Bed wetting

Bed wetting

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Bedwetting can occur while asleep in both adults and children and we sometimes dream of wetting the bed.

Millions of children wet the bed every night. Bedwetting is also known as Enuresis. I think it is important in this dream meaning to cover the actual terms and gain a real understanding of bed-wetting in order to decode the dream. You may have reached this page because you wet the bed, your child wets the bed or you dream of wetting the bed. You are in the right place so I will try to help you understand what this dream actually means. Dreaming is what I like to call an intimate experience. Every night and dream is unique. This dream reflects that you need to make sure you carry out a proper behavior as it is required from you by society. If you experience wetting the bed, then you may have some concerns over a relationship, but if you actually physically wet the bed outside of your dream, then the above meaning does not apply to you. A bed-wetting dream, though it may be embarrassing, does not represent a physical bed-wetting. I am Flo and I will try to decode your dream and have covered everything you need to know about bedwetting here.

What is Enuresis?

Enuresis is a professional and scientific term for bedwetting. Many people cannot control the bladder at night. It may seem quite a minor complaint compared to other problems in life but it does have a significant effect on the psychological impact on the development of children. In older children, this can result in isolation or difficulty especially when staying a friend’s house. The problem can be carried through to the teenage years and it might be one of the most uncomfortable disorders that someone will have. Bladder control during one’s sleep is generally a developmental hurdle that we learn around between the ages of 3 to 5 years. There are many different products on the market such as alarms and also homo-classic remedies to try to help children or adults that wet the bed. When researching this dream, I read many different books on bedwetting to try to understand not only the cause but also what it could mean from a dreamer’s perspective and how it can affect sleep. Which I will discuss later.

There is a growing vast amount of children and also as adults locked into wetting the bed at night. So how does this affect the science of dreaming? When we dream we sometimes lose control our bodily needs and wants are including bladder control. Most bedwetting causes are still unknown but unfortunately, Enuresis is a great effect on our mental state which consequently results in embarrassment and difficulties especially in older children. I will say though that bedwetting can occur at any age. But don’t worry. Because of the mysteries that surround if your child still wets the bed may feel that you are totally alone. Because of the mysteries that surround bedwetting and the fact that we do not know what the causes are can be somewhat frustrating. It is predicted that there are around million children in the United States that wet the bed every night. In a very small percentage are teenagers. We don’t know the true numbers because parents are generally reluctant to speak openly. Solving the bedwetting problem is an objective in itself. Through my research, I’ve read hypnotherapy and NLP normally do the trick of solving prolonged bedwetting, especially in adults as this can affect many different parts of life such as relationships, obtaining jobs, stress that could even lead to feeling stressed.

Why do children wet the bed?

There are many causes bedwetting such as lack hormones, stress or anxiety, the fact the bedwetting and the families, the bladder size and possibly an infection. There are various doctors that focus and deal with this problem to identify whether it is a medical or psychological cause. The general first call is to implement an alarm. If this does not work in extreme cases to doctors may offer drugs or antidepressants to overcome the bedwetting. Children, especially under the age of five, often struggle to control the bladder at night and this is due to the fact of hormones. For adults or teenage bedwetting, the drug known as Desmopressin is normally given by the doctor to mimic the hormone that tells us were going to the toilet. This could work or it couldn’t it very much depends on the individual. The good news is that most children just grow out wetting the bed but there are still adults that wet the bed. I will discuss some remedies further on in this dream meaning. Scroll down.

What are the natural remedies for bedwetting?

I will now briefly go over the “natural” remedies for bedwetting. From my research, the natural remedies for overcoming bedwetting are often poorly understood and misinformed on the internet. At the end of the day, bedwetting is generally resulting in what is known as a neurological weakness. The most obvious solution is to refrain from drinking at night but there are also various herbs which can help. Firstly, the herb known as St Johns wort is supposed to be great for the nervous system and prevents bedwetting in adults. It does help bedwetting generally and the more scientific name of this herb is “Hypericum Perforatum.” The next natural remedy is a combination of tea and linden flowers which has been proved to overcome the problem of bedwetting. The planetary formula number 84 and 77 (Uva ours Diurite) will help if drunk three times a day.

For children, cinnamon is supposed to stop bedwetting this could be sprinkled on buttered toast given to the child either before bed or in the morning but I am not convinced about this remedy. Chewing on cinnamon sticks are supposed to stop bedwetting, in India, this is used as a solution as the cinnamon keeps the body warm. Additionally, gooseberry is also a home remedy for bedwetting which I will discuss shortly. In our country, we normally eat gooseberry pies but India the gooseberry is routinely used and specifically, the gooseberry known as amla to treat many problems. Warm milk given before bed (two hours before) can help. Boiling a teaspoon of cumin seeds in a glass of water and boil. Once cooled this is supposed to help prevent bedwetting. Additionally giving infants one walnut kernel and a handful of raisins before they go to bed is suppose to help.

For elderly adults giving them two dates which is an old remedy to prevent bedwetting. Having raisins in porridge in the mornings is also suppose to help. It is also noted in many books that cranberry juice can prevent bedwetting especially if there is an infection. The juice should be pure and not concentrated. In the research that I read it was advised that preventing children from eating refined sugar helps. Caribbean sugar was offered as a healthy alternative. The most interesting remedy that I came across is eating mustard seeds. This is supposed to completely help bedwetting. And this is safe to use for a child or adult. Take half a spoon of mustard seeds and grind the mustard seed yourself so it is in powder form. Put this onto a griddle or in the oven on a low heat. Add the mixture to a hot glass of milk and drink. For elderly people, they can chew on mustard seeds which can remove the toxins of the kidneys and prevent incontinence. As I mentioned before about the fact that gooseberries can help bedwetting. I must say I normally make it into a pie or take a few gooseberries and put in a grinder or blender. Once grounded take a teaspoon of the mixture and ingest. This will help prevent bedwetting in two weeks.

Your dream:

  • Wet the bed.
  • Seen somebody else wet the bed.
  • Had a child wet the bed.


  • You were not the person who wet the bed.
  • You did not feel embarrassed in the dream.
  • You were able to bounce back from the incident.
  • You saw the urine without seeing the act.
  • You helped a child after wetting the bed.

What is the ancient detailed dream interpretation of bed wetting?

If you are a woman and you dream that your child wets the bed, then this shows you have some unusual anxieties. The dream can also suggest there is a need for great comfort, and you should spend time on vacation or in an informal surrounding in order to find wisdom. In addition, this dream is likely to be connected with self-control from a psychological perspective. A dream of bed-wetting shows a connection with your own self-esteem or trust in yourself. If you are an adult and you dream of wetting the bed as a child, the message is that you need to have more self-worth in situations relating to business affairs. Try to express your views more often in the workplace.

It is said that dreams about urine or urinating could be good omens. It also states in many older dream dictionaries that bedwetting implies that you will enjoy good health, especially if you dream of children wetting their beds. According to ancient traditions, if you dream of wetting your bed, you will gain a financial return, or your business is doing well and will bring you good money. The ancient Persians said that if you dream of wetting your bed, you have become angry. Wetting the bed in your dream could also foretell good health. It can refer to annihilated enemies, banished evil, or vengeance for an act done to you by someone. If the bed dries out afterward in your dream, this could be a sign of good luck but in time. If you see large quantities of urine after you have wet the bed, this could be a dream connected to your sons and their luck in life, mainly referring to the fact that your sons could have a special personality and qualities.

​​​​​​Please note:

When you have to go to the toilet in the waking life, you get an impulse in your brain telling you to go to the toilet. While you are dreaming, you are in your subconscious mind. When you get that impulse in your brain while dreaming (that you wish to go to the toilet), you just go.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of beds and bed wetting:

Terrified. Worried. Without control. Upset. Anxious. Confused.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012