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A human body can appear in many ways in dreams. Bodies are of course made up of different parts and each area has a specific meaning in dreams. How your body or others present themselves in dreams is important. Many people have contacted me about seeing dead bodies, multiple bodies, torsos, blood, and severed body parts!

The body is associated with our own physical manifestation of internal energies. In essence, our life force. A body can have not only the “spiritual” innerness but also the “ego” of action. Symbolically this is a great omen to find in a dream. The “body symbol” it is connected to how we are creative and thoughtful. It is important to consider where you are spiritually when a body appears in the dream. 

I am suggesting that this dream has the very possibility of helping us understand our own body and also one's mind. It could be we need to think about our higher cognitive activities or bodily perception and movement. If you treat the dream image of a body as an abstract of our thoughts then it shows that it is important to be aware of the dynamic flow of our own energy. Multiple dead or injured bodies are a popular dream. For example, I recently had a dream of multiple naked bodies when I needed to lose weight for example. Maybe you need to think about what grasping action you need to activate following this dream.

A decaying body in a dream can indicate that something symbolic is dying. The image of a dissected body like the images that we find in the world of medicine sometimes appear in the dream state. Anatomical representations are normally associated with our own understanding of given situations in life. Bodies in general associated with recreation and the anatomical representation dreams can suggest that we are the pioneers of our own goals and career pursuits. Often, dreams of bodies appear to be negative in nature. 

Is the dream of a body good or bad?

The truth is this dream is rather complex it can be connected with destruction, decay, and new beginnings. Carl Jung (the famous dream psychologist) wrote about dismemberment noting that “death” on the tarot card included many severed heads, feet, and hands. Interesting the dream of bodies can be connected to the tarot card of death. There is energy in the decomposition of the body, which breaks down matter. This energy frees new life and soul. Therefore, the dream of a body represents a need for change. Opening up new possibilities. It could suggest that you have experienced a period of stagnation and death had arrived in dreams is needful of new growth and open space. Therefore, I would say the dream of "a body" is positive as it denotes a new start and fresh beginning! 

How do you feel about the body in your dream?

The way you feel in the dream the body is equally important, if you are alarmed to see the bodies or that they are displaying a terrible sign then the dream can mean that you are going to be “forced” into change. Many of us, have dreams about bodies and murder. This could possibly relate to eliminating or removing something important. There is a question of major life choices when the stream appears.

Anatomical learning in ancient times consisted of understanding the human body and indeed the workmanship of each body part. There was an oracle known as “know Thyself” which was filled with warnings that we should examine and admire ourselves and our body. Understanding what constitutes the source of our actions. Learning anatomy took this premise - and that the desire was to understand our actions and the changes we make which need to be visible. This was included in a commentary by Philip Melanchthon, who was into humanist medicine in 1540. The most important take away of dreaming of the body is that we need to understand ourselves. 

The Western cultural tradition around bodies is connected to birth, life, and death in relation to the reality of the divine. We are after all obsessive about watching people, and the dream can be connected to general judgments of impressions. Maybe you have been reading too much Facebook? Over the centuries much effort has been put into how we decode dreams and the intentions of our minds. Bodies no doubt are directly associated with the soul of a person, and these themes have been happening since the renaissance. Dreaming of the muscles or anatomy of a body can be connected to our skills and development of the parts needed to succeed. Human bones indicate that someone who you care about will go away for a while according to to folklore. To find bones of a body in a dream suggests that you are going to discover a skill that you don’t know of! 

Spiritual meaning of a body in a dream

In a spiritual sense to dream of a body represents that your own body is undergoing certain experiences, and you are striving towards a goal. When the dreams are more positive, bodies suggest gain. In the Western tradition, the dream interpretation of a body has several explanations. If you see the body of a man, this dream symbolizes courage and strength. A woman’s body means that discoveries about the past have powerful implications in the future. To dream of other peoples’ naked bodies represents wealth. In the Persian tradition, the dream of a human body is a sign of respect and appreciation from others.

Dreams of certain body parts

Society during medical times often noted that the anatomist dismemberment of the body unfits the “body of knowledge” and that in religion and also history there is significance to multiple body parts. Even if we look at artistic masterpieces such as Leonardo’s or Michelangelo portraits of organs of the body they give attention to each isolated body parts. Leonardo wrote  the following about his anatomical drawings “you will become accented with every part and every whole by means of a demonstration of each part.” 

Biblically speaking, seeing multiple body parts in dreams can indicate that you are seeking to be whole. Seeing the heart, bowel, hand and eyes are connected to needing a vision of wholeness and unity in life. 

  • Arm body part: The arms in biblical terms tare connected to God's power if we turn to Luke 1:51. This means that you will perform deeds. To have your arms cut off or removed in a dream, or to see others with severed arms can indicate that you are trying to reach freedom in some way. If you notice multiple people with their arms or hands cut off then this is connected to your outgoing personality and that you have been acting as a hermit. 
  • Torso body part: The torso is where all your food is digested and assimilated. This dream could have appeared because you need to be guided into understanding how our own structures and patterns in life operate beneath the level of our conscious awareness. 
  • Body parts in bits: Turning to older dream dictionaries to see a body part waiting to be detached or if the body is in bits and pieces this can mean that you are looking at a mirror state of affairs. If the image in the dream is inhabiting then this can suggest you are seeking unity. 
  • Ears cut off in dream: Ears cut off can as you might be aware are connected to communication. The ear is also mentioned in the bible about hearing spiritually. Is there something that you need to hear? What is your inner voice saying to you? Jesus said “he who has ears to hear, let them hear” For this, he was associated with hearing god in a spiritual way.
  • Fingers or hands cut off in a dream: Seeing fingers cut off in a dream denotes that someone is trying to show their authority. Spiritually speaking the fingers can represent development and for evil and good. The dream can signify health and youth if you see other people’s fingers removed. The word hand appears many times in the bible. Hands are connected to our creation in life. 
  • Bodies cut open in a dream: To see bodies cut open, bleeding or allot of blood can indicate pain is needed in order to move forward in life. The body or bodies represent change, direction, transformation and moving forward. To see more than one body cut open indicates there is indeed many changes that need to take place and that pain is required. 
  • Cutting body parts in a dream: If you are cutting a body part in a dream this can simply be a spiritual message to remove negative energies from your life. 
  • Body parts not dead: Seeing many body parts in pain or not dead (alive) can indicate that there is a new start on the horizon but it will be the result of pain on the part of someone else, especially if you see blood. Multiple bodies that are not dead can suggest that something is staged are you being someone you are not? 

Dreams about gross anatomy or body guts

Seeing blood and guts in a dream or internal matter can illustrate that we need to undergo significant development or spiritual healing. To not be concerned about what you see indicates that you will become somewhat highly ambitious. This dream does suggest severing certain ties - maybe a rehabilitation program or cutting off contact with someone. These are extreme cases but they illustrate the sense of ending of seeing internal body organs in a dream.

Hospital ward and bodies in dreams

Recently, I have had a dream about seeing multiple severed body parts in a hospital ward. The first thing that I will say is that the mental and spiritual meaning of seeing such horrendous sights in a dream can indicate that you need to focus on your own healing authority and make some clear fundamental shifts to open your awareness. 

Dismembered body parts in dreams

Dismembered body parts can suggest that you are feeling anxiety about an end coming. Maybe you are in a relationship that you wish to end but can’t? It can mean the end of an important part of your life. Loosing a certain body part (on your own body in a dream) can indicate that you need to take care of your body. 

Multiple bodies in dreams

Walking through multiple bodies, body parts or seeing blood is connected to the need to heal. If the bodies were dead then this can suggest a phase of life that is ending. The death of the bodies in the dream is a sign that means you need to think about an “end” phase in life. 

Dreams about blood and body parts

To see blood and body parts can indicate that you are experiencing tension and the dream is symbolic structuralism. This dream is remarkably focused on new beginnings. 

Body cut in half in a dream

A body cut in half can indicate that there may be a sign of emotional problems or possible business success according to folklore. In regards to the psychological meaning a body cut in half can indicate that you secretly want to remove yourself from a difficult situation. 

Dreams of the head body part

To dream of the face, hair horns, eyes, head, nose, lips, mouth, false teeth, jaw, beard, and ears. In coding this dream there are different scales involved. To dream that someone has their body parts cut off can indicate that you are going to be “cut off” from something important that is to do with knowledge or your mind. Even though the imagery is somewhat negative a severed head in old folklore indicated that someone was going to be cut off from prosperity and relative death. If there is any blood present in the dream then this can indicate that you are not carrying through with something that keeps you alive.  

Dreams of the abdomen and torso body part

The dream of seeing a torso without a head or legs in a dream can indicate that there is something that you are worrying about in waking life. Maybe you cannot face something or you want to change yourself in some way. Such as diet or improve your physical appearance. The stomach body part can also indicate rebirth and fertility. Seeing multiple torso’s according to folklore potentially means a new start and symbolic order.

Folklore dream interpretation of a body

Dreams that feature any parts of your body generally have three main reasons:

  • 1. The physical.
  • 2. The symbolic.
  • 3. Compensation for certain things in which we have failed manifested as your appearance.

Naked body in a dream: Dreaming of a naked body suggests a risk of illness. If the naked body is of a man, this means that you are experiencing suspicions and jealousy in the waking world. If the naked body belongs to a woman, this indicates exaggerated sexuality. A naked body that you cannot see clearly foretells abandonment, sexual impotence, and shame. Seeing your own body naked is a sign of poverty. Dreaming of washing your naked body or somebody else’s body indicates that you are going to win something soon.

Dead body in a dream: If in your dream you see a dead body, it symbolizes a long life and beautiful times ahead. This is a good omen telling that you will do well. Many bodies in your dream mean complications in your family in the waking world. Dreaming about the body of a beautiful woman means that you are going to win somebody’s admiration because of your positive attitude or looks. The body of a man suggests a promotion or success in the workplace or in personal business matters.

Sick body in a dream: A sick human body in a dream signifies money loss. You may be struggling financially or fearing for future loss. If the body is covered in sores, this indicates your own fears about health. A sick body of a man tells you that the real-world character in your dream is a thief or sometimes raises suspicions. Ants on a human body are the sign of a serious incident and illness from your past that is on your mind. A body covered in leeches suggests that you do not trust your friends. If cockroaches are climbing the body, this is the sign of troubles in your love life. A swollen body represents power and acquisition of goods.

Fat or thin body in a dream: Seeing a fat body in your dream means power. A thin body means money loss. A walking body is a sign of disease. If you see a dirty body, this dream foretells economic and moral problems. If you see a body made of crystal, it means honesty and that you have a clear soul. Dreaming of somebody’s body is a sign that in your waking life you have to deal with a thief or a person concerned about sexual matters. If you dream of your own body it means that there is a daunting task ahead of you. It may also show signs of laziness and a lack of initiative. It is probably a good idea to give yourself a break, since a dream with such significance probably foretells that you need rest.


Seeing a body can mean change. Generally, it is a positive dream. Seeing a severed body or something gruesome in a dream is never a nice experience. It is worth pointing out that the dream can be isolated to certain parts of the body can sometimes mean a new start and opportunity. Bodies in dreams can indicate that you need to guard against any challenges that come your way and according to dream psychology represent a source of anxiety. To see any skin pieces, parts, organs or internal areas of the body can normally be connected to the internal workings of your own life. Tracing the ways in which we deal with life’s ups and downs. If the dream was associated with murder or crimes can be connected to our own dramatic attitudes to a problem in life. It can mean we feel that things have crashed down and that it is time to move on. 

1930's ancient dream dictionary of a body dream

  • Dreaming of a human body can be a sign of honor and integrity.
  • An unusually pale body or one painted white tells that you will be lucky.
  • Washing a body in your dream means forgiveness, but also represents gain.
  • If you dream of a dead body, this is a good sign foretelling that everything will go well for you.
  • If you dream of your naked body, you will gain something financially.
  • You will gain in love if you dream of washing your body.

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen a body.
  • Seen your own body.
  • Encountered a dead body.
  • Seen either a clean or dirty body.
  • Encountered a clothed or naked body.
  • Washed a body.
  • Been unsure of whether it was a male or female body.
  • Encountered a sick body.
  • Seen many bodies at once
  • Encountered a very thin or fat body.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dream of a dead body but it is not somebody you love.
  • You dream of your body in a pleasant way.
  • You dream of any body and it is a pleasant experience.
  • Your own body is washed clean.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a body or bodies

Admiring. Happy. Grateful. Jolly. Surprised. Pleased. Disgusted. Impressed.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012