circle dream meanings

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams containing spiritual symbols such as the circle often show no context of the dream itself. You should be aware of the fact that these elements in your dream will carry the most relevance to your daily life as it is spirit who is trying to communicate with you.

Any type of symbol in your dream is a method of communication to the physical world and the way in which our world reflects the spiritual plane. A circle in your dream represents the Universe. If you dream of anything which is round for example a ring or a wheel it represents your spiritual entirety.

In your dream you may have

  • Only seen a circle or a series of circles that was not part of an identifiable object.
  • Seen a circle or series of circles in the form of rings, tires, or other cyclical objects.
  • Seen an incomplete or nearly completed circle.
  • Been involved in a circle of people
  • Been involved in or witnessed a cyclical process.
  • Seen a group of concentric circles (a circle within a circle within a circle…).

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The circles were all completed.
  • The circles were all linked together.
  • You were a part of a complete circle.
  • You were a part of or witnessed a successful cycle.
  • The circular item in your dream had significant meaning to your life.

Detailed dream interpretation

Most often, a circle represents certainty, completion, and reliability. If you dream of a complete circle, your life has fallen into place or everything is about to fall right into place. You are in a good place in your life, and everything is where it should be. Your natural life cycle is right on track, and your dream is reminding you to be strong about your convictions and to enjoy your life as it is. You are also likely experiencing spiritual entirety.

Sometimes, the circles in your dream are real objects shaped like a circle. A dream that involves a ring (jewelry) may be showing the security and completion of the romantic relationship you are already in or the one that you want to be in. A circular tire could show the completion of the areas of your life involving travel such as work and home life.

Rings that are linked together demonstrate the inter-connectedness of the various areas of your life. Your romantic relationship, home, family, business prospects, and friendships are all coming together perfectly and joining together to put your life in perfect balance and harmony. Dreaming of the Olympic rings could show above average success in these areas of your life, comparable to athletic achievement. All of the areas of your life are coming together perfectly or will soon link together.

If the circle in your dream was a circle of people, it was showing you the importance of every relationship in your life. Friendship, family, and romantic love all form part of your life, if they were part of the circle. Be sure the various people in your life can at least get along in order to ensure a feeling of completion and harmony among your relationships.

If you dream of concentric circles (a circle and an inner circle inside the circle, etc.), then it demonstrates femininity and that you are soon to have a birth in either the family or within a close group of friends. Concentric circles represent both completion and growth. A circle inside of a circle is comparable to a conception.

If the circle(s) in your dream was incomplete, there is something that needs to be reevaluated. A part of your life is missing, and you are not feeling fulfilled. Try to find that special thing or that important person to complete your circle.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Spiritual or religious change or enlightenment.
  • Pregnancy.
  • A shift in your life or the beginning/end of a major life milestone.
  • Financial or romantic stability.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a circle

Security. Completion. Love. Friendship. Femininity. Wisdom. Spirituality. Faith. Wholeness. Stability. Certainty. Harmony.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012