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A shelter represents your hunt for safety.

When you dream anything regarding sheltering an individual, this may imply that you actually want to safeguard parts of yourself through prospective damage and disappointment. Getting protected by somebody else indicates our perception that individuals are safe by way of a heavenly resource.

In your dream

  • You run towards a shelter and you fall.
  • You are looking for shelter against rain or bad weather in general.
  • You are searching for a shelter.
  • You see a shelter.
  • You are in a shelter.

Positive changes are coming if

  • You remain safe in the shelter in the dream.
  • You find the shelter you were looking for.
  • The dream had a happy ending.

Detailed dream interpretation

A shelter in a dream is a sign of protection and defense. If you see yourself running towards a shelter and you fall, but you manage to get back on your feet means that an important difficulty in your life will be removed. If you do not manage to stand up after falling. This indicates that the path you have recently taken is not the right one.

Searching for a shelter if stuck in the rain (in one's dream) portends a hidden suffering or pain. Searching for a shelter against any kind of bad weather could mean that your partner might be lured by another person. Seeing yourself simply searching for shelter in a dream could suggest that you feel threatened by boredom, but this dream could also portend a marriage ahead. Seeing a shelter usually means you have a sincere and honest friend that cares for you.

Using a roof as shelter foretells quarrels in your family. Finding a shelter when you need it symbolizes some sort of insecurity in your life at the moment. Being in a shelter in times of bombardment is a sign that you will have a peaceful future. A bus shelter suggests you will take an important journey.

If you encounter somebody else in the shelter, this suggests that it is time to communicate with others. The dream means that you are conscious of spiritual development. If you dream of changing shelters, this shows that you have a number of hobbies that are very important to you. The key message here is to follow your heart in matters that are connected to friendships.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shelter

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Happy. Comfortable. Confident. At ease. Upset. Disturbed. Sad. Lonely.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012