Afternoon Dream Meanings

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I am going to cover two things here. Firstly, having a dream during the afternoon and secondly dreaming the time is in the afternoon.

There was a study by Levitan and he compared morning and afternoon naps with 22 lucid dreamers. The afternoon nap participants went to bed for approximately 90 minutes to understand the effect on their dreams. The afternoon dreams were lucid dreams. This means they are more vivid than normal. Dream experiments have concluded that dreaming of the afternoon is positive it normally indicates that you will encounter positive dreams.

What do bad dreams in the afternoon mean?

Nightmares in the afternoon are quite common. In the course of our daily life, we sometimes focus on our own state of consciousness. When we are awake we assume we are awake, but sometimes we are asleep. Afternoon dreams are normally known as “lucid dreams” if they are particularly vivid, or explicit. Dreaming in the afternoon reflects our own state of consciousness and it gives rise to our fears and anxieties in waking life.

I do believe it is rather uncommon to have negative dreams in the afternoon. There are many different experiments and experiences that have shown there is a greater extent of “dreaming” than previously thought about during the afternoon hours. Our rational state of mind in the afternoon is normally quite focused. If you try to remember the conditions of waking life and reflect on your dreams will provide you with an overview of how YOU are feeling in real life.

Many researchers have widely claimed that lucid dreams are delusional, they lack reflection and there is no such thing as REM sleep. Nightmares themselves are connected to lucid dreams. Case studies and research is shown that lucid dreams often result in nightmares.

In 2009 there was a study by the European science foundation and it was concluded that dreaming in the afternoon resulted in lucid dreams which were often connected to post-traumatic stress disorder.

What should you do?

There is a way that you can actually have lucid dreams, that you can control how your dreaming. If you continue to have lucid dreams in the afternoon you may be asking what you need to do. The first thing that will naturally do in a lucid dream state is trying wake ourselves up. This seems totally logical because if we are going through some type of mental trauma or anxiety we wish to remove it. My advice however is try to stay in the nightmare for as long as possible reminding yourself that it is just a dream and a projection of your own fears.

There is nothing in your dream can actually harm you if you try and shift towards this perspective you can actually create a transformation within the dream state. If you say to yourself I see the danger in the nightmare try to understand the nightmare won't hurt you that can help you receive a message and acknowledge the nightmare to proactively embrace it.

Dreams about the afternoon

In my view, this dream is about change. If it was the afternoon in your dream, it indicates that you will soon experience a certain change that’s going to change the course of your life. It will be a positive change that’s going to enlighten your way toward your goals. However, dreaming of an afternoon could also mean that you will soon reveal a secret that will boost awareness in other people.

If you were waking up in the afternoon in your dream, it denotes your ability to be patient, instead of rushing into things. To dream of a clock that shows afternoon hours indicates your own goals in life must be set. However, you may consider reacting to certain event faster in order to get what you want. Your dream could also mean that you will soon experience a certain “event” that will help you in your dream realization.

If other people were in the afternoon in your dream, it means that you are in need of help or advice. You wonder whether to listen to your gut or ask for the second opinion. Why don’t you do both? Ask for a second opinion, consider your options and if your gut is telling you to do it, then you should definitely do it. Our intuition is never wrong.

If you could see the afternoon in your dream state, it foretells your future victory. It can mean to some degree that you have been waiting for too long for our dreams to come true. And the time has finally come. Make sure to take the chance you’re going to be given. However, if you feel like you need time – take it. Don’t rush things only because you want them to happen but you aren’t ready to handle your success. It’s always better to be prepared and feel confident, than look for instant optimal solutions after.

You woke up at afternoon and felt like you’ve missed something important

It foreshadows your fear of losing what you have. Relax. We lose only what’s not good for us because we need to find something better and more suitable. However, dreaming that you overslept and missed something important like an event or exam, also reveals your current state. You might feel tired or wait for something to be over soon. And it will. You just have to handle it the best you can.

The afternoon passed very quickly in your dream state

It foretells your short state of happiness. Such a dream can mean that you will experience a happy event or meet a new person who will be important in your life. Learn how to get close to people without getting too attached to them. Accept that nothing’s ethereal and everything has an expiration date. Even life. Your dream could also mean that you are not ready for a big change. Start with small steps and transform your life slowly. Every great journey starts with one single small step remember!

Someone ruined your afternoon in your dream state

Your dream implies to your fear of people’s reaction to everything you do. You need to stop worrying about what others have to say about what you’re doing.

In summary, dreaming of an afternoon symbolizes friends, happiness, awareness, knowledge, and enlightenment. Dreams are strange things. Sometimes we are aware of the dream of the time – night and day. If you encountered a dream about the afternoon part of the day it usually means you are in need of advice. The afternoon could also mean you need to reveal a certain secret to feel better and boost awareness.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Afternoon

Satisfied. Pleased. Happy. Scared, Confused. Excited. Relaxed. Carelessness.

By Florance Saul
Apr 10, 2019