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Machine gun

Machine gun.

To see a machine gun in your dream is involved with a negative sign of aggression or a positive sign of supreme power taking control over any situation.

The machine gun is a taboo symbol. It also reflects a symbol of aggression, anger and potential anger. In Freudian dream analysis, a machine gun symbol for physical passion. In your dream if you are firing a vacuum place using a machine gun is associated with you, that you are consciously or unconsciously searching for a partner.

In your dream you may have...

  • Holding a machine gun.
  • Firing a machine gun towards a group of people.
  • Someone pointing a machine gun toward you.
  • Bad person pointing a machine gun towards a group of people.
  • Good person pointing a machine gun towards you.

Negative changes are going to happen if...

  • In your dream you are angry and frustrated.
  • In your dream you are aggressive it will cause some disturbance in your mind which will affect your waking life activity.



Positive changes are going to happen if...


  • In your dream you are confident and you enact as a supreme power.

Detailed dream understanding in a particular way…

This dream shows that you are keeping your aggression and frustration inside ad you are not letting them out. There have been a few problems in your life which may not be resolved and you are still trying to make out a decision for your problem but you are facing lot of obstacle while making a decision. In your dream if you are firing towards a group of people using a machine gun reflects that you are breaking the obstacles passing in your way and you are concern only about the task which you are going to perform in your waking life. It also reflects your attempt to wipe out all competing ideas or goals. This symbolizes that you are going to take a decision with great courage and immense confidence. In your dream if you are holding a machine gun, it is associated with your confidence, braveness   and pride about your supreme power. In your dream if bad quality person is pointing a gun towards a group of people in a room is associated with a fear of destroying multiple areas in your waking life. In your dream if someone pointing machine gun towards you means it is connected with your waking life that you have made a mistake and you are going to punish for that mistake by your superior officials. It reflects a fear for punishment. In your dream if a good person holding a machine gun towards you means your inner mind is prepared to accept all positive energy and qualities from others. It provides you a feeling of refreshed and happy mind in your waking life. It gives us a mind to take a good decision in our life.

Feelings that you may have faced during a dream of a machine gun is...

Powerful  and dominant, Having an adventurous  time while breaking your obstacle and paving a new way for our success, Restless mind due to fear of destroying a part of your life, Fear about that situation and facing that person.  Confident in taking a right decision if your dream is in positive phase.  Feeling of frustration is emerged.

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