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Having a dream about a tank, fish tank or any large container that is used for storing water symbolizes a custodian, care taker or a curator, in waking life.

It can also represent the head of a family unit or household, his shop or his safe.

If in a dream you see a tank in a house, in ancient dream dictionaries this symbolizes a rich woman who is in grief. If the dream is about a tank that is connected to a water wheel, it suggests that there are situations in life that will make one proud​. To dream of a fish tank means that one will be overwhelmed by carrying heavy responsibilities and can spend the money that he earns in a responsible manner. It can also mean possible luck in gambling.

In the dream if the tank is used to store or butter for cooking, then it symbolizes a very rich man who tends to hide the wealth that he has from people.

In your dream you may have

  • Seeing a gas tank means there is thoughts on your mind.
  • Seeing a tank of water, means that you are living in hope of the future.
  • In an Islamic context a water tank means that your family likes material wealth. It also means that you may not be practicing or learning vital knowledge.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were swimming in a tank of water this relates to your dignity, gives one a protective shield,
  • To see a war tank means dispelling difficulties, getting a respectable rank or a blessing.
  • In your dream you have seen the tank that is filled with milk, honey or butter, it means that your family will have prosperity.
  • Seeing a milk tank (for a male) - It means that your partner will be pregnant.
  • To see a milk tank (female) people will ask for your help.

Detailed dream interpretation

When you have a dream about a water tank, it can mean a box, a pouch, a safe, or a coffer that is used for storing up some wealth or money and other valuable things. The dream about a tank can also be seen to symbolize your son, your wife or even the act of getting to know somebody’s personal secrets that are known only to them.

If in your dream there is an oil tank that is filled with water, then this means that there might be stagnation in your family life or economic life. If you see a tank filled with oil in your dream then it means that you will have a prosperous life.

If in the dream there was a tank in the mosque, church or a fellowship house, it symbolizes a guard of a property, supervising spiritual teacher or a caretaker.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tank

Rich, happy, prosperous, delighted, anxious. Worry about the tank.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013