The Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

The Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

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The snakes are biting your free mind, your peace, happiness and kindness.

The snake is your enemy. The enemy uses tricks and deceit. If you are focused on getting to meet a goal and you feel a spirit inside then our inner enemy plays with our mind. The path of the snake guiding our dreams is the deceitful tactics of the enemy in the bible. It could be inside or a real enemy. Have you been getting stressed and started arguing with people lately? The biblical meaning of snakes in dreams is connected to a person that should not be trusted – sorry to say. The snake (as a symbol) represents one of the most present and most fascinating symbols in the Holy Bible, but in all my readings shows that there is someone not to be trusted.

Our wild animal dreams are often connected to what we see on a daily basis. For example, watching TV and films that involve the image of a snakes often results in dreams about them. This is a Sigmund Freud theory but when it comes to the biblical meaning of seeing snakes in a dream it takes on a whole new meaning. The legless snake can provide both positive and negative traits biblically, and above all denote transformation. For example, if the snake sheds it’s skin this means renewal. I do feel, after reading many parts of the bible and reading many users dreams about snakes it is associated with a threat of betrayal and that you need to trust your inner voice when it comes to relationships.

Specifically, the scriptures of 11 Hebrew and 4 Greek names were mentioned in the Bible referring to snakes. There is a question of why snakes are mentioned so many times (over and over) even though they were not that common during the biblical times. Although in real life we are often worried about snakes there is something worrying when they appear in our dreams. Many people have been conditioned (through our own DNA) to have the distinct fear of snakes.

The snake is often known as a “serpent” in the bible, and snakes are often mentioned in connection with an evil or poisonous character is implied or expressed. This symbol was often associated with intrigue and depth. I’m now going to review some of the key associations about the “symbol” of a snake before looking deeper into the biblical meaning.

Battling dark forces in real life

If you are fighting a snake in a dream it could mean that you are feeling emotionally – who are you fighting? It can also indicate a spiritual contest, even a warfare. “And the dragon was enraged with the women, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring” (Revelations 12:17 NKJV) Turning to Psalms 6:6 snakes often bite the feet and this provides a gateway to the soul, so dreaming of the snake biting means you are having to review how you can battle something attacking your soul.

Dreaming of seeing lots of snakes all over the place in biblical terms indicates that you are undergoing spiritual battle. Scripture states “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world” (Ephesians 6:12 NIV) This dream could give you a message you are battling dark forces.

The snake represents a symbol of Satan or an enemy to God

One of the common associations of the snake’s symbol is evil: Satan or an enemy. The first mention can be found in Genesis 3. It’s where Adam and Eve were tempted to bite the apple by a snake in the Garden of Eden. Although the snake wasn’t exactly portrayed as Satan in this part of the Bible, it was probably Satan dressed in a snake who seduced Eve and Adam to commit a sin to get expelled from the Garden of Eden. Since this is the beginning of the bible, the snake has (in most cultures) became a symbol of evilness and intrigue. In our modern lives, we need to think of the snake as someone who is not to be trusted.

The snake represents a symbol of complaint, healing and impact on others

The book of numbers, the scriptures have given reasons why punishment is sometimes a cure. One of the most significant snake stories in the Bible is found in Number 21 where the Lord is punishing the Israelites, because they keep complaining. During this verse, Moises created a bronze snake and set it up on a stick, and people were bitten by the snakes. So, God sent snakes to punish Israelites. In verses 21:5 god responds by sending these snakes to kill them. Is this just? We often come across people who complain in real life. From this story, we know that God’s people sometimes spoke again him and Moses his prophet. Moses felt bad that the Israelites were killed by the snakes sent by God and asked God to help. (numbers 21:7-90) We need to understand the deeper meaning here. That we all have the strength to overcome difficult consequences. Even though God’s solution was not the best it was sent to heal. Remember, this is a story and does not necessarily mean it has happened in real life. God said that every person who has been bitten by a snake will live if they look at a bronze snake made by Moses. The opinion of this verse is that God forces the Israelites to think about how their complaints impacted on others. How does your complaints impact on others? Another mention of snakes in the bible is John 3:14-15, where Jesus was compared a snake with portraying his death on a cross, while offering salvation for others. Thus, the snake symbol isn’t just a symbol of negativity. It’s also a symbol of wisdom and healing restoration.

The snake represents a strength

Of course, to some degree the Bible is full of controversies and metaphor that are hard to reveal and understand their true meaning. Same goes for snake symbolism and all the metaphors associated with this poisonous, cunning, tameable, sharp-tongued, subtle, but still wonderful creature. In Chapter 30, verses 18 and 19 there’s a mention of snakes that seems to stand out from the others, describing “the way of a snake on a rock” as an amazing and incredible thing. The snake was represented as a symbol of strength but also deceit. After this dream have a think about WHO is a snake in your life?

Someone is biting you in real life

When you have a dream where a bite you this indicates that sin is at the door. In many parts of the bible the lord sends venomous snakes, for example numbers 21:5 when the Israelites spoke ill of god he sent them snakes to bite the move, as I discussed ab. Also, think of the verse “whoever breaks through a wall may be bitten by a snake” which is found in Ecclesiastes 10:8b NIV.

All in all, the snake plays various roles in the Bible. In the first instance, we automatically think snakes are evil as Satan is mentioned many times in relation to the snake, however, in other parts of the bible it’s the creature that saved people and represented as something impressive and wonderful.

Now that you have acquired basic knowledge of snake history associated with the Holy Bible, let’s jump to the biblical interpretation of these divine creatures in our dreams.

What’s the Biblical meaning of snakes in dreams?

As I previously mentioned, snakes or often referred to as serpents in the Holy Bible can be read in the New Testament. However, besides being an important Biblical symbol, the snake is also a symbol of importance in Greece, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. Although the snake is presented as a negative symbolism in the Garden of Eden, it’s portrayed as a positive symbol in other parts of the Bible. Remember, the snake was trying to seduce Eve and make her bite the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Life and it’s why most people associated snakes with Satan. Perhaps you didn’t know, but the first link of a snake to Satan appeared in the Wisdom of Solomon, where the Lord punished the snake by making it legless, putting it below other animals.


To see a snake in your dream means that you have to pay attention to the people who enter your life and people who’re already close to you. Someone is probably trying to harm you in a way that you would never expect. It might be someone very close to you who knows your strengths and weaknesses. You will be surprised by their actions, but don’t let emotions and memories to distract you. Seeing a snake in your dream might also foretell a negative event. Stay away from potential danger and protect yourself.

If you noticed a large snake in your dream, it symbolizes a potential threat or danger you’re getting close. An unfortunate event might occur at work or at home. Maybe co-workers who are jealous of your progress and career success are giving their best to sabotage it. But karma will serve justice and their actions will get back at them like a boomerang. It shouldn’t worry you much that people are jealous and trying to harm you. It happens to everyone. Perhaps you’ll experience money related issues but nothing serious. It will get better with time and you will finally live the life you deserve.

If you saw a small snake in your dream, it foretells an unplanned development on both professional and personal field. For example, someone might have completed a goal to prevent money loss. However, it could have affected other people (maybe yourself or others) and you this person will face karma. To see a small snake in dreams might also denote reckless behavior. But it’s not something you cannot work on and change.

Keep secrets

If you were bitten by a snake in the dream, it reveals your darkest secrets are going to come to light. You will be betrayed by someone you didn’t trust completely but decided to ignore your intuition and give him/her a chance. In the future, be more careful who you trust and tell secrets to. Remember that every secret known by people gets revealed in time. It’s best to keep your secrets to yourself and trust your instinct.

Killing snake

If you kill a snake in your dream, it’s a God’s way of telling you that you will finally stand up for what you believe and win the battle over your enemies. However, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Just be yourself and do what you believe in. Leave all the dirty work to karma and keep your hands clean. You’ll experience triumphs in different areas in your waking life. Alternatively, it represents your determination and inner strength.

Dead snake

If you see a dead snake in your dream but you didn’t kill it, it means that luck will follow your side in the next period. You will forget about the past and start fresh. You will get a chance to improve your life and leave your past behind for good. You’ll be successful.

If you see a lot of dread snakes in dreams, expect an unfortunate event to take place in your life soon. You might experience a minor discomfort or accident caused by reckless behavior. Or by someone else who’s close to you but does not care much about your well-being. I will say though try to pay close attention to your surroundings and people who surround you every day. You’ll get a shot to avoid this discomfort or accident if you keep your eyes wide open.

Attack a snake

If you attack a snake in your dream, this is one of God’s ways to test your faith. Your dream also represents a warning sign for your own health too. Maybe you should change your lifestyle and improve your diet. Dreams like this might also foretell the death of someone you love. However, keep it positive.

If you were attacked by a snake or many snakes in your dream, the biblical meaning indicates disappointment and the taste of bitterness or betrayal. The advice is to remain strong and achieve victory because you have a pure heart and people with pure heart always win over people with evilness in their heart. It always shows to you that you cannot trust people these days the harder way. However, this time, you will finally learn your lesson. You will see through dishonest, evil people.

Colorful snake dream

If you see a colorful snake in your dream, it portrays your wrong and bad perception or judgment of the people who surround you. You often misjudge people thinking enemies are your best friends and vice versa. Dishonest and evil people are like colorful snakes. They might seem friendly but they’re still snakes who want to harm without a reason.

Biblical meaning of a Snake bite dream

If you got bit by a dead snake in your dream, it means that you will relieve some events or feelings from your past that made you sad or bitter. You will relieve your past thanks to a person who’s very close to you. Feeling betrayed isn’t an unfamiliar emotion to you. However, you won’t see it coming from this person. Perhaps you will have some of your darkest secrets revealed to the public by this person. Who’s going through your mind as you read this? If you already have someone in mind, then your intuition is probably trying to warn you about him or her. Alternatively, you will compete with some of your old enemies. Make sure you don’t get jealous in the process and let your ego take over.

  • Dreams about a snake in the grass: If you saw a snake in the grass in your dream, it portrays how you feel right now. You’re probably feeling disrespected by someone. You always feel like you’re taken for granted and not taken seriously because of your kind heart and sense of humor. It’s time that you stand up for yourself and prove people that they cannot mess with you any longer.
  • Dreams about a coiled snake: If a snake coiled around you in your dream, it foreshadows your weaknesses. You feel like your enemies will take over your life and take points for your effort and success. However, you’re wrong because that can only happen if you give up. Alternatively, your dream might reveal relationship problems you’re not even aware of at the moment. Keep your eyes and put an end to your relationship if he or she’s possessive or very jealous.
  • Dreams about holding a snake: If you were holding a snake in your hand in the dream, it reveals unimportant situations that will take place in your life soon. You’ll probably get distracted by these issues and lose your focus off important things. Stay alert because this can affect your future.

The general meaning of snakes in dreams

Okay, now different cultures and religions have different interpretation and association of snakes in dreams. I will present the most common ones.

Depending on other things you saw in your snake dream, it may signify a person who’s trying to harm you in a sneaky, sly and underhanded way. So, be careful. According to Sigmund Freud, the snake is a phallic, meaning, it’s a symbol of temptation. It also represents mystery, fear, negativity, and evilness. Snakes are represented as a positive symbol in some cultures. They stand for renewal, wisdom, knowledge, inner transformation and future positive change.

The psychological interpretation of snakes in dreams

  • Many famous dream psychologists have written about snakes. Dream symbols can help us gain insight into our psyche and reveal what we have to do to improve our personal development.
  • Snakes in dreams might portray our hidden worries or fears that we think of all the time. They’re clearly suggesting that we have to face our fears and worries.
  • Snakes in dreams represent mystery. Meaning, they’re clearly communicate that we should pay extra attention to people or situation that seem unfamiliar and mysterious.
  • If you see a snake with a head at each end, it symbolizes your strong. It has to effect on your commitments and relationships because some people pull you in different directions.
  • Alternatively, a two-headed snake might represent a collaborative relationship.
  • If you see many snakes, you’re probably depressed, anxious and overwhelmed.
  • A snake in your dream might reveal an evil side of your personality that you’re trying to hide. Perhaps you believe that you’re tired of keeping on keeping on! Alternatively, a snake in a dream might try to warn you about a person in your life who doesn’t wish you well. And, as I have said before try not to share secrets with people that are not to be trusted.

Well, there you go folks, hope you enjoyed my Biblical interpretation of snakes in dreams. I hope you’ll find this interpretation fun because I had a lot of fun writing it. I sincerely hope that you’ll also find it helpful when it comes to discovering the meaning of your dream.

By Florance Saul
Dec 8, 2018