Bottle of Water

Bottle of Water

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

When one sees a bottle of water in a dream it may mean a pregnant woman, a wife, a husband or a host in most cases. A bottle by itself in dreams symbolizes a womb, a pouch of money, or a despicable person.

A glass bottle, for instance, can also mean a slanderous companion, prostitute or adulterous person and even a form of sickness. If in a dream you see a glass bottle breaking in a house, this may mean escaping some corrupt dealings.

Water in a dream may mean prosperity, fertility, long life. This is because water can make everything come to life again.

In your dream you may have seen

  • A bottle made of a particular material. A glass bottle means a housekeeper, a servant, a woman or a son. When one sees a glass bottle in a dream it may also signify the kind of woman who is unable to keep secrets.
  • Water, which represents a good life, money or prosperity. Perhaps an expansion of your business, or even an increase in your income or the wealth that you possess.
  • If you are drinking a glass of water, this is known to mean that you are protected from calamity or harm.
  • You drinking a glass of water may also foretell the conception of a child. Drinking water as a student also means you will acquire knowledge.
  • Glass bottle of varying colors. This may mean you will meet people of different personalities, different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • If you pour out water from the container, it means you are going to spend money. If you pour it all then you will spend all you have but if you pour a little then you will spend only part of what you have.
  • The water turning to ice means that the riches you have accumulated will remain yours without being taken or misused by others.
  • Drinking cold water means you will have joy and comfort.

Detailed dream interpretation

If, in your dream, you have seen yourself carrying water in a bottle or in a container, it means that you will gain financially – if you are poor. You will be married soon if you are a bachelor. It can also mean that your wife will have a child if you are married.

When there is water at a particular level in the bottle, it indicates where your life is now and the length of life you have left on earth. The consumed water is your life already spent and the remainder indicates the time you have remaining on earth. If you have reached the last drops of that bottle or container, it suggests that you do not have any more time on the Earth and you may be about to live your last year.

Sweet water in a bottle (or container) in a dream could also mean kindness, wealth, knowledge and revival, a recovery from dangerous sickness, perhaps even the getting of a wife, husband or marriage. If you then drink the water in your dream it means that your marriage is healthy and is working well. If the water is salty then the dream means that you may be having problems or encountering difficulties.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013