Absorb Dream Meaning

This dream can indicate a new change is on the horizon.

Oh, what a strange dream to have! We need to turn to some old dream books in order to uncover what this means. To dream of absorbing something means you’re taking things too personally in life. If this is the case then this can affect your self-confidence in a negative way. Sorry, you just need to be more positive in life, that is the message from me to you!  If you absorbed drugs during the dream state this can indicate that briefly encounter a situation that requires care and a different approach.

If you carried out any scientific experiments in your dream and noticed materials absorbed suggests that somebody is going to approach you with a resolution to a problem. To absorb something through the skin in the dream suggests that you're not sure the path in your current life. If you absorb sound waves or music in your dream this is a positive omen. It combines happiness and contentment going forward.

This dream indicates that you have seen two things drawn together. This may be for example white light-absorbing your body. Alternatively, this could also mean that the dreams of two things coming together. In essence, a dream of absorbing something can indicate that you are subconsciously thinking about different ways to approach a problem. It can suggest that life is moving on that you do not know exactly what you want. In your dream, you could have seen a plant absorbing water or alternatively energy being absorbed this means you need to step back a problem or situation in order to find a resolution.

If you see two things coming together in your dream it can suggest that you need to think about your future and also how other people view you. The dream is very much focused on your identity as a person. It is important that you don't let people down. To see a tree absorb water suggests that growth is required in your current life. To see a sponge absorb water in your dream can suggest that you need to prepare more in order to accept the thoughts and feelings of others. If you are washing with a sponge in a dream it can indicate that new projects will come to the surface.

However, the fact is that you’re a sensitive person who shouldn’t depend much on other people’s opinions and actions. Instead of taking an insult as truth about yourself, take it as it is – an insult. Ummm. Let me try to give your example. When someone says you’re stupid, does that really make you stupid? Of course, not. To “absorb” anything during the dream also symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, upgrading your knowledge and improving your mental health. To read more about your dream, scroll down and check the detailed interpretation below.

Did you absorb sunlight in your dream?

If you were absorbing sunlight in the dream or you could see yourself sunbathing it means you’re in a need of enlightenment. You’re not certain about something in life, maybe you doubt your beliefs and you need to hear a second opinion of an expert. After this dream, you will be able to see things more clearly. You also need to relax in your life. Maybe a vacation that will keep you away from negative people, and remind you that you should enjoy life. To sit in the sunshine in a dream is a positive omen it’s time to cut all the negativity in your life.

What does it mean to absorb water with a sponge in a dream?

If you absorbed water with a sponge while bathing or doing some other activity, it denotes you will face a challenge. This challenge will seem like nonsense at the start until you realize it can benefit you and help you upgrade your knowledge and skills. You will have difficult times trying to overcome these challenges but you will win at the end. This experience will make you a stronger and better person. You’re competitive by nature and have an open mind, and that’s going to get you far in life.

What does it mean to absorb knowledge in the dream?

If you felt like you’re absorbing knowledge in your dream state maybe through going back to school, it foretells you’re in a need of better education. You once felt like you know everything but today, a lot of questions still remain unanswered inside your head. Maybe you are searching for answers.

Yet, don’t search them in the wrong place is the message. So, educate yourself better. Open your mind to new suggestions, opinions, debate with people. Hear what they have to say but don’t change your mind quickly because something will make sense. Analyze everything. Question everything you hear and search for proof. Are you believing in what you believe because you think it’s true, or because most of the people have the same beliefs? It’s time you enlighten yourself and spread awareness after you do.

What does it mean when you felt like you’re absorbing someone’s energy in a dream?

If you felt like you’ve absorbed someone’s energy in your dream, it indicates admiration. You admire the person in waking life. You like the person’s energy and you feel like you can learn a lot from their experience, and knowledge. Yet, you’re too ashamed to talk openly and admit you’re not educated enough when it comes to certain subjects. It’s not shameful to say you don’t know something and show the desire to learn. It’s shameful to say you know everything and go about your life with a closed mind.

What does it mean to dream of someone absorbed?

If seeing someone absorbed by something like love, religion, sadness or something else in your dream, it denotes your concern about the person. You fear the person will be disappointed or hurt by someone because of their kindness or cruelty. Instead of just feeling, talk openly to the person. Your dream may also signify your admiration for the person. This is a strange dream! To see someone absorbed in a liquid in a dream indicates others will turn to you for advice. Try to focus on something and become best at it or experience something you never did before. To do this, you must reconnect with your soul and follow your heart’s desires. However, make sure your wishes don’t harm or hurt other people.

What does it mean to dive or jump into water in a dream?

If you dreamed of being absorbed into water, it means you feel like something negative is happening in your life, and you can’t stop it. The truth is that you can control everything that happens in your life, and yes, you can stop negative things from happening if you react on time. Reconsider your future, goals, plans, actions, and pay attention to the side effects of your actions. You are the master of your life. And although not everything that happens in our life depends only on us, most of the things you do are in your control.

What does it mean to read news and information in your dream?

If you were absorbing news or any information in the dream it reveals your investigative nature. You’re an open mind seeking the upgrade of knowledge. You want to hear what everyone has to say, and debate about people’s beliefs and opinions. However, not everyone sees your wish to communicate as a debate. Some people see it as an argument they must win. 

Some other dream meaning about absorbing: What does it mean to be absorbed by the Universe in your dream?

  • It denotes spiritual enlightenment.
  • You will open your mind and dive into the unknown.
  • You will reconnect with yourself and enjoy actions you disliked, like meditation, yoga or trekking.

What does it mean if you were absorbed by a person in your dream state?

It foretells you’re into the person in waking life if you dream of someone you know. You can’t imagine your life without the person. Practice independence to avoid disappointment. However, if the person you were absorbed by was someone unknown, it predicts the beginning of a profound connection with someone new in your life.

What does it mean to be absorbed by a feeling in the dream state?

It indicates your sensitivity and weakness. You’re always taking things too personally. Work on your self-confidence and independence.

In your dream

Think about your dream and how this has affected you. Maybe you absorbed sunlight in your dream? May you have absorbed water with a sponge in a dream? Maybe you absorbed knowledge in the dream? Maybe you felt like you’re absorbing someone’s energy? Did you see someone absorbed in your dream state? Absorbed into something like water - like diving into water in a dream. What does it mean to absorb news and information in your dream?

In your dream state

  • Two things move into one.
  • Absorbing energy.
  • Absorb drugs in the dream.
  • Absorb something through your skin.
  • A white light absorbs your body.
  • Light absorbs your body.
  • The body is absorbing something.
  • Being absorbed into something.

Feelings encountered when dreaming of absorbing

Happiness. Contentment. Spiritual enlightenment. Connecting with inner guides in order to find the direction of life. Fulfilled. Focused. Affection. Pleased. Disappointed. Helpless. Powerful. Strange. Overwhelmed.


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By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017