Meaning of dreams

Meaning of dreams

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams are a fascinating mystery since always.

Philosophers have tried to develop and present many theories explaining the meaning of dreams over the years. Yet, no one can actually prove their true meaning. Why are we dreaming? What is the purpose of our dreams? How dreams affect our lives? Some are vivid, others are very vague. Why? No one has an authentic answer backed up with facts. Below, we will represent the history of dreams and talk about some of the famous dream theories.

  • What dreams actually mean and the history of dreaming
  • How we apply the meaning of dreams
  • What does my dream mean

What dreams actually mean and the history of dreaming?

As we mentioned, dreams are still a mystery. However, according to many philosophers and researchers, dreams have different purposes. For example, Sigmund Freud claimed that our dreams are our suppressed wishes. Psychiatrists state that dreams are the contemporary storage of our memories. Other studies say dreams our dreams are garbage collection mechanisms. In other words, dreams are the invisible tools which help people get rid off the unwanted connections and associations our brain builds up during the day. Another theory suggests that we dream to remember things. According to Deirdre Barrett, a Harvard medical researcher, our dreams are a theater in which we solve our problems. In other words, we sleep to find a solution in our dreams and resolve the problems in our waking life. Some psychologists and psychiatrists claim that our dreams generate new ideas.

Anyway, these theories can’t be proven and will never be. Everything we read about dreams is just assumptions and suggestions. Recent theorists have came with the conclusion of dreams being related to our emotions which is completely reasonable. Yet, the question that keeps appearing will never go away - ‘How do we know for sure?’ The answer is – ‘We don’t and we will never know their real purpose.’

How we apply the meaning of dreams?

Our dreams can influence our lives, depending on the way we perceive them. Some may not believe they have a meaning, while others are strongly convinced their life depends on their dreams. To apply your dreams in your everyday life, check their meaning first. If you believe in dreams, listen to dream experts. Inform yourself over the meaning of your dream and react according to what your dream tells you. However, don’t take it too seriously. Sometimes your dreams are just a reflection of your current feelings. According to studies, people who survived traumas are most likely to have nightmares. Those nightmares don’t have to mean anything but reflect the person’s current emotional state.

What does my dream mean?

To check the meaning of your dreams, we strongly advise you to check our website dream dictionary section. After many years of research related to dreams, we’ve come up with a detailed explanation of your dreams. Search for the first letter of the term that was crucial in your dream and inform yourself in detail.

By Florance Saul
Oct 7, 2017