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What it means to dream of a UFO?

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Did you dream of seeing a UFO, or was it reality?

The dream psychologist Carl Jung believed that a UFO is a religious symbol - he compared the dream visualization to the appearance of Christ. In accordance to Jung's theory, UFO's are an apparent image of psychological progress, whereas Freud attributed phallic symbolism to the image. In dreams UFOs are considered to signify thoughts in connection with accomplishment. To dream that you are taken by a UFO indicates that you are accomplishing a great amount of understanding in life and the requirements that you have. You make use of life's journey, whether it's a religious, psychological or substance.


To see alien's on the UFO implies that you'll be descending into your unconscious mind - maybe you need to meditate on the dream to discover the message it was trying to communicate. Moreover, the alien refers to setbacks that you have acknowledged in your daily life. To discover a UFO landing in one's dream suggests the need to uncover new aspects of yourself, either positive or negative.

UFO sightings have been reported throughout history. A UFO or U.F.O. is the popular term for any flying object that cannot be identified. In the dream state the UFO  is often associated with raw energy, dedication, force, stress, intense passion and aggression. Even though the dream was in no doubt worrying in ancient dream dictionaries, this is a positive dream.

In your dream you may have... 

  • Seen a UFO in the sky.
  • Traveled in a UFO.
  • You are in a UFO.


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New beginnings in your life are needed if … 

  • There is negativity in the dream.
  • The dream was rather uncomfortable.
  • The dream involved fear - e.g. you were scared or worried about the UFO.

Positive events are afoot if... 

  • The experience was positive.
  • The dream was inspiring.

Detailed dream meaning...

While many alien abductions have been reported in dreams, a UFO is a symbol of the universe. This dream relates to the fact one's subconscious mind is focused on trying to reach the higher self. Seeing a UFO flying in the sky means possible freedom. This can be financial as well as emotional. It also means that you are trying to create a hybrid between your emotions and feelings. There is a focus on trying to be level headed. The material that the UFO is made from is an important factor. A metal UFO denotes that justice and protection is on its way. To see a white UFO then protection will be required in a work context. A gold UFO symbolizes future riches.


If the UFO was not round but any other shape then this dream often suggests that you are going to face at least one problem in your life, this must be overcome to progress. If the UFO was signified as a bright white light then this is a spiritual symbol - it is a call to develop you spiritually. To see a triangular UFO or a mother ship attacking the earth then this means you will encounter many people in conflict. You may not be part of this conflict but the peace maker. 

If the color of the space ship is red then this foretells that danger is around the corner. Make sure that you double check your car doors and your property is locked when you are out! If your dream features a hurricane's alongside a UFO's then this demonstrates that you will travel to far places. To dream of energy such as magnetic forces or more than one UFO means that you need to take some relaxation time. If you dream of being in space traveling in a UFO then this demonstrates that you maybe in danger of getting too depressed. If your dream featured stars and planets then the message is that the world is your oyster. To dream of an event such as the film " The Independence Day" is related to your own actions to make life better. If in your dream the sighting of the UFO was disturbing then you need to consider if you experienced sleep paralysis which can feel real. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a UFO...

Surprised. Worried. Amazed. Confused.


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