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The mafia can sometimes appear in our dreams as a “total institution” in itself even though it is informal. What I mean by this is in essence, dreams of the mafia represent our civilization and freedom.

With the foundations in Italy, the mafia can suggest our connections and ultimately relationships with others. The mafia in dreams can represent our own dictatorships or people telling us “what to do” on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to have this dream when people are trying to control us. One may feel they wish to rebel against being part of “normal” society. Every one of us is always searching for answers, especially when we have a vivid dream and from a psychology point of view, we can put the mafia in an archetypal form. There is a difference between an “archetype” and what is known as an “archetypal image” the image of the mafia in your dream can indicate all your experiences are coming to the surface in a dream. This dream is associated with your attitude and is connected to invisible forces of control. To be punished in a dream by the mafia can be what Jung called a primordial image and indicates your own perception of yourself. Are you trying to punish yourself? This is the question you need to ask. The mafia in dreams is connected to how we “belong” in life. In the dream, our own safety could be challenged or we could face terror or blackmail. I’m Flo and have reviewed dreams for over twenty years - so read on to find out what this dream means.

Our dreams often give us the insight into how we are feeling inside and the mafia can indicate our inner needs and wants. The mafia can reflect our family or clan. In the course of research into this dream meaning, I have reviewed many dreams emailed in by my users. Some were quite worried as their dreams were normally filled with murder or aggression, but don’t worry this dream just represents your fears about rejection from a group or family relationships. The mafia can often be connected to our own survival. The dream can have many representations that occur in different ways in our dreams: prostitution, gambling, graft, drugs, and illegal booze. Dreaming of gangs can be connected to control in life. The mafia first started in Manhattan and is connected to crooked cops, bad business and corruption if anything “negative” occurred in the dream this can imply that you are stressed out in life.

What is the general meaning of the mafia in dreams?

To dream of the mafia, or a syndicated criminal group can indicate others that are denying you peace. This because of the mob’s known lawless endeavors which can be connected to our own inner weak spots in life. This dream concerns your personal relationships and the current state of your personal life. To have dreams of fighting the mafia signifies a relationship in real life which needs your immediate attention. Dreaming of seeing a shooting means discontentment of your relationship with others and achievements within yourself.

What does it mean to be chased by gangsters?

To dream of running away while being chased by members of the mafia is associated with your current life and how you handle it. The tedious route you take to escape away from the mafia members is a symbol of the path that you are presently taking and it denotes that you have no clear route. It can mean an absence of exact destination which is closely related to a journey without clear stop. Being chased in a dream calls your attention to take serious steps on how to have a life with a straightened goal. This can also signify for a quest that is not yet achieved. Being chased by a frightening gang like the mafia members is a symbol of fear that you need to let go, this symbolizes of something or someone whom you refuse to understand - despite moving forward in life. Escaping from the mafia in a dream means that you have been focused on the tremendous effort that you will put into your work.

What does it mean to dream of being caught by a gang or to lose the mafia?

If in this dream, you were caught by this gang, your effort must be evaluated. More effort is required to be done in order to meet your goal. If you were able to escape and find yourself in a safer place, you will able to reach your turning point in life. Being able to lose the chasing mafia sends you a message to take a new route and set your destined path. To dream that of being a member of a mafia symbolizes that you are in a situation that you give others the permission to control you and your decisions.

This dream tells you that you allow other people may try to manipulate you. Mafia is known to dominate over others and also signifies that you are in a position of authority. However, the mafia seen here in a dream means that you need to use your power, authority or position to compete against others. In a dream wherein you are being associated or coming into contact with the mafia, symbolizes inner weaknesses. This means that you are presently disturbed by something in life and your inner self is experiencing conflict and turmoil. Experiencing this dream signals to you that you must evaluate your focus in life. Dreaming of the mafia means that you have to try looking at yourself, your goals, your ways and more than that is to look at the people around you. Maybe there are things that need to change in order to achieve your goals and to have a better relationship.

What does it mean to be punished by the mafia in a dream?

This dream indicates that there is a moral need that you need to focus on your own desires in life. Even though you dreamed directly of the mafia it indicates what the Swiss psychologist referred to as the “archetype” this means that the mafia is not a representation but a part of your inner self. It is about control and how powerful other people are in your life.

What does it mean to see a gangster in your dream?

A gangster in a dream can indicate that people are “ganging” up on you. Bullying is complex and this dream indicates that at some point in your psyche you might have felt like you have been subject to being a victim. There is also a tremendous amount of relief when we face a gangster in a dream. It can indicate challenges and obstacles in your waking life.

You may dream of:

Seeing and identifying mafia member. Being chased by Mafia member. Being a Mafia Member.

Positive changes may happen if:

You were able to escape from the Mafia. Find way to end membership or association with Mafia.

Feelings that you have when dreaming of mafia:

Fearful of being caught… confused on ways to do… anxious to escape… energetic. Powerful and dominant.

By Florance Saul
Jun 10, 2013