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Did you dream of seeing a UFO, or was it a reality?

The dream psychologist Carl Jung believed that a UFO is a religious symbol - he compared the dream visualization to the appearance of Christ. In accordance to Jung's theory, UFO's are an apparent image of psychological progress, whereas Freud attributed phallic symbolism to the image. In dreams, UFOs are considered to signify thoughts in connection with accomplishment. To dream that you are taken by a UFO indicates that you are accomplishing a great amount of understanding of life and the requirements that you have. You make use of life's journey, whether it's a religious, psychological or substance.

To see alien's on the UFO implies that you'll be descending into your unconscious mind - maybe you need to meditate on the dream to discover the message it was trying to communicate. Moreover, the alien refers to setbacks that you have acknowledged in your daily life. To discover a UFO landing in one's dream suggests the need to uncover new aspects of yourself, either positive or negative. UFO sightings have been reported throughout history. A UFO or U.F.O. is the popular term for any flying object that cannot be identified. In the dream state, the UFO is often associated with raw energy, dedication, force, stress, intense passion, and aggression. Even though the dream was in no doubt worrying in ancient dream dictionaries, this is a positive dream.

Dreams UFO

The UFO phenomenon has captured our attention for years. There have been a vast amount written on UFOs by authors such as Nick pope, Jim Marrs and incidents reported by many people. It is not surprising that you had a dream of a UFO with all the images that we encounter in the media on a daily or monthly basis. I am Flo and I am going to try to understand your dream and provide clarity on what the UFO means. Many people have contacted me regarding being abducted by aliens, wondering if it is in fact real.

Alternatively, people have been captured and could see a single flying saucer, spaceship UFO or even aliens. Sometimes the dream can be so vivid that it feels real. There have been many questions around alien abduction over the years whether in our dreams we are actually really our mind being abducted or alternatively the experience it’s just a dream. Every dream carries meaning from both a psychological a spiritual perspective which I will cover. The mystery of the UFO dream will always intrigue us. The exact cause of the dream can often be unexplained but in ancient times they believed that our soul left our bodies during our sleep to wonder the strange astral lands.

What does dreaming of a UFO mean spiritually?

Dreaming of a UFO can haunt your thoughts the next day. An unidentified flying object from a spiritual context means that you are going to be successful in business. In ancient Persian dream dictionaries, the UFO indicates that you need to get out of a rut and start to think about how you can best fight a problem in your life. If the UFO is moving very quickly, it is a message to be wary of investing money. If you’re Kidnapped by aliens in the dream it can suggest that other people can cost you dearly. If you dreamt of a UFO attack this can suggest difficult times ahead. If the conclusion of the attack was that human beings successful this is a sign of good luck, it indicates that if you keep plodding along the way you are we will eventually reach a goal. Should you dream of a descending UFO in this can indicate possible trouble or arguments.

Are UFO's real?

All UFOs are all different in the research I have carried out. And, 50% of the populations of Americans believe in UFO, while the other 50% don’t. There is so many hoaxes, counterclaims and after reading many books there is a case for both their existence and nonexistence.

What does a UFO dream mean from a psychology perspective?

If you were awestruck in your dream by the aliens of contactees this can indicate that you will encounter a “higher power” in your subconscious mind. This really comes from the fact your dream was a focus on being the “chosen one.” An unidentified flying object in your dream (from a psychological perspective) can indicate that there is something foreign in your life you do not wish to pursue. The UFO is sometimes considered a common dream, there is certainly fear of not understanding this great phenomenon. Turning to dream psychology we hold both the conscious and unconscious mind. When we see a UFO we are connecting with the elements that are not easily recognized in our daily life. Carl Jung wrote about the fact he believed that UFOs were just a myth in 1959. He explained that the shape of the UFO (a circle) indicated that this was an archetypal and religious symbol which I have already mentioned.

What does it mean to dream of a UFO crash?

Dreaming of a UFO crash indicates that you are associating your own negativity with someone is particular. This dream can be what I call, encountering a confusing time in life. In some older dream dictionaries, this dream represents celebration but there is a person that is lacking the qualities you need. Often these types of dreams happen when an argument or disagreement with our loved one occurs, perhaps on the way forward regarding the new house or embarking on a new job. If the UFO crashed into a field then this is associated with commercial ventures and resources. If the UFO crashed into a town or city then there is a strong sense of community great deal of social development and interaction going forward. For the UFO to crash near your home then this is connected to feeling comfortable in your surroundings. And, finally, if the UFO crashed into water it’s a symbol of security also need to be protected in terms of your emotions.

What does it mean to dream the silver spaceship?

The silver spaceship is a symbolism of communication, richness, calmness and finally reflections. The appearance of the silver spaceship a dream as a sign that you need to think about the next moves in life. It reflects the time away and you need to think more deeply about your life and how you progress. Generally, an overall silver spaceship dream suggests similar purification and regeneration.

What does a spaceship mean in a dream?

UFOs are spaceships normally carry the same meaning. I will say though this slightly smaller flying object that symbolizes. A how you feel about your emotional or sexual life. Thus, I will say where is a large UFO it is connected to the elements you recognize that might be stopping you from progressing. If the spaceship landed in your dream this means you are reaching out something desirable. If aliens were on board the spaceship this can anxiety about your hopes and aspirations go forward.

Detailed dream meaning

While many alien abductions have been reported in dreams, a UFO is a symbol of the universe. This dream relates to the fact one's subconscious mind is focused on trying to reach the higher self. Seeing a UFO flying in the sky means possible freedom. This can be financial as well as emotional. It also means that you are trying to create a hybrid between your emotions and feelings. There is a focus on trying to be level-headed. The material that the UFO is made from is an important factor. A metal UFO denotes that justice and protection is on its way. To see a white UFO then protection will be required in a work context. A gold UFO symbolizes future riches.

If the UFO was not round but any other shape then this dream often suggests that you are going to face at least one problem in your life, this must be overcome to progress. If the UFO was signified as a bright white light then this is a spiritual symbol - it is a call to develop you spiritually. To see a triangular UFO or a mothership attacking the earth then this means you will encounter many people in conflict. You may not be part of this conflict but the peacemaker.

If the color of the spaceship is red then this foretells that danger is around the corner. Make sure that you double check your car doors and your property is locked when you are out! If your dream features a hurricane's alongside a UFO's then this demonstrates that you will travel to far places. To dream of energy such as magnetic forces or more than one UFO means that you need to take some relaxation time. If you dream of being in space traveling in a UFO then this demonstrates that you may be in danger of getting too depressed. If your dream featured stars and planets then the message is that the world is your oyster. To dream of an event such as the film " The Independence Day" is related to your own actions to make life better. If in your dream the sighting of the UFO was disturbing then you need to consider if you experienced sleep paralysis which can feel real.

In summary, the dream of a UFOs indicates your unconscious mind since they are unidentified flying objects this is connected to the psyche and Carl Jung's theory of active imagination. In connection with defining this dream, we can associate the flying saucer as a means of transportation in a dream. As with any mode of travel in the dream world it is connected to your own spiritual path. If you are traveling in space during the dream alternatively visited by aliens then this can indicate you are feeling grounded on. It is probably your own nature addressing dream. Part of your own unconscious mind speaking to your conscious ego. Typically, this dream can also be seen in Sigmund Freud work which is associated with your own reaction fascination with the experience space travel.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a UFO in the sky.
  • Traveled in a UFO.
  • You are in a UFO.

New beginnings in your life are needed if

  • There is negativity in the dream.
  • The dream was rather uncomfortable.
  • The dream involved fear - e.g. you were scared or worried about the UFO.

Positive events are afoot if

  • The experience was positive. The dream was inspiring.

By Florance Saul
Mar 9, 2013