Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer

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A snake charmer seen in a dream is connected to rebirth.

The snake charmer is popular in Asia, and the Middle East. A snake charmer is generally found on streets similar to other performances such as jugglers or street performers. To find the dream meaning we need to look at the practice of snake charming itself, it is associated with one trying to hypnotize the snake by playing a bansuri. Surprisingly, even though we believe that the snake responds to the music the snake cannot hear the music. Consequently, the snake charmer is associated with how the snake responds to attack. Every snake charmer is in danger as the snake itself responds to the charmer - as if it is getting attacked.

In your dream

  • You see a snake charmer.
  • The snake charmer is hypnotizing the snake.
  • You are a snake charmer.
  • A snake charmer’s snake tries to attack you.
  • You could see a snake charmer.
  • A snake charmer is in a city.
  • You are the snake charmer.
  • You see another person as a snake charmer.

Detailed dream meaning

The snake charmer generally travels to different towns and villages and during festivals they are present at many “public” gatherings or celebrations. When analysing your dream need to ask one question. How does the snake charmer protect itself? The snake charmer generally removes any venomous glands in order to protect himself from attack. This indicates a symbolic meaning in the dream - that you will protect yourself against anybody that deceives you.

Most snake charmer's choose cobras and vipers in terms of the breed of snake. To see either of these snake breeds in your dream suggests that you will gain wisdom from a person who has encountered life struggles.

It is important to also recognize that a snake is associated with rebirth, perhaps a situation in life needs to be faced with confidence and a resolution sort. If the snake attacked the snake charmer in a dream then this can suggest a blockage in a position in life. Perhaps you are letting your head rule your heart? Try not to analyze situations too much. You need to engage your feelings more and understand others if you see a snake attack the snake charmer in a dream. If you are a snake charmer in the dream it indicates that you will have a social event in the future. To see snake charmers in cities in the dream is positive, it denotes rebirth.

If the snake tries to attack you in your dream it indicates that challenges are coming very soon. From this challenge you will rise above any deception. A snake charmer seen in a western environment or a circus can suggest that you are going to try to cut through any illusions in life. To see a snake charmer kill the snake suggests opportunities that come your way but they do require more effort on your part. If the snake charmer is killed by the snake in your dream then this indicates you need to face up to reality. You have been analyzing situations for far too long. To see a red snake in the basket of a snake charmer indicates that you should not doubt your motives, consequently red snakes are connected to passion and anger.

To see a snake charmer use a flute in your dream indicates that you are ready to leap into action. The actual music that is played in your dream is also significant. To hear a continuous tune suggests that you need to believe in yourself but don’t doubt your own motives or intentions in life. Try to be more objective about other people.

If the snake charmer in your dream is somebody you know then this indicates that you are disillusioned by the past. If the snake charmer in your dream is a family member this suggests dishonesty within the family unit, there may be some conflicts or difficulties with a narcissistic character. It can also signify possible family rifts and arguments over celebration or social event. The feelings you have during the dream is also significant. To be worried about seeing the snake charmer is a suggestion that you need to be more honest with yourself. In this type of dream, it is often connected to negativity therefore you need to believe in yourself.

In conclusion, a snake charmer seen in the dream can indicate many different possibilities depending upon the details. Generally, the snake charmer is connected to deceit but also rebirth.

In most of this dream interpretation we have assumed that the snake charmer is somebody you do not know. If you find in your dream you are are attacked by the snake charmer then self-honesty is required in order to find justice in life. If the snake charmer is bitten by the snake in your dream then this can indicate that somebody will be deceitful in waking life. If you are bitten by the snake then there may be some repressed emotions play.

Feelings associated with a dream of snake charmer

Logic, worry about being bitten, illusion, deceit, terror, justice and home truths.

By Florance Saul
Jul 3, 2017