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A dream about swallowing suggests that you are keeping something back that is associated with emotions.

We refer to “swallowing our pride” or even hearing a story and deeming it “hard to swallow”. Since swallowing is a natural operation, like inhaling and exhaling, it is highlighted in your dream. Normally, it indicates some kind of obstruction spiritually. For almost 20 years I’ve been studying the effects of what dreams can actually mean on our life in general. Hello, I am Flo, so welcome to my site. A dream about swallowing something means that at the moment you are holding back either your feelings or your actions and words. This dream suggests that you have difficulties in communication, that you are unable to express yourself. Swallowing some food in your dream portends projects or plans that will bring you lots of success and satisfaction, so let's move onto a more detailed dream meaning.

In our modern world, our food is often packaged, processed and also made from many different additives. The dream itself could have two types of meaning, firstly from a spiritual perspective, the dream can address the spiritual side of life. The act of swallowing can be a symbolism for how we access information spiritually. Secondly, the dream can also be associated with our food and digestion. Our bodies are amazing, while we sleep we digest the food for the day and it is not uncommon for us to feel that we have something in our throat when in fact it could be something like acid reflux. There is something else I want to discuss here. Now I don’t want to freak you out but there has been a myth going around for years that we swallow almost 8 spiders a year when we sleep. Creepy right! Is this true? The good news is that this is false and simply a myth, so lucky for you!

It is very unlikely that the spider will ever enter your mouth. If we look at the spider itself, during the night most spiders are more concerned about spinning their webs. Now, spiders don’t tend to enter our bed because there is no food. Spiders generally see human beings as just a part of the landscape. Therefore, if you did dream that you swallow something don’t worry it’s not going to be a spider! From the standpoint of dream interpretations, swallowing is connected to the way that we communicate and also our fears in life. I have detailed quite a few dreams that have been sent to me by users. Hopefully, this will give you some clarity what you're swallowing dream means.

What is the general dream interpretation of swallowing?

Generally, stalling in dreams indicates gaining something spiritually. There is a message here. Try to focus on meditating, praying or reading psychic information. The positive side of this dream spiritually points to the fact there are many positive things in life and you need to review the nutritious side of life. This dream is not about the swallowing in its literal sense, but more about how you can move forward and learn in life.

What does it mean to dream of swallowing objects?

To swallow an object in a dream indicates that you may be holding back emotionally for trying to hide your feelings. If you are swallowing many objects in the dream it could indicate that something is going to take charge of your life going forward. This could be a new job or possibly a relationship. The actual details of the dream are extremely important. Additionally, the object that you are swallowing needs further analysis. If you are swallowing something that isn’t normal, such as swallowing a building, car or large item indicates difficulties communicating in the future. If you’re swallowing a small object, or you dream of a child swallowing an object this can indicate that you will approach matters on a more positive level. Sometime’s to dream of swallowing a chair, mobile phone or a "useful" daily object indicates that you are facing roadblocks in life. The good news is that you can overcome anything!

What does it mean to have difficulty swallowing dream?

Have difficulty swallowing in a dream can suggest that you are finding it increasingly hard to hold back your emotions. Swallowing is connected to our throat chakra from a spiritual perspective, and the throat is connected to the way that we communicate with others. There are various reasons why you may find difficulty swallowing a dream. If you cannot swallow food in a dream and this suggests that there may be some criticism that you will find hard to swallow.

What does it mean to dream that you think you swallowed something?

There is always a fear of a dream of swallowing something during sleep - don’t worry it's not going to be a spider. To dream of swallowing a living creature or insect during our dream state indicates that there may be an onset of challenges in the future. To swallow water in a dream can suggest deprivation in life. There is a desire for something more in life. To dream of swallowing water, according to Freud is defined as an infantile dream. On page 123 of his book, Choi, 1973 he states “I dream I am swallowing down water in great gulps and it has the delicious state that nothing can equal but a cool drink when one is parched with thirst.” Thus, the dream may just be a craving for water! Or merely the identification that you do in fact need to have a drink during sleep.

What does a dream of swallowing sharp objects mean?

Swallowing sharp objects in a dream, psychological point of view is associated with dreams of anticipation and impatience in life. Again, if we look at the dream psychology around swallowing it is found that this dream is connected to a craving in life. spiritually, the dream of swallowing sharp objects indicates that you will find it difficult to communicate with other people. If the dream was pleasant it can suggest that you will understand the spiritual message in the future.

What does a dream about swallowing metal mean?

Metal in dreams is a symbol of protection. The metal itself indicates that there will be messages that are important going forward. Therefore, to dream of swallowing, for example, a metal coy illustrates that you need to be prepared in life stop there will be some difficulties in the future from a spiritual perspective but in the end, everything will work out well.

What does it mean if I wake up and feel that I’ve swallowed something?

Now, there have been many reports of people who have emailed me that they dream of putting items in the mouth and then waking up feeling like these items are real. Perhaps you see yourself spitting those items out of your mouth? Or wake up thinking things are still in your mouth? I can understand that this is spiritually associated with the progress in life and it basically means that you need to think about your communication. Medically, it can be a problem with dust in the air or the damp in the bedroom, also visit a doctor and get your nasal turbinates, and reflux checked out. If you drink at night try abstain from drinking alcohol before bed. If you have repetitive dreams of this nature try to sleep in a warm environment. If you are overweight this can also contribute to the feeling you have swallowed something in your sleep. If you don’t have a medical problem, then to wake up choking indicates spiritually, you are overburdened and need to relax. It is an anxiety dream.

What does it mean to dream of choking something?

Choking at night can occur in many different ways. It can happen when you are about to fall asleep or alternatively during sleep. The dream itself is very similar to anxiety. If you are drinking or smoking before bed then studies have shown it can cause this type of dream. let’s now look at the spiritual context of choking. Choking in your sleep indicates, from a spiritual context that you are finding it difficult to communicate your emotions in life. It can simply indicate that there is indecision around you at the moment. This type of dream normally occurs when you are trying to express yourself to others, but you do not have the confidence. Try to be more confident!

What does it mean to dream of swallowing keys?

Keys seen in dreams carry the symbolism of barriers in life. Following keys indicates that you are holding up many barriers to communication. The keys also represent an obstacle in your way. The fact that you are swallowing the keys in a dream can suggest your hidden fears in life.

What does the swallow the bird mean in dreams?

I have a great meaning of the swallow animal totem by clicking here. A swallow (the bird) represents hard work. It also indicates that you have already made a choice of some importance, and this simply indicates the question of whether the decision you have made is a good one. If this bird appears to be timid in any way, then this is a message to encourage you to think seriously about new opportunities and the events which are likely to present themselves in the near future.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing someone swallowing something in a dream?

This dream has various meanings depending on what you are swallowing. The dream could be that you are finding something hard to swallow like emotions and thus, they are stuck in your throat, and you are finding it difficult to express them. An aspect of your emotions is undigested as you are still trying to digest it. If it is food you are swallowing, then it denotes that, you have accepted and integrated what the food represents as every food has a different symbolic meaning.

Dreams you have held many different meanings and it can be rather frightening to dream of choking or swallowing items in your dream. Trying to when you wake up jot down the events in the dream. Also, don’t forget to look at the object that you swallowed in the dream as this can transform the meaning. Hope you like this dream interpretation doesn't forget to check out the other cool things we have on the website. Blessings, Flo x

In your dream you may have

  • swallowed something
  • you find it hard to swallow
  • something is hard to swallow for you
  • you could see swallow (the bird).

Advice from your dream

  • You do not choke in your dream so don't worry, it is not real!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of swallowing

Worried. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Scared. Anxious. Upset.


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By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012