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Abigail name meaning


Abigail is a female name. The name emanates from the Hebrew name that means "father rejoice" or maybe "father's joy." Abigail was wife of King...


Ada is a feminine name. One source indicates it arises from the German meaning of "nobility". It can also be a short meaning of the names Adelaide...


Adah is the second women name used in Bible after Eve. Adan was the wife of Lamech the First. In Gensis 36:2 also we reference to name Adah, used...


The name Adalia means Noble. It is pronounced as aeDahLAYah or ahDAALiyah (English). This name has Hebrew origin meaning "Yahweh is Just."


Adelaide is from the French / Germanic name Adalheidis, the name means adal "noble" and heid "kind, type".


Adine is the name for girls and pronounced as aaDIYNiy. It has Germanic and Hebrew origin and variant of the name Ada from German language.

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