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A backfile is a document file which doesn’t have an electronic backup.

If you have a dream in which you see backfiles, it indicates too much work in your life. You are finding things hard even too hectic to finish. It is draining you of your physical energy and you need to use the reservoir of your own inner energy in order to achieve things in life.

In the dream

  • You might be the one holding the backfile.
  • See yourself filing documents in your dream.
  • Losing files in your dream.
  • Legal files are featured in your dream.
  • You sign a legal file in your dream.
  • A familiar person is holding the backfile.
  • A strange person is holding the backfile.
  • You see many copies of newspaper (backfiles)

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you happen to see yourself carrying a backfile denotes that you are overwhelmed with a lot of issues in your life which are making you be physically worn out. You need assistance from those close to you in order to enable you to handle various things which are hindering you from achieving the goals you have set.

Allow those who are willing to help you to do so without having to resist. This will be the beginning of offloading problems you will carry. To sign a legal file suggests that all the skills you need will be apparent in the future. To see yourself filing in a dream signifies that you need to watch your health.

When you see a familiar person carrying backfiles in your dream it means that you will be required to help someone in your waking life. This may involve taking care of issues so they can set goals. If they approach you, help them willingly without becoming judgmental; if they don’t help you, use the opportunity to make sure that you can make them trust you and from there, they will start entrusting you.

To loose files in your dream suggests that you need to help someone. If you sign a document in a dream this can indicate that a new problem will materialize.

Backfiles being carried in the dream by someone you do not know implies that you are free from any baggage. A backfile of newspapers means that you need support. Your friends and family are supportive - this suggests that you are surrounded with positive energy which is enabling you to achieve your goals in the shortest time. You have become successful and you need the opportunity to succeed in life.

Feelings associated with your dream

Strange, struggles, helpful, energetic, resistant, successful

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017