Old Friend

Old Friend

Old Friend Dream Meaning

To see an old friend in a dream, especially if this is one from childhood shows that you are overwhelmed or overworked in your waking life. Often these dreams represent a desire to be more irresponsible or just want to have more fun in life. The relationship you had with your old friend or friends is also important. If this was a person you were close with but lost touch with, it can often mean that you are missing them. However, it usually means more than that. When you see this person in a dream, other than trying to reach out to them in your waking life, you may also want to consider what aspects of your own life are affected by reconnecting with them. Usually, there is something missing from your life that you desire to have back.

    What does it mean to dream of an old friend?

    To dream about old friends can be a symbolic representation of different emotions and thoughts in our lives. I believe it is a reflection of memories we have with them or the relationship we had. The dream may not necessarily represent the people themselves, but rather what they mean to us. For example, if an old friend that has since passed away appears in your dream, it could mean that you are missing them and reflecting on their life and your time together. It could also be a sign that something unexpected may soon happen in your life – as dreams often provide symbols for an unknown future event.

    If an old friend shows up out of nowhere in the dream, it might signify unresolved issues between you two or feelings you’ve been wanting to communicate but haven’t yet had the chance to do so. It could also indicate feelings of nostalgia for past times when things were simpler - leading us to reflect on our evolution since then and all that has changed from then until now. 

    To dream about former friends can also portray aspects from those friendships which still exist within ourselves today – such as memories of how we used to feel or experiences we shared with each other which still hold true even after years apart. Dreams like this can bring back both positive and negative memories: from feeling accepted by someone close, having comfort during difficult times; or instead carrying regrets over wrong decisions made while together - reminding yourself of lessons learned moving forward with new relationships and interactions in life today going forward. I feel dreaming about old friends should be taken as an opportunity to better understand yourself which will eventually lead back to understanding others more effectively as well - allowing for deeper connection everywhere around us.

    What does it mean to see an old friend?

    To see an old friend in a dream can signify parts of your personality that you have suppressed or rejected. If you are, for example, in a fight in your dream with an old friend and act childishly, this can indicate that you are not being fair or giving full credit to someone in your waking life. When you see an old friend and embrace them, then the aspects of the old relationship are what you are missing. Perhaps you do not feel that you have someone you can really talk to anymore.

    Seeing old friends in dreams also represents a regression in your waking life – taking steps backward. Sometimes this is good if you have gotten too serious as an adult. It can show getting back to the basics and enjoying success and rewards. If your dream is of a reconnection of you and an old friend, especially with a party or a joyous occasion it is a sign that good tidings are coming your way and an omen for celebration. Yelling at a friend, or being yelled at by one means all one of your old friends may contact you soon.

    When you dream about an old friend that was never your friend, this is a dream that you are going to have a more active social life and is a good omen for making friends as well as networking connections.

    What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a dream about old friends?

    I’m sure you agree that our dreams often represent our journey towards self-discovery and when we are spending our dream time with people that use to be friends it can leave us wondering why this certain person suddenly appeared in our dream. Remember, when we leave friendships we leve behind outdated versions of ourselves, so seeing an old friend in a dream may signify things we need to focus on our “old” self. Also, I believe that seeing an old friend of the past What does it mean to see a dream about meeting old friends?

    Dreaming of meeting old friends is a powerful thing – it often points to something that you are still wanting or missing in your life. Maybe, it’s an innate desire for connection with someone from your past who knew you when and could see the elements of yourself that you’ve kept hidden away since then.

    When we dream about old friends --- it can also be a sign from our subconscious mind to take stock and reflect on what we have done right in our lives so far, and what parts of ourselves are truly expressed and valued by those around us.
    This may involve recalling fond memories associated with friendships or relationships that have left lasting impressions on us regardless of how short they were (a summer camp experience or time spent at school). Reconnecting with these people in the dream world can remind us where we come from, help us to understand who we are now, and give insight into how making changes can affect positive outcomes in the future.

    On a deeper level, dreaming of old friends may be an indication that there is something within ourselves – some aspects buried deep down which need further exploration. It might indicate areas where we haven't yet fully committed to being true to ourselves: maybe there's fear or insecurity preventing us from living out our fullest potential.

    In this case, it could suggest being brave enough to follow through on those daring deeds which lead toward genuine self-expression - knowing both the risks as well as possible rewards coming along the way!
    So no matter what this dream may mean for you, I'm not only thinking about its practical implications but also encouraging reflection - looking back at experiences that shaped your own sense of identity and helped shape who you've become today!

    What does it mean to have a dream about fighting with an old friend?

    A dream about fighting or arguing with an old friend can be a powerful and revealing experience. It can signify a range of things, from unresolved tensions between you to the need for closure in a relationship. The first thing to realize is that there could be something in the relationship that needs to be worked out or addressed. This could involve some sort of confrontation or even conversation between you and your friend, though it doesn’t always have to come down to this. Generally speaking, dreaming about fighting indicates that there are unresolved issues between two people -- so it could be anything from a disagreement over politics or religion, something said in the past that still lingers in your mind and heart, or even just not knowing how to handle certain emotions like anger or frustration around that old close friend.

    What does it mean to dream of an old-school friend?

    It’s important also to remember here that dreams are reflections of reality; they represent our actual feelings and struggles but don’t necessarily translate them into direct actions. In other words: sometimes we may feel conflict within but aren’t ready yet (or don’t know how) to speak up about it. Being back in the school environment in a dream often means we have to learn something important in life. This dream is about learning about relationships.  To dream about being back in the classroom with an old friend often reveals underlying problems which haven't been resolved yet - consider stepping away briefly first before making any major decision in life. 

    What does it mean to have a dream about hugging an old friend?

    I believe this is a lovely dream. How cute! First, this dream could be a reminder to be grateful for those in our lives who have been with us since the beginning. This old friend appearing in the dream could signify someone who knows you deeply and has been there for you through thick and thin — this type of connection is invaluable throughout life’s peaks and ups and downs in life. If so, this dream could carry a message to appreciate the relationships that offer understanding, comfort, joy, or protection in life; or even just time spent together.

    I also believe that if we haven’t hugged them in real life when we dream about it then on some level subconsciously we want to do so – perhaps out of nostalgia or longing for what was once close but has now drifted further away due to distance or busyness taking over our lives. Some people may also interpret dreams literally - where maybe something happened recently that drove home your feelings towards an old friend that maybe hadn't surfaced. 

    What does it mean to have a dream about partying with old friends?

    I can remember not long ago I had a dream of going around an old friend's house to a party it was kind of crazy, so to dream about partying with old friends is an indication that you should have listened to your intuition more closely in the past. It could represent feeling disconnected from people who used to mean a lot to you for whatever reason – such as moving away or growing apart due to life events. If the place in your dream was familiar then this dream is about making sure that you can release yourself and reconnect with either your friend or yourself. To see yourself visiting a nightclub is about making sure you have fun in life. I also feel like these dreams are trying to tell us that we ultimately choose our paths and destiny regardless of what other people think or expect of us; sometimes those decisions mean saying goodbye but we must remember why we chose them in the first place even if we don't understand. To dream about partying with old-school friends is associated with how you are focused on your life. Is there something you need to learn?

    What does it mean to see a dream about an old friend who passed away?

    This type of dream could be somewhat prophetic, or it could be that you friend who has passed needs to tell us something. What you old friend represented as a “symbol” in your dream is about what you are feeling is being lost in life. When we dream of someone from the past, it can suggest that person has our own focus or feelings. It is important to try to put in some effort to understand this dream.

    Emotion is one key for dreaming of an old friend that has passed over. You might be struck by a sense of sadness when having this dream. I understand that it can hurt to see a dream about an old friend who has passed over. You may experience a range of emotions such as sorrow, grief, confusion, or regret during the dream. Let’s now consider why this might happen and what it could mean. I believe having a dream about someone who has died is our minds’ way of helping us cope with loss in life --- but it could also be a visitation dream.

    Even though our brains process information differently when asleep than when awake, seeing an old friend in a dream may still allow for connection despite the physical distance between you both. This could manifest itself in many forms like reminiscing on fun memories together or feeling warmth at knowing they’re watching over you from somewhere beyond earth.

    I also feel there is purpose behind these types of dreams as well, which could help bring closure to a problem that you are having, so in the same way this could be about you wanting to feel secure. Seeing an old school friend who has passed can give hope to education in life.

    What does it mean to see a dream about talking to an old friend?

    I believe that dreaming about talking to an old friend could signal a reconnection or even be a reminder of the past. For example, it could be a memory resurfacing to let you know that this person was important in your life and still is now. Or perhaps it is trying to tell you something more, such as a sign of closure for whatever relationship issue there may have been between the two of you in the past. This dream could indicate some unfinished business between you and your friend or unresolved feelings that need to be processed in order to move forward. Dreams often reflect our current state of mind; while asleep, the unconscious part of our minds may take us back in time by recreating memories with people from our past as a way for us to make sense out of past relationships. By reflecting on these conversations in the safety of a dream, we are able to process thoughts and feelings without worrying about being judged or ridiculed.

    From this perspective, it feels like we're given permission to confront something that has been holding us back—perhaps needed advice from someone who knows us well or even just an opportunity for reconciliation after a disagreement -- allowing for peace between two individuals who at one time shared such love for each other before things shifted inexplicably apart. 

    I also feel it's important to remember that when looking at the meaning behind any kind of dream -- especially those involving conversations with someone from your past -- to take into consideration how you felt during the conversation and if there was anything left hanging unresolved within yourselves afterward or if perhaps these conversations were still held out of pure happiness simply because you wanted them so badly? Think about what was said in the conversation and if this was trying to tell you something in your waking life.

    What does it mean to have a dream about eating with old friends?

    Dreams can be enigmatic and mysterious. If you are dreaming about having a meal or eating food (maybe at a cafe) with old friends, it could indicate that you need some social interaction -- maybe missing your friends to some degree. This dream is important to sort of “break down” The location where your eating experience takes place is also important to consider. For example, my question to you is: Was it indoors or outdoors? Was it lunchtime or dinnertime? What type of food was being eaten - home-cooked meals from scratch or from a takeaway outlet that requires no preparation whatsoever? All of these things can offer insight into how the symbolism relates to what’s going on in your waking life.

    As I have already mentioned it is possible that this dream reflects an inner desire for connection with your old friends – to catch up on all the stories left untold and just enjoy each other’s company again without anything else getting in the way. It could even be an indication that everything is going to turn out alright despite whatever challenges come your way; so don’t stress too much over matters beyond your control!

    It is my belief that eating with an old friend is telling you to slow down and savor precious moments with those closest around before time runs out. Eating together as depicted by dreams often symbolizes contentment which could suggest taking some time away from work and responsibilities so things don't get too hot (literally). So perhaps take a friend out for lunch once in a while instead – grab dinner with an old workmate. 

    What does it mean to see a dream about an old friend dying?

    Sometimes you must remember that our imaginations can run wild when we dream --- which often results in vivid images playing out in our heads even when we wake, hence why you might have had this dream. I also feel like sometimes an image such as death in a dream represents something new coming; almost like starting anew after going through some crazy, weird, or difficult times. Dreams are often interpreted in many ways, and the dream you had about an old friend dying likely has a particular meaning for you. I believe it is not necessarily a prediction of anything that could happen to your friend, but instead more likely reflects something within yourself or your life. 

    When thinking about how and why we have certain dreams, it can be helpful to consider the emotions associated with them. In this case, seeing an old friend die in a dream might make you feel sad at the thought of losing someone close to you, or scared if death is something that makes you anxious. It could also reflect the feeling of change and loss associated with somebody leaving your life due to distance or other reasons like resentment and miscommunication between friends.

    Whatever emotions were evoked by this dream will likely provide some insight into how it should be interpreted. For example, if there were feelings of sadness over the friend's death after waking up then perhaps there’s been some worry on your part regarding potential changes in relationships recently. The question is why did you have this dream. As for how they died in this dream it is about pain that you may be experiencing in life. I believe that this dream is about nature and what is shared in the dream is about someone that might be around you that is softly spoken but I must say, that this dream is not about you, but is about those around you. 

    What does it mean to see a dream about an old friend coming back?

    It’s an interesting dream and all I know is that if the friend is suddenly back in your life (when they are not in your life currently)  it could be a reminder there is something unfinished. This dream represents a desire for reconnection with your old friend. It could be that you really want to reach out and make amends if you have fallen out with them or if you had to say “goodbye” under difficult circumstances.  I also believe, how it ended in real life in regards to your old friend coming back, then this could indicate there is hope for reconciliation if they spoke to you in the dream. If what you saw during the dream and they looked unclear or strange, however, then this could perhaps suggest unresolved feelings between either one or both parties. In either case, though, it would certainly help to take time to reflect on why exactly this person appears in your dreams before trying to reach out (if at all).

    What does it mean to have a dream about an old female friend?

    Let’s now just look at the difference between dreaming of a male or female friend, now a female friend (an old friend) could represent unresolved issues from your past or it could be nostalgia for something that is no longer there. If we lift the veil off this dream chances are that this is about a wish to reconnect with someone you have fallen out with or had to say goodbye to someone. This dream could mean that you need emotional support in order to move forward and make changes in your life - this particular person may have been part of such a positive change before. Think of an architect looking up at the sky, rather than building something that looks great, this dream is maybe a person that looks at books that prevent buildings from being built rather than “building” something in life. The dream of an old friend is figuring out how you can be the builder rather than preventing things in the real world.  This could be someone who is unbearable. During my 40s I wrote a lot, that process of writing, and editing was difficult, and sometimes it was effortless. You might think, writing is fun, but to someone else, it is not. What I am trying to say is that the old friend's dream is about the reason why this has manifested.

    What does it mean to have a dream about old-school friends?

    Schools in dreams are about society, I can’t think of a situation in a dream that is more bureaucratic. This is about rules. To dream about old school friends can be really fascinating -- because at times they give us a glimpse into our subconscious and sometimes they even bring back fond memories. This dream is also about making sure you don’t fear freedom. It is like seeing the beauty of education. When we dream about school or college friends, I think it often means that we are reflecting on the past in some way. Maybe we're missing certain aspects of our former lives - or maybe we simply feel nostalgia for those special moments. This dream could be that you are extremely anxious.

    This dream could also mean that something from the past has bubbled up into your current life, making us conscious of how different things feel now as compared to them. Seeing an old school friend in a dream might signify trying to get back to a time when you felt more carefree.  The question is how are you going to respond to this dream? 

    When you see an old school friend in your dreams it may also suggest that the two of you are still connected - even if through something intangible like energy or spirit - and still have feelings for each other no matter how much time has passed since then. On many occasions I've had dreams where I was seeing someone from my childhood after years without contact - but just like when watching a movie together again after ages apart, there's always that feeling as though nothing has changed between us despite all these years apart! That feeling of understanding each other without having to say anything is really special.

    For me personally, dreaming about an old school friend often triggers emotions related to questions such as ‘Where do I go next?’ or ‘What does my future look like?’ 

    What does it mean to see a dream about an old friend apologizing?

    Seeing an old friend say “sorry” in the dream is about drama in waking life. It could mean that whatever happened between you and this old friend needs a resolution. That apology could signify a change of heart on their part or a signal that there is still some difficulty in your relationship with them despite time healing any wounds from before. It's also possible that this dreaming about an old friend apologizing could represent something else entirely --- your own anxiety over certain aspects of life, such as how well things are going at work or home or if there is something weighing heavily on your mind lately. This could be a situation of your own creation and how this could push the buttons with people in waking life.

    If you are thinking about this friend maybe it is a dream about reality that needs to be escaped. The fact we are born and fated to go through difficult relationships (we have not signed up for this stuff in life) it is very real and often people we have problems with pop up in our dreams and sometimes see someone saying sorry. You might be twisting yourself in knots trying to understand this dream, but it could just be that you were expecting an apology from someone close to you and that is all it is!

    What does it mean to see a dream about reconnecting with old friends?

    I always find that it is amazing how our own subconscious mind can bring up memories of people that we haven't seen in so long, and the feeling of seeing them again can be overwhelming. I believe it represents our longing to stay connected with those who were important to us at one point in time and also points out how much we've grown apart.

    When this happens, it is essential to take a moment and ask yourself what is this dream trying to tell me? I also feel this dream may simply represent “thinking about the past” or those times when all was good between the two of you. We tend to lose contact with friends over time due to circumstances such as moving away from each other or becoming too busy in our everyday lives, but this doesn't necessarily mean the friendship needs to end forever.

    I also feel that dreams can signify deeper meanings than we initially assumed them to have. In this case, if your dream means reconnecting with an old friend then it could partly be rooted in the relationship that you had with your old friend. If you “made up” with an old friend it can indicate that things are going to take place that are positive.

    What does it mean to see a dream about old friends ignoring you?

    This is an odd dream, a friend singling you out (gossiping about you) or leaving you out or ignoring you predominantly can suggest self-reflection and understanding of what is going on inside your own head. This could be quite an intense dream.
    The dream may be trying to alert you to something deeper than just a lack of connection or feeling less close with certain people in your life recently - it might represent what is on your mind. It is important to try and see what is this dream telling you beyond its surface-level meaning. What could this perhaps represent in your life? Are there some messages or signs that you need to be looking out for? Honesty is key here – if your gut tells you something might be off in regards to a friendship you have, pay close attention. When things look shady or strange on the surface, let yourself trust your intuition.

    Closing thoughts

    I have covered allot above, but I believe that dreaming of an old friend is a sign from the universe reminding us of our past --- times when we felt happier, and life seemed simpler. It can also remind us all of something so precious and easily lost in life: friendship. We may lose touch with people over the years but that doesn't mean they are forgotten or no longer important to us. 

    Dreaming about an old friend can feel quite strange because although it's a dream, we mistakingly associate these memories with the present moment – as if it were real! This feeling is easily understandable though and I believe shouldn't be cause for too much worry. Often this dream serves to remind you of time spent together many years ago — happy moments that should still be cherished even if physical distance keeps you apart now. 

    Honestly, I think it's important to remember what these dreams represent – connections between you and other people that have been lost along your journey through life. You need to see these sorts of dreams as reminders and take some time out to appreciate these fond memories but need to let this go.

    In this dream, you may have

    • Reunited with an old friend.
    • Wanting to see an old friend.
    • Hanging out with an old friend.
    • Being young with an old friend.
    • Calling an old friend.
    • Yelling at an old friend.
    • Imagining an old friend.
    • Needing an old friend.

    Positive changes are afoot if

    • Reunite with an old friend.
    • See an old friend at a party or celebration.
    • Talk or open up to an old friend.

    This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

    • Making friends.
    • Needing a vacation or more fun in your life?
    • Being childish.
    • Not feeling like you have someone to talk to – feeling distant from others.
    • Needing advice or lacking experiences in your life

    Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an old friend…

    Happy. Loved. Welcome. Unsure. Confused. Angry. Mad. Nonchalant. Silly. Amazed. Welcoming. Abrasive. Tenacious. Absolute. Relieved. Excited. Daring. Carefree.

    By Flo Saul
    Oct 12, 2012