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Was you being watched in your dream? The act of watching or being a spectator suggests standing on the sidelines and waiting as the action plays out before you.

This can be done in a protective manner as in watching over someone; in an expectant manner as in watching for something to happen; in a vigilant manner as in conducting a surveillance or watch; or in an observant or careful manner as in watching your p's and q's. Dreaming of watching signifies a feeling or removal or a disassociation from those around you. Alternately, it can symbolize needing to pull self away from a situation and take stock before taking action.

Detailed dream meaning

Watching is often a precursor to acting so dreams in which you are watching yourself at a distance suggest that you are creating an emotional distance from which to realistically take stock of your life. On the other hand, it can also mean that you feel divorced or disassociated from self on an emotional level and need to re-engage with what you truly need and desire.

Dreaming of watching other people's pleasure like watching people eat or have sex implies that you are feeling isolated and alone. You long to connect with other people and have fun, but find it difficult to overcome some internal conservatism. A dream in which you are watching someone sleep or remove clothing indicates that you recognize other people's vulnerabilities and have empathy for them. If the person that you are dreaming about is a romantic partner or potential romantic partner, then the dream signifies that you would like to get to know the true person beneath all of their external trappings.

If you are watching a parent, child or loved one for whom you are responsible, then you this may signify that you are concerned for their well-being and feel helpless to help them in spite of your desire to protect them. Watching out for a stranger in a dream by standing guard indicates that you have a great sense of duty. On an emotional level, you may have unrealistically high expectations for yourself.

Watching a tragedy, accident or crime take place represents your feeling of being overwhelmed by the potential dangers in the world. You feel immobilized by the potential for loss and this has led to inertia on an emotional level. You may be facing a situation or decision that feels completely overwhelming so that you are unable to act. Similarly, watching a pot boil or watching for something to cooks indicates that you are experiencing setbacks in your life either of your own or someone else's making. Like the other watching dreams in this category, it signifies a feeling of impotence.

Being a spectator in a dream indicates that you want to be on the sidelines in life as mentioned in the opening paragraph. We can suggest that something might be missing in life. I would say you need to focus on your old qualities or how other people were able to influence you. Negatively, the watch can represent the situation where you are feeling that you can't achieve. I assume, based on old dream books this dream mean that you feel kicked down life. It also depends very much on who is watching. If you're watching TV in the dream and this can indicate that you are going to make some good decisions in the future. Possibly helping other people side of life. Seeing yourself on the television in a documentary series indicates your values and morals in life. If you're watching sports on the television in your dream can indicate that you are trying to be more competitive in life.

Alternatively, dreams in which the act of watching is for the purpose of taking stock of a potentially harmful situation or planning for a positive outcome have an encouraging connotation. If you dream, therefore, that you are watching for a snake or other dangers, it suggests that you are or need to be aware of pitfalls in your personal or professional life. Dreaming of watching your step signifies that your personal path is a difficult one, but being circumspect in your actions will produce beneficial results.

Dreams in which you are watching the stock market, a sporting event or gambling signify that you long for excitement and are psyching yourself up to take a chance. If you dream that you are watching for treasure or reward, then it implies that you have taken a step toward realizing your ambitions and are moving beyond the planning stage into actually enacting your ambitions. To dream of being watched means that you are feeling under the microscope, as though all of your actions are being recorded. This may indicate that you feel confined in your work environment or personal relationship. You are lacking privacy and feel you are being scrutinized or criticized.

In this dream, you may have

Watched yourself from a 3rd person perspective in your dream which means problems in life. Watched someone remove his/her clothes indicates a new start in life. Watched a tragedy or accident can suggest problems. Watched a movie, musicians or other entertainment in a dream is positive it denotes good times socially. Watched people engage in sex can indicate that you are feeling frustrated sexually. Been watched is not a great feeling this dream means you need to either watch people or get others to watch how you do things right. Watched someone sleep can suggest that you need more rest.

Watched someone or yourself die is a terrible dream it is connected to how you feel inside and that you need to focus on yourself. Watched a crime take place indicates someone will do you wrong. Watched out for a crime if you had a dream of someone watching your house in a dream. Watched over someone or something is a sign of protection. Watched someone eat in a dream indicates education is needed to reach the next level. Watched your step or behavior can indicate plans will go well in your life. Watched for an opportunity to do something means you will have the opportunity in life to do well. Watched for a path or trail in the woods suggests you must go back to nature. Watched the stock market, a sporting event or game of chance then take a risk in life. Watched out for snakes or other dangers in a dream can imply others will know more about a subject that you need help with. Watched a pot boil or watched for something to begin cooking, indicates happiness in social events.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • A lack of challenge at work.
  • Dissatisfaction in a relationship.
  • A serious illness.
  • Shyness.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You watched for a path or trail.
  • You watched your step.
  • You watched for danger.
  • You watched out for treasure.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of watching

Alertness. Concern. Inattention. Inertia. Vulnerability. Impotence. Intensity. Vigilance. Apprehension. Powerlessness. Confidence. Paranoia. Suspicion. Tenderness

By Flo Saul
Oct 16, 2012