Burning Chair

Burning Chair

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So what does it mean to see a burning chair in your dream?

The burning chair as a symbol can represent a business, material possessions, happiness and relaxation. To see a chair in one's dream is connected to encouragement in life. The chair itself is important as this suggests the focus on the interpretation.

In your dream

  • You could see a chair burning in the dream.
  • A child set a chair alight in a dream.
  • You were able to save the chair from burning down the house.
  • The chair that burned was a fabric chair in the dream.
  • The chair that burned was a wooden chair in the dream.

Detailed meaning of chair on fire in your dream

Are you not letting your creative energies flow? The burning of a chair is a wake up call that you need to pay attention to something in life. Have you been losing your motivation and you are unsure of how to proceed to reach your goals. To see your own chair (that you have in waking life) burn suggests that you need to keep faith. If the chair is not one you own this can suggest that you will have many inspirations in the future.

To see a rocking chair on fire in a dream in focused on your own ideas in life, it can suggest that you have lacked natural inspiration. Seeing a chair set alight by a child means that you must relax. The child is also connected to possible answers of how we can relax in life. If the chair is set alight with matches then this implies a situation that will run smoothly but you will need to ensure that their is a β€œspark” still in life.

To see somebody burn a chair in a dream indicates that you should try to keep your faith in life. To put out the fire on a chair denotes that you have many emotions and high charged problems that need your attention in life. If you are burned by the chair it denotes that you need to think about how you emotionally react to things in life. If the chair is completely on fire and you are unable to put the fire out it indicates you need to look for answers within yourself in order to overcome some difficult obstacles in waking life.

If you see a sofa on fire in the dream state it can suggest that you will encounter a unique situation but this will give you an endless source of pleasure. The key message here is to not lose faith in yourself or your goals and ambitions. Seeing a car chair on fire after perhaps a crash indicates you will move forward in life. It can also denote that you have had difficulties in understanding the direction that you are going to be going in when it comes to the career goals of the future.

If you see an armchair fire in your dream it is connected to your position in real life. You the armchair itself is associated with how others see you therefore if the armchair is on fire it suggests that other people seem passionate but also assertive and perhaps too angry at times. You do deserve respect for what you do to career. To see a burnt chair falling indicates that there will be a situation that will change.

Feelings associated with the dream of seeing a chair on fire.

Power. Courage. Control. Trying to succeed. Rescuing someone in the dream. Trying to put out the fire on the chair.

By Florance Saul
Aug 10, 2017