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 Birds attacking in a dream meaning

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Have you ever had a dream about a bird attacking you?

Have you had a dream about a bird invasion? Birds in a large flock can be rather worrying, let’s look at the Alfred Hitchcock horror “birds film” where it focuses on a bird attack in California. So, if your dream resembled this movie it is a symbolic dream meaning you are feeling as if you are being attacked in real life. To see birds trying to get into your home to attack you indicates you do not feel safe in your home environment or you wish to change residence.

Carl Jung in his book “Man and His Symbols believed that we all dream of impressions of others. He thought that it did not matter if we could see something attacking us it suggests that we need to enforce our presence if we are scared in a dream of something. It is a symbolic sign of feeling inferior in life.

In your dream

  • Birds were at the windows trying to attack you in the dream.
  • Birds were eating you in the dream.
  • Seagulls were attacking you in the dream.
  • Birds attacked you outside in the dream.
  • Birds invaded a location in your dream.
  • You could see birds circling a prison in your dream.
  • Birds were invading your home through the chimney in your dream.
  • Birds were attacking your ass in the dream.
  • Birds attack you (in real life)
  • Birds attacking and eating you in the dream.
  • A crow attacks you in the dream.
  • The birds were aggressive.
  • The birds killed you or someone else.

Detailed meaning of birds attacking in a dream

Birds can mean different things and the symbolism changes dependent upon their actions in the dream state. Crows and large Hawks generally associated with a terrifying problem in real life. To dream that crows are attacking you can be associated with pursuing a task in life in order to gain a good resolution. If you see a flock of birds attacking you in the dream it indicates an attack in real life. If you inwardly look into the specific meaning of the bird this can symbolize something difficult in life.

If the bird picked your chest in the dream it can signify not only a long, healthy life but also trouble and sadness. If a bird pecks your hands and this denotes bad news will soon come to you. For a bird to peck your bottom (ass) or legs in a dream can suggest that you will have good health but your spirits will be low for a long time. It can also suggest mental problems in life. If you see a nest in a dream and the bird is hostile or aggressive towards you then this can simply mean that you must protect your home life.

To see hundreds or thousands of birds in a dream is a suggestion that you will soon be changing where you live - this could easily be temporarily or permanently. If an eagle attacks you in a dream it can suggest that you will be surprised by some news. There could be some possible accident or unforeseen calamity in your life. If you are outside in the dream and a bird attacks you then this represents personal danger try to clear a foundation of how you are gonna approach future worries and problems. If multiple birds are pecking you in a dream this is a suggestion that family arguments and disgrace will encounter your life in the near future.

Surprisingly, many birds congregate outside prisons. Generally these birds are black and these creatures generally found in the outside walls. There is a superstition around the fact that they denote “difficult times” as a symbolic meaning. So why do birds congregate outside prisons? It could be because they know the inmates sometimes toss out food for them.

Going back to the dream meaning, to see birds attacking you and that they are congregating outside a prison can suggest possible health issues in the future. To see birds circulating a jail can suggest that you will encounter insightful work in the future that will be great value to the public. It is true to say that few birds are ever mistreated by people, but if you do see that birds are being abused and therefore attacked can suggest that you feel you can’t leave a situation.

If the bird is large in comparison to yourself then this can suggest that you need to uncover the truth. A bird which attacks you through a chimney indicates that you are going to find an activity which will keep yourself occupied. This will generally lead to contentment in life. If you see a bird attacking a bag or food then this suggests that you are going to have success in the future. If the bird was attacking another animal then you need to watch your house. If you could see a number of birds fighting in a dream then you will encounter some type of punishment. Although there has been considerable writings on birds attacking others during the dream state it can just be associated with our subconscious mind - we feel “attacked.”

To encounter aggressive birds in a dream is a suggestion that you need to return the favor to a loved one. The aggression in the dream is a silent symbolism that you are not appreciating other people. If the bird was attacking a child in the dream this can denote that you feel your inner child is being challenged. If you are attacked by chicken then this can represent that your home life will be disturbed for some time. Being attacked by an unrecognizable bird suggests that you are a candidate for promotion. The actual action of this bird attacking you means that there will be delay in regards to this promotion.

If the bird was exotic looking or had bright colors such as: green, red, orange or even blue, it can suggest that even though you feel attacked in waking life you will overcome any obstacles.

What do colors of birds mean in your dream?

Here are a list of colors and if you see these color birds in your dream take note of the meaning:

Yellow birds in dreams = if a yellow bird attacked this dream means fun times will come to an end.

Green birds in dreams = the balance and communication in life will be difficult if a green bird attacks you.

Blue birds in dreams = someone will challenge your emotions if a blue bird attacks you.

Violet / purple birds in dreams = a purple bird attacking denotes negative times.

Red birds in dreams = energy and grounding will need to be worked only If you see a red bird attacking you in the dream.

Orange birds in dreams = There will be some hidden issue with creativity if an orange bird is attacking you in the dream.

Multi-Coloured birds in dreams = Carefree, happiness and joy will be difficult to achieve if a multicolored bird is attacking you, this is also true if an exotic bird is attacking you in the dream.

Black birds attacking in a dream = deep focus on growing yourself and others, if the black bird is attacking you then this can suggest depression.

Pink birds in dreams = pink is connected to the heart chakra it is associated with meditation and love, for the bird to attack you in the dream means that love will be challenged.

White birds in dreams = peace in life and meditation. Also represents clear thinking, especially if the white birds were flying in the dream.

Gold birds in dreams = material wealth will be yours but if attacked you could lose money.

Brown birds in dreams = brown bird attacking suggests passion will be challenged. Fertility and grounding in life.

Gray bird meanings in dreams = this represents being in touch with yourself and your inner self if you are attacked by a gray bird.

Black and white birds in dreams = you need to uncover the true meaning of life do this through meditation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of birds

Surprised. Impressed. Worried. Anxious. Confused. Happy. Stressed. Adoring. Joyful.

By Florance Saul
Aug 18, 2017