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To dream of mafia, a syndicated criminal group believed to be denying peace in the society because of its known lawless endeavours, signifies weak spot in inner self.

This concerns your personal relationship and the current state of your personal life. To have dreams on mafia signifies having relationship which needs your immediate attention. Dreaming of this frightening being means discontentment of your relationship with others and achievements within yourself.     


You may dream of. . .

  • Seeing and identifying mafia member.
  • Being chased by Mafia member.
  • Being a Mafia Member.

Positive changes may happen if…

  • You were able to escape from the Mafia.
  • Find way to end membership or association with  Mafia .

Detailed dream interpretation...

To dream of running away while being chased by members of mafia is associated with the kind of life that you have and how you handle it. The tedious route you take to escape away from the mafia members is a symbol of the path that you are presently taking and having no clear route means absence of exact destination which is closely related to having a journey without clear stop. Being chased in a dream calls your attention to take serious steps on how to have a life with straightened goal. This can also signify for a quest that is not yet achieved. Being chased by a frightening being like mafia members is a symbol of fear to let go, this symbolizes of something or someone whom you refuse to let go and despite of moving forward, it is still tailing your way throughout your quest. Escaping away from them means that you wish not to have them along your way but despite of your tremendous effort you still fail to leave them.

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If in this dream, you were caught by this fearsome being, your effort must be evaluated. More effort is required to be done in order to meet your goal. If you were able to escape and find yourself in a safer place, you were able to reach your turning point. Being able to lose the chasing mafia sends you a message to take a new route and set your destined path.     

To dream that of being a member of a mafia symbolizes that you are in a situation that you give others the permission to control you and your decisions. This dream tells you that you allow other people to manipulate you. Mafia as being known to dominate over others even in ill ways also signifies that you are in a position and authority. However, the aspect seen here is that you use your power, authority or position to compete against other. In a dream wherein you are being associated or having link or coming in contact in any way with mafia, symbolizes inner weaknesses. This means that you are presently disturbed and your inner self is experiencing conflict and turmoil. Having this dream signals you to retrospect and evaluate yourself in order to depict what is it that you have to settle.

Dreaming of mafia means that you have to try looking at yourself, your goals, your ways and more than that is to look at the people around you. Maybe there are things that need to be changed in order to achieve your goals and to have better relationship.

Feelings that you have when dreaming of mafia…


Fearful of being caught… confused on ways to do… anxious to escape… energetic. Powerful and dominant.

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