White Spider Dream

White Spider Dream

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In the Persia tradition to dream of a white spider can indicate you will see a corpse. I know! Not sure if that is totally true. In my other dream books (pre-1930s) to dream of a white spider indicates a time of happiness and the spider means you will be protected.

Often, crab spiders that live in gardens and meadows are sometimes white but also yellow and bright pink. White spiders are not dangerous to people in real life, they are in fact poisonous but the venom will not harm us. A user emailed me a few days ago about a white spider featured in their dream so I thought it was important to write a specific dream meaning about the white spider even though I have tons on my website already about spiders in general. I want to firstly say, there are a vast number of people who feel our dreamy state of mind has a “message” from the unknown and this is unexplained. I do agree. Dreams are also believed to showcase unconscious desires and wishes. They even give us some hints about our character and personality. The white spider does indeed look peaceful and holy being the color white you will be glad to know this is a positive dream.

Understanding the Meaning the white spider dream

The white spider can creep you out no doubt about it! The dream of anything white, I feel is an omen from god, I do feel that the white spider is an omen of spiritual protection from negative activities in the waking world. To be chased by a white spider or being stuck in a big spider web could mean you are struggling with coming to terms with something important in life. If you see a white spider in real life this is also a great omen. Against theorists in the spiritual realm I believe that dark black spiders represent people that should not be trusted in my opinion. Seeing wriggly arthropods can mean several things depending on the details of the dream.

Cultural beliefs associated with the color white

The color white in dreams is the symbol of peace. For example, we think of white doves are a sign of peace. White is significantly used to portray many principles and values like elegance, innocence, purity, perfection, cleanliness, and dignity along with peace. This representation for the color white is witnessed prominently in Western culture. In many countries, white is also correlated with Angels, time and good health.

It is also related to embarking upon new beginnings and leaving behind the old unwanted things in life. Giving a fresh perspective to life is often glorified using white. White also refers to giving closure to the past mistakes that we make and a clean slate which needs you to redefine yourself.

For the people residing in the Eastern part of the globe, in Asian countries like China and Korea white is a sign for mourning and death. It is seen as a mark for bad luck.

So the presence of this color in your dream can suggest that your unconscious mind has a message for you to not compromise with your dignity and integrity in any persuasive situation. It is also said to be an indication for the hope of a new beginning when you find yourself locked in a problem or feeling rather stuck in an unwanted relationship. I will now specifically look at the details of a white spider dream.

White spiders in dreams can mean domination by a kind woman

If we look at the “theory” in dream lore, seeing spiders denote that you have a dominating female in your life. Spiders are often seen as a symbol of the “She Power” or the “Feminine Might”. This dream can mean that your in the presence of a bossy woman. Remember, the color white is positive and is connected to being and feeling protection. Do you have a bossy women protecting you in waking life?

Guarding you against destruction

Certain dream psychologiests believe a white spider also represents a powerful figure which protects you from self–destruction. We often find ourselves in situations where we cause harm to ourselves by our action even without realizing. A white spider in your dream is seen as an indicator to help you in not taking the wrong step of leading to creating problems for yourself.

Inferences from Dreams of Killing a spider

One may even find himself dreaming about killing a white spider. Well, it is believed as a sign of of killing protection around yourself.

Overcoming Temptations

If you see a white spider crawling on your body this can indicate you have got rid of a problem.

The appearance of a multi-colored white spiders

To see a strange-colored spider in a dream sounds the weirdest but, it has happened and it may denote there exist a person or situation in your life which you should consider ignoring or avoiding.

Weaving spider webs

When you see a white spider using its ability to weave a web it may be an indirect indication for the networking around the world and good communication across borders.

Seeing a white spider climbing up a wall

Dreaming about a spider climbing up the wall may mean that you are soon going to realize your goal or you will find a wish will be fulfilled.

White spider crawling on your face

This one sounds nightmarish indeed! When you see a white spider from above trying to pry upon you it is an eye-opener to the fact that you are trapped in a relationship or association with a person. You should try to free yourself from such burdensome relations.

If baby white spiders say hello

While interestingly if you catch up with some cute white baby spiders in your dream it suggests that you are going to welcome a new partner in your life. The arrival of a new lover and embarking of a nice relationship in the near future is believed to take place.

Finding spider eggs

One very strange dream can be seeing white spider eggs. It suggests that you have put on some restrictions on yourself. You are trying to hold back your emotions and feelings. You are not putting in the best efforts as per your potential.

A scary bite from a white spider

A terrifying experience as it surely sounds dreaming about being bitten by a white spider can indicate problems but you will sort them out. Such vision points to the fact of a quarrel or argument with a female or any influential mother figure in your life. It is a metaphor for not allowing feminine domination and the fact that you are destroying the female controlling power. Another explanation is when you are feeling suffocated in relation. Seeing such a dream can point towards your entrapment.

Gorging on a white spider

An icky dream of having a spider in your mouth or eating a spider has actually an optimistic connotation. It is a sign that you have good control over all the happenings in your life. In any relationship, you can put on a good influence without fear. You are confident in what you do.

When you see a white spider with many eyes

One more very amusing experience in a dream can be to witness a white spider with many eyes. This situation points towards a feminine intuition. You need to go with your gut feeling. Trusting what your heart says is best for you.

Dreaming of many white spiders

One very interesting dream that one can have is if see a white spider. I do feel this is a positive dream. The color white brings out a varying explanation. In cultures around the world, the color White has diverse associations.

Consideration for other factors while interpreting your dream

While interpreting what your dream connotes you should not only restrict yourself to the white spider meaning. The presence of other beings and conditions also play a role in giving a more precise representation.

Biblical meaning of a white spider dream

From indicating irrational beliefs to hopelessness and entrapment, spiders can suggest countless situations in our life. Fears and insecurities which act as a hindrance in letting you fulfill your wishes or feeling that you will never get out of a problem, such dreams can give a message about your mindset. The presence of white spiders, however, can also refer to patience and a possibility of laurels in your life.

In the holy bible, a spider’s web is associated with the Hypocrite and Wicked. The wicked spin webs like spiders and are termed as vain and useless. "Akkabish" a Hebrew term is used to refer to such wicked men. It also believed that about Seven Hundred Species of spider exist in Palestine, the holy city.

Seeing a crawling white spider

Spiders are seen as a symbol of widows, rivalry and death. If you dream of a spider quickly moving towards you and you do not kill it and it just greets you then runs away this indicates the possibility of good luck. Especially people who are Arachnophobic., i.e who have an inherent fear of spiders, seeing the white spider can be connected to your unconscious mind.

White spider dreams and the Islamic perspective

As per Quran and the beliefs of the Muslims, Spiders are ideal creatures who represent a pure and devoted individual who has great loyalty towards god. Spiders also represent the Hermit who is ever ready to repent on behalf of Allah and who watches his time.

Seeing a white spider in your dream can refer to the existence of an evil lady or a deceitful man. Another representation of a spider is of a weaver or a person who has sacrificed all the material wants, a Monk. In some texts seeing a spider in your dream is even a sign of a faithful man.

Weakness is also connoted from the vision of spinning a spider web in your dream. A white spider is seen symbolizing a pleasing life partner too. Now, a white spider hanging from above also suggests the coming of harsh winters.

What does it mean to dream of a white tarantula?

One of the most dangerous spider species. A white Tarantula in dreams presents a difficult woman who has immense problems in life, and brings harm to the interests of others. Such dreams are based on the superstition. This dream can indicate a new start if you are bitten by a Tarantula.

What does a black and white spider mean in a dream?

I always feel that this dream is connected to “ying and yang” in that you are being pulled into two different directions. Seeing the black and white spider can mean that a decision is going to be made very soon!

Summary of white spider dream

In conclusion, white indicates internal peace and happiness, compared to a black spider which is associated with fear and problems. In short, the dream is a positive omen and the spider is a representation of a female in waking life. I have also stated that the dream is positive in nature and it is clear you will have some happiness in the future. To some degree, I also think the dream could mean you are spiritually protected. I hope this gives you some comfort and that you check out my other spider dream.

By Florance Saul
Sep 1, 2019