End Of The World

End Of The World

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To dream of an apocalypse or Armageddon indicates that in life things will transit. There is an ending in life and this dream can be associated with something ending in your current life. To dream of the end of the world means that you are suffering stress. Sometimes you may dream that a natural disaster is happening, such as an earthquake or a tornado.

Having a dream that the world was ending has been experienced by human beings for as long as we can remember. It is interesting to have a dream about the end of the world. Maybe you could see people fleeing from the disaster or distressing scenes to escape mass panic and hysteria. Some dream of watching the rising floodwaters from rooftops, while others race in cars on roads that are charred by the flames. You too are struggling to escape, but you feel more helpless. Maybe you would love to reach out to your loved ones and friends before the end of the dream. It's frustrating to realize that it is very little you can do, and it is frightening to watch everything suddenly change.

Is the dream the end of the world dream a premonition?

The first thing I will say is that it is unlikely that this is a premonition. Please don't jump to conclusions. The dream is probably about the fact that you have a general feeling in waking life of dodging a bullet. In that, you have probably escaped some sort of destruction and we are now living on borrowed time. If we read some of the apocalyptic books there is hysteria about the images of the end of the world, and rarely do they actually seem that real. There is certainly understandable fear when it comes to dreaming that the world will end. It is a natural feeling that something will come that is negative but you do not yet know what.

In this dream, you may have

  • Tried to escape the world ending.
  • Tried to reach your family.
  • Seen buildings demolished.
  • Noticed explosions.
  • Known that the end of the world is near.
  • Got trapped and unable to move in your dream.
  • The world ends in a dream due to fire 
  • The world ends in a dream through a flood or water
  • The world ends in a dream due to an alien invasion
  • The world ends in a dream due to machines (like the terminator)
  • The world ends in a dream due to a virus or plagues
  • The world ends in a dream due to war
  • The world ends in a dream due to a natural disaster
  • The world ends in a dream due to a comet/Asteroid 

Why have you had a dream about the end of the world?

Financial problems can trigger these dreams, also economic depression and capriciousness situations. Feeling that you have little control in your personal life can prompt these dreams. The dream can be a result of many things in waking life, such as hormones, a divorce, or other significant losses in life. The ending world is an escape dream. This helps the subconscious mind escape reality. Possibly you or somebody has experienced an aspiration in which you or they are absolutely convinced that the end of the world is near. The reason behind thinking this type of dream will really happen might be an in-depth and emotional understanding to connect with the subconscious mind.

Maybe during the dream, it doesn't matter how your life was up to now. It will never be the same. It makes sense to use the term "Isis" if you have experienced a tragedy. However, even if you feel shaken by the changes, your psyche will still consider this a filing-of epic proportions.

We often witness post-apocalyptic catastrophes in fantasy films. Perhaps in your dream, you noticed ruined cities, burning, remnant human remains, or that you were simply scavenging for existence. There are so many different dreams where the end of the world could feature. We could see the world as a huge synthetic environment, where we are floating out of space like the death star. The true meaning of these types of dreams indicates that there will be a turning point in your life. Spiritually, the end is like a spiritual awakening, and that your own fears are rising to the surface.

There are emotions that you can feel even when you awaken, and it is hard to grasp that the dream was just that a dream. When we have been able to deny there is a problem in waking life, dreams often present us with unpleasant scenarios. Maybe you feel calm and able to assess your options by looking at the situations in your waking life objectively. Our technological world as it is since the Second World War has advanced, but we do unconsciously remember the destruction of wars in our subconscious minds. How many technological advancements do we take for granted?

What is the hypothesis of our own destructive capacities of war? The coronavirus outbreak made us realize that we have lot's to be scared of in this world. There is so much to be scared of, the media reporting terrorists and assassinations and economic uncertainty, plus insane weather. These can all point towards having dreams whereby we are worried about the end. When you wake up from a dream about the end of the world this can make us feel impending worry, even if in the dream the circumstances we're not clear. 

What does the dream of the end of the world mean?

There is a change in your life, in your daily life. It could be that you will be able to respond with compassion to feelings of loss morbidly if you know the extent and breadth of the change you are experiencing. I will remind you that shortly after the end of teething, you'll be able to not get too downhearted. Life is tough. We all go through difficulties and sometimes we are hit with challenge after challenge.

From a positive take, you can look forward to the dawning of a new day. The best thing you can do is to be compassionate and allow yourself to operate more slowly.

It will take some time for this adjustment to be fully absorbed and transformed into something new. Accept the current situation to the fullest extent you can, even if it causes you to grieve. In life try to be gentle and tender with the part of yourself that is disoriented by the change. Don’t forget to enjoy simple areas of life, make sure you rest, and have supportive company.

This ending will bring you into a new chapter. However, don't force it or push yourself forward. You'll soon find that you can move with love in the place you are at and life will lift you up again to show you the next chapter wall. This dream shows you the results of a change in your life's foundation. This is often associated with the death or divorce of a spouse or parent. These relationships provide us with a foundation of familiar experiences and expectations from which to build our lives. If you naturally sense the world and your motivations seem to have impacted your psychologically global perspective. This is a dream of consequence and these types of feelings.

Dreams of the end of the world have been a central part of our existence, we all fear the end of the world. Right from when we use to be cavemen and gather around fires. So what is intriguing about this dream? The story of Freud and Jung in regard to these types of dreams: the end of the world is that it is connected to sex, that you are not getting enough sexual contact. Most of Freud's dream interpretations came back down to sex, and this is what drove the dreamer's mind.

So what you saw in your dream was that real? Will the world really end? The answer is no, it is just a dream. It means something will end in your life so get ready for it.

The world ends in a dream due to machines (like the terminator)

Maybe in the dream, you could feel dizzy and disorienting that robots have taken over the world. Although you are unsure if you have enough strength to deal with the robots in the dream, it can indicate that you will face an uphill battle in daily life, which is a challenge. This dream may be for the worrier who cannot sleep, the writer who must write a book in one week, or anyone else who has faced a huge challenge.

Not only does it require strength and courage but also a great deal of focus. We must focus our attention and use energy to deal with long-term challenges. There may be personal and objective challenges that make the situation more difficult or obstacles that give rise to a feeling of defeat. This challenge does involve technology due to the robots featured in the dream.

The world ends in a dream due to a virus or plagues

Of course, we have all been subjected to the recent coronavirus. This dream can indicate that you may not be able to change the nature of the challenge that you have taken on. In this case, it is likely that the only way out is to keep on going through and ensure that you are doing your very best in life. The difficulty of a challenge is subjective. It is often an indicator of how great the challenge is to you. It is possible to make your focus in life the center of what you do, but to take small steps, breaking it down into manageable pieces, and pace yourself. It is recommended that self-care is important at this time.

This includes rest, nutrition, and exercise. One can summon their own patience to handle any feelings of despair or entrapment. Taking care of yourself will increase your chances of success. Also, it will help you focus on small steps of progress which will make the process easier. It is not uncommon to have these types of dreams if you have had the injections in real life to prevent a virus. Vaccines generally make us think we are now safe but can affect our sleep.

What does the end of the world dream mean when floods are involved?

The end of the world due to flooding can be quite an intense dream. Flooding in dreams is all about our connection and emotional stability. The fact that the end also was featured in the dream could be a warning of an approaching emotional turbulent time. Known as the underwater city, is quite horrific thought to think that the whole world will be immersed in water. From a psychological point of view water in your dream represents your emotions and the fact that you can see the water indicates that emotions may be turbulent fulsome time. 

What does it mean to dream of the world ending and fire?

In the dream, if you see a fire burning as part of the end of the world,  this can be a very concerning dream. There are many different dream dictionaries that outline how dangerous and adverse fire is in dreams. I don’t necessarily concur with that, fire is powerful it’s an amazing source of energy. I do believe that if you have this dream where it features fire and the apocalypse then it can indicate a new start and you can be more powerful and focused going forward.  Spiritually speaking this could be a new phase in life.  We all need new phases, in order to grow and focus on what’s best for our life going forward. If you see burning buildings or people on fire during the dream this can be quite disturbing but remember it is about burning away the old. Sometimes, in life, everything has to clear away in order to progress.

Summary of a dream of the end of the world

The images in dreams of the ending of life can be harrowing: maybe dreams of burning cities, bombs waiting to land, or tortured or beaten people. These images can be interpreted as a warning that something fundamental is wrong within life, and we must look within. It could be that part of you feels emotionally battered because of the struggle in life. If a dream depicts that one's essence is being mortally wounded it may be difficult for you to understand because you are not familiar with the concept of the dream being a message from spirit.

People often feel unhappy with their relationships and conditions, even when their dreams call for them to review themselves and of course life. It is impossible to believe that a relationship cannot survive daily ups and downs.
We have been taught that it is selfish for someone to insist on change or leave. Your life depends on it.

The most common reason these dreams occur is that we lack the words and expressions to understand the essence of our lives. Think about it! Fish need water. Pets need love. We need to feel that we possess a similar intangible, definite essence. The end of the world in dreams can indicate there is a call to be properly cared for, in life, after all, we can face immense problems as well as endure things that might seem overwhelming.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You survived the end of the world.
  • You did not die in the dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of the world ending

Anxiety. Health. Wellness. Freedom. Timidity. Transformed. Pressured. Stable.

By Florance Saul
Jan 2, 2013