Large Rocks Dream Meaning

Large Rocks Dream Meaning

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A rock in a dream indicates your own strength in life, it can suggest success and being strong.

A large rock is associated with “what is possible in life.” The rock can also indicate a tumultuous period has come to an end in life. You may have further revelations on how you can succeed in life if the large rock had sun shining behind or is lit up. If the rock causes problems, such as you crashed into a large rock in the sea indicates you need to chase your dreams. To see a rock crumbling into the sea during the dream state represents problems at work. It can suggest powerful emotions but in the end everything will work out successfully. To be on a boat in the dream and see a rock suggests that you have the determination to carry on and be successful.

If you have your own business a large rock in the sea is a fantastic symbol to see. You will feel some anticipation in life and happiness due to your success. You will have some build up to this success in life. As the rock is “solid” in it’s construction it can also suggest you will be stubborn and may not be very flexible in changes in life. In a work context, you will have the drive to succeed in life.

In your dream…

  • You could see a large rock in the sea.
  • You were on a boat sailing towards a large rock.
  • The rock in the sea was large and tall.
  • Rocks were floating in the sea in a dream.
  • Large rock crumbling in the sea during your dream.
  • You climbed a large rock in your dream.
  • You could see a rock side in the dream.
  • The rock was sliding down in the sea in your dream.
  • The rock was covered by a large wave in the dream.
  • Huge rock on the road - blocking the path.
  • A mountain (rock climbing)
  • Holding a large rock.
  • Overhanging large rock.
  • You could see ragged rocks in the dream.
  • Walk among large rocks.
  • Snake on a large rock.
  • Falling rocks in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of seeing a large rock in the sea…

As we already have determined a large rock is associated with your own strength and indicates success at work. In order to interpret your dream we need to analyze what the rock was doing in the dream. The rock is associated with your own strength. If you are on a boat sailing towards a rock or land this can suggest that you will overcome any opponents in life.

It can also suggest conflict and problems with competitors but you will raise to fame and potential will be yours! Exaggerated celebrations are predicted if you were rock climbing successfully. To find it difficult to climb the large rock in the sea suggests that you will reach passion in life. If the rock was sliding down in the sea this can indicate that you have been on the “gravy train” for too long and hard work is required. Honesty is the best policy if you see yourself falling from a large rock in the sea during the dream state. A large wave in a dream suggests victory in life.

Walking among large rocks suggest your possibilities in life - they are endless. Falling rocks can indicate that you are feeling weak at the moment in life. Seeing a snake sitting on a large rock in a dream symbolizes one's strength in life.

The strength of your drive and ambition is represented by seeing a rock floating in the sea, it can suggest the wait is almost over and prosperity will be yours!

If the rock is brown or gold then this is even more of a successful symbol! Darkness may fall on your life if the rock split in two during your dream. For the rock in the sea to be large and tall suggests that somebody is going to offer something important in life. This could be a new job or business opportunity.

To see multiple rocks in the sea in the dream suggests that you will encounter many opportunities for success. To be crushed by a large rock in the dream suggests you need strict discipline going forward. The “crushing” action of the dream suggests moving forward in life with optimism. Seeing ragged rocks in a dream indicates the it is time to grab an opportunity in life.

To see a large rock blocking your path such as in the road suggests that someone is holding you back in life. It can also suggest that other people will control you in the future. To trip over a large rock in a dream depicts your difficult personality. To lift a heavy large rock can suggest that you will face problems in the future but you can overcome these.

Feelings you may have of dreaming of a large rock...

Delight. Worry. Happiness. Gratifying. Wonder. Happiness.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2017