghost visiting you or your house?

Dreaming of a ghost visiting you or appearing in your house could be an indication that you're feeling overwhelmed with stress and responsibility right now and the sad fact is that sometimes people just want too much from us. Maybe something is weighing on your subconscious mind that leaves you feeling haunted and tired, as if there's no end to the cycle of hard work or obligations. You may feel like you’re being visited by a ghost because of how unresolved this issue feels to you right now, but also that you need to drag your hot ass out the door in order to either rekindle love or find someone new.

I also think dreams about ghosts can mean our fears about mortality and death in general—especially when these ghostly beings appear in our home, since this place (in our hearts) is typically associated with feelings of safety and security. In this case, the dream might be indicating an unease within yourself about life coming to a close someday; although we all know death will eventually come for us all, it’s still scary to confront that mortality head-on in our minds while dreaming but this is about the fact that you might feel you wish to escape in some way in life.

I find myself overwhelmed by fear sometimes too when I'm considering my own eventual death (and what comes after). But I think it's important to remember two key points: firstly, worrying constantly won't bring us any closer or further away from death; no matter how much we contemplate life beyond the physical (real world) here on earth, we'll never really know until it happens ourselves. And secondly: living an eternal existence isn't necessarily something bad—if anything, having some kind of conscious continuity after passing is likely quite profound if approached from a spiritual perspective!

I do feel though, after you have had this dream don’t let it eat away at you — remember that taking time for contemplation can lead us towards profound realizations forever so I feel if the ghost visited you or appeared in the home it is all about the way you want or need to change things around you to make your life more simple, and more importantly changing your mindset so it is more generous and expansive.

Conclusion - Dream about ghosts

Okay, right, let me conclude. To dream of ghosts could mean that you need to change in some way, that there is some sort of vulnerability. Dreams about ghosts can (I know you may not feel this) can be a rewarding vision — if you take the time to understand the deeper meaning behind it. Your spirit guides may have something to tell you that can help you in your daily life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 23, 2023