Ants Dream Meaning

Freud believed that ants represented your work ethic.

Ants are quite interesting insects featured in your dream - this is because of the connection to work. To see ants crawling on you suggests possible irony. To step on an ant implies a work situation is going wrong. Ants arose from dinosaurs around a hundred million years ago and spread throughout the world.

The numbers of ants have multiple everywhere over many years. The total number of types of ants and their expansion have undertaken radiation of interest in the sciences. Ants are by far the most advanced social insects, they form complicated societies and attain rank from the following biological traits: the adult ant cares for the young, at least one generation of ant lives together in the same nest and each colony is divided into workers and royal castes. Entomologists (scientists that study ants) believe that they are the most social mammal, this can translate into your dream meaning ants are all about your social environment.

To see any ants in your dream is connected to a work situation in many dream books. In dreams, ants can come in many different colors, such as black ants, red ants, white ants or even green ants. The actual color of the ant is rather important when interpreting this dream. The black ant is connected with the underworld and those things that we don't see in life. The red ants are associated with difficult problems and also anger in relationships. The green ants denote that we need to become more grounded in life. White ants in a dream mean spiritual development. There are many other interpretations connected to the dream of ants which we will cover in this section of the dream dictionary.

Detailed dream interpretation of ants

Ants in one's dream is a very interesting symbol. To conclude a thorough investigation of what this dream means it is also important to look at the spiritual correlations of what ants mean, on an animal totem basis. Ants are connected to work, working hard is the key message of the dream.

To see ants in a line indicates that new beginnings and a possible breakup of relationships. The answer "just hard work" is needed in life. To have ants in your pants indicates that there are going to be situations you will find difficult to control in the near future. If the ant is larger than yourself, then this can indicate that you will encounter a huge pile of work and it will be difficult to ensure that you can complete the work on time. If the ant is brown, this indicates that you need to meditate and be more grounded when it comes to your career. Do you actually enjoy what you are doing on a daily basis?

To see ants in a house during a dream suggests that you seem to be working towards something but never actually achieve what you set out to do. From a totem animal perspective, this dream is connected with how we react to work, including the control of others. Ants can symbolize controlling a relationship and understanding of the people. To see ants in the garden is connected to working in teams and groups therefore there can be a suggestion that if you dream of ants it indicates that you will ensure that teamwork is important in your workplace.

What does it mean to dream of ants?

To see a number of ants in your dream represents order and according to older dream books is a sign of luck and the need to implement your ideas. The red ant species are called Solenopsis Invicta and the dark brown ones are known as Solenopsis richteri. Both these species are found in the United States but also in South America. Red and black ants are popular throughout Europe.

Ants are independent and carry a sense that they don't care if humans are present or not. They build nests, search for their food, and can be found in homes, car parks, and the forest. Ants have an inner curiosity and provide aesthetic pleasure to others. If you think about how small they are only one-millionth of the size of us human beings. The first creature we see when we look at a tree is ants. In some areas, the mount-building Formica consists of both red and black ants and they freshly excavate soil and parts of twigs and leaves to build a nest as a team. The reason I mention all this in relation to your dream is that this is what it is all about your own buildings in life.

Is the dream of ants good or bad?

To dream of ants is a positive dream it clearly means you will finally bring your life to order. For you, luck will be on your side during the next few months in your life.  There is a focus on making sure you take advantage of the opportunities and realize your goals. Your hard work will finally pay off. Yet, if you saw ants in a different way, like dying or destroying their colony, these dreams have an important message for you. 

  • Ant dreams are about social interactions and teamwork: Ants are all about community and you never see one ant alone. Ants are in groups and this is the meaning of the dream, they work together as a team. They provide each other with resources like food. Such a dream can mean that you are craving a connection to the community or that you are socially looking for more aspects to expand.
  • Ant dreams are about building areas of your life for the better: Like most highly dominant forms from cavemen times, ants have multiplied everywhere and the total number of ants and their expansion have undertaken many adaptive forms. The evolutionary success of ants means that in dreams they can signal that you are building areas of your life. Think of an ant as a camouflaged huntress or nomadic herder. Ants need to be admired and they are vital to the land ecosystems.
  • Ants are about friendships: Think about ants. There is strength in numbers, all the minions are focused on social organization and this has been their success throughout all evolution. Consider the coral reefs full of tropical fish and shell-like masses of zooids. Out of all the mammals in the world, the ant is the most social.

General dream meaning of ants

These highly social insects are connected to how we deal with others. I'm not going to risk oversimplification, ants have strength in numbers and they are programmed to act together. Therefore the general meaning of this dream is that there needs to be some consistency in strategy going forward. Ants are connected to our overall successful strategy in evolution times. I've already mentioned that ants are focused on living together in the same nest and each ant has their own objective. In general dream terms, means that you need to look at your own social environment and the objective that you have in your life. There are in total around 9500 different species of ants known to science, that is a hell of a lot of ants. The reason I mention this is that the dream can mean you are connecting with others and this is all about your interactions.

What do black or brown ants mean in a dream?

If you saw black or brown ants in your dream, it reveals your insecurities. In old dream books, such a dream means that there is something dark about yourself that you don’t like and tend to suppress. However, it will come out to the surface eventually. It’s better to deal with it before it does. Black ants are the most popular ant, black or brown ants can appear in all sorts of environments such as soil, trees, lawns, and also the base of walls. In July and August, we often see winged males and females emerging due to mating. Black is a natural color of death and a powerful symbol. Black is often intimidating and is a symbol of elevation, seeing black ants in a dream can symbolize that you are looking to build a number of foundations, in regard to your social environment. Unfortunately, we often associate black with quarrels, negativity, and conflict. In my research, I don't feel that these aspects are associated with the dream of ants.

What do red ants mean in a dream?

Red ants featured in a dream are often associated with our temper. As I've already described ants themselves are associated with teamwork and hard work, therefore seeing “fire ants” which are the scientific term for red ants can suggest that there is going to be a difficult situation that you will face. Fire ants often bite only to get a grip and then normally stay the injecting venom and for humans, this can be somewhat painful. It essentially feels like you're being burned which is the reason for the name of a fire ant. Ants are renowned for their ability to survive in all sorts of difficult environments. Unlike other animals, they do not hibernate but can survive very cold and difficult conditions.

This is another area that I wanted to touch on in that seeing a red means that you will survive. Read answers normally found in moist areas such as lawns that were watered, ponds, and also riverbanks. They are often found under logs or bricks and unlike the black ants, they do not cover their own nest. This is why it is important to note that seeing red ants can mean that you are not afraid of others in life. 

A red ant in a  dream is impeded our ability to complete the emotions bought on by being angry with people. All in all, it is a sure-fire dream for the accumulation of conflict and emotional baggage. Often, readers that have contacted me about seeing red ants in the dream indicate that they are undertaking an emotional parallel. If we think about a broken heart it is very similar to a flat tire. 

The get-up and go has gone, I use this analogy for the dream meaning of red ants. You may be finding it difficult to participate fully in life due to issues or problems with other people. My advice here is to wait for time to heal your heart and try to improve those relationships around you.

What is the spiritual meaning of an ant?

The spiritual meaning of an ant in your dream state is associated with your subconscious mind and your way of how approaching teamwork. Do you see problems bigger than they represent your work ethic - do you find it hard to accept failure?  Sometimes if you see yourself as a failure (yes, we all do at times) this dream means that you are trying to hide your insecurities under the mask of self-confidence. This dream is a message, spiritually that should work on your inner issues and realize that your mind, or better said the negative thought you have are the ones responsible for your negative life. I hope this resonates with you. 

Dreaming of ants in your hair

If you see ants in your hair during a dream then this is connected to power and control. Ants crawling in your hair can suggest a lot of strength, due to other people. If you are unable to remove the answer from your hair during a dream then this suggests that you are thinking of changing some aspect of your appearance. To dream your hair is itching because ants are inside can indicate that you may be feeling anxiety.

What does the animal totem of an ant mean in relation to your dream?

In life, we all have totem animals, these are animals that provide messages from above. The ant animal totem symbolizes teamwork, future deliverance, and preparing for what’s coming.  It also signifies hard (team) work, and the core ability to cooperate with others to achieve a common goal. If the ant keeps appearing in your dream it can signal responsibility and a strong attitude to complete your goals and realize your promises even if it costs you your life. I believe the keywords here are: focus, Strong energy, determination, overcoming challenges and hard work are just a few traits of this totem, these words should resonate with you. 

What does it mean to dream of ants in your bed?

If you dreamed of ants covering your bed, it denotes you are scared of what others may do going forward. Everyone’s trying to convince you the person doesn’t have good intentions but the message here is that you need to listen to social interactions. Your dream also signifies something or someone getting under your skin or annoying you recently if you were encased in a sea of ants.

What does it mean to dream of killing ants?

If you killed ants in a dream, it symbolizes that you are trying to hide from people. Maybe you just want some time out. It can indicate that you feel that you tend to overthink things in your waking life. Killing an ant in a dream means killing your social circle, and wanting to be alone. Are you someone who’s not even thinking of giving people who’ve hurt you a second chance? To kill red ants in a dream can mean that you need to be careful about how you use your words because words themselves are the strongest weapon you have.

What is the spiritual meaning of ants in a house?

The spiritual meaning of ants in your house is related to your family’s wealth and career success. Often, these types of “house” dreams appear when we are facing a new job opportunity or a promotion. The spiritual meaning of ants in your house is also associated with mutual family relations. 

What does it mean to see ants climbing on your body?

To see ants crawling around areas in your dream is associated with your career work aspects if you look at the roles of the colony as different classes: for example, there are minor and major workers. Major ranks are larger in size and more powerful, if you consider small and solitary it can be an indication you're going to be more powerful work. If you see crawling in a line it suggests that you are going to take care of regular tasks with ease. if you notice that you are encountering an infestation of ants then this is directly connected to feeling interested in your life with a difficult matter. 

If you experienced ants climbing or crawling on your body in your dream state, it foretells that a person you never expected will get under your skin. In old dream dictionaries, it is also a hidden fear of getting attached to people – maybe you have just started having a relationship with someone and you are not sure where you stand. Remember it is important to not depend on anyone’s emotions but your own and to be strong. However, in the end, it’s why we humans have emotions – to share them with each other and the dream of ants climbing can suggest that you are not feeling in control of aspects of yourself.

What do queen ants mean in a dream?

If you dreamed of fire ants, it applies to a small issue that’s making you angry. Maybe you are a perfectionist and you are struggling with someone close to you. However, you must accept that you can’t fix or control everything you don’t like. Let it go and don’t bother yourself with unnecessary details. The queen ant in a dream can also suggest someone who has power over you.

What does it mean to be attacked by ants in a dream?

Ants are intelligent creatures, and they work on a daily basis – building massive colonies and preparing for the future. It’s unavoidable to ask yourself how they do it. Do ants have a way of communicating? According to researchers, ants communicate using sounds, touch, and pheromones. Pheromones are chemical signals developed in ants like the red harvester ant, and some other hymenopteran groups. 

Unlike other insects that use their nose to smell, these tiny creatures use their antennae. Just considering the fact that they have one or multiple queens in their colonies, tells us that these insects are special, like bees, and are intelligent. Aside from gathering to search for food and kill their enemies together, they also search for nesting space in groups. There’s nothing negative in their existence (aside from being annoying sometimes, but we can forgive them for that). As for their way of learning, most scient claimed that they learn by experience. If you are being attacked by many ants then this can indicate you feel “attacked” by others in life. It is directly associated with teamwork and feeling attacked on an emotional front.

What are the types of ants' nests?

There are many types of ant nests but they are categorized into three larger groups – ants in a nest in soil, ants that are opportunistic nesters, and ants in the woods. To dream of an ant nest denotes profit and abundance. If you destroyed an ant nest in a dream, it means you destroyed your chance of progressing in life. Yet, nothing’s lost because you can always work hard to go from zero to hero.

Dreaming of being covered in ants

To dream that your body is covered in ants is directly associated with feeling overpowered. Perhaps you have faced some conflict in waking life and the dream of being covered in ants is your subconscious mind trying to accept the situation.

Dream of ants in your food

If you notice ants in your food then this can indicate a focus on how you consume information. It can honestly just be your subconscious mind giving you the clue that you have information overload. Ants inside your food during a dream are also connected to how you survive life. If we think about the role of Queen Ant in the colony she only survives for around a month this is because other colony members can expand to thousands of individuals. What you need to expand on is the meaning of seeing ants in your food in a dream.

Dream of ant infestation

To see an infestation of ants during the dream is connected to the feeling of being out of control. Everybody challenges us in life and it is important to understand that sometimes we just need to be quiet. The dream of an ant infestation can feel like your subconscious mind is telling you that you are overpowered by others. This is never the case. Other people do not have control over you. This is the key message of the dream that you are always in control. No matter what your emotions are you are always responsible for your own actions.

Dream of an ant colony

An ant colony is connected to our communal and social aspects in life. The term itself is connected to our own cooperation and there is normally a single queen (but this is not across all ant species) the colony size in your dream is important as this is about how you socially interact. Think of the ant colony as your social network of people around you spiritually.

Ant colonies are a functioning organization if we think about how humans operate it is inconceivable. In our life there is no central control,  however, every ant colony has a task to complete. Each ant scratch moved its way through the tiny little world of its immediate surrounding ants meet one another and they go about their own business. There are certain patterned behaviors that drive the colony there is much connection to how the young ant colony relates to our structured world. If you think about the ant colony as the human being ecosystem. 

All ants living in colonies are focused on what they need to do, and this means there is a huge array of different types of workers. There is the question of how does each know what they're doing? Surely they going to forget.  The spiritual meaning of a dream of an ant colony can indicate that we are social animals,  It is a direct reflection of understanding how our own colony works. How do you communicate with your friends and family? This is the question you need to ask yourself if you are having this dream. Think about ways of improving your social skills.

Dream of dead ants

To dream of dead dances connected to tomorrow's social interactions with others. As I've already mentioned many times in this article answers are all about networking socially therefore if we think about the aunt of our network to see dead ants can mean that there is perhaps toxic people in our life at the moment that we need to remove and themselves are connected to hard work and careers, therefore,  seeing's dream can be associated with the need to move on relation stop often these dreams appear and we had enough of other people and it is time to move on in life.

Dream of large ants – officially known as bull ants or soldier ants

To dream of the larger ant known officially as Myrmecia indicates that you are focused on work and that this is important for you. There is a special known species of ant known as the "bulldog ants" "bull To dream of the larger ant known officially as the “Myrmecia ant” indicates that you will be focused on work and that this is important for you. There is a special known species of ant known “bulldog ants” and "jack jumper ants" and these ants are associated with many different ant names, but essentially these ants are large. What do these ants mean? 

Seeing large or big ants in a dream signifies that you need to focus on work. Maybe you have had quite a bit of time off or have been taking things easy for too long and larger ants are connected to how you focus and move forward in life. The larger the ants like jumper ants, or big black ants in a dream can suggest that there might be people in your life that will cause problems because this species of ants have toxic venom. To be attacked by large ants in a dream can suggest that you need to keep your guard up in waking life. 

Quick Ants dream meaning

  • You were an ant in your dream state: It implies your wish to work hard on yourself. Although you could make excuses for not having enough time and energy, you know that the truth hides in your lack of motivation. It can suggest you may have felt demotivated by a recent failure, but you will overcome it soon.
  • Someone you know destroyed an ant nest in a dream: It means the person will destroy their own luck in life. Instead of trying to stop it, let the person learn from their mistakes and create their own luck again.
  • The ants were making a nest in your yard: It applies to your success. You are finally ready to implement the ideas you’ve planned for so long. Luck will be on your side this time.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Ants

Fortunate. Happiness. Amazed. Confused. Determination. Confident. Persistence. Survival Instinct.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Working Hard, Change, transforming, better, freedom, and moving towards a new start.

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen many different ants.
  • Step on an ant.
  • Crawling ants.
  • Ants in the garden.
  • See the trail of ants.
  • Seen an ant house.
  • Killed ants.
  • Seen ants in your pants.
  • Ants were traveling in lines.
  • You were small, and the ants were large.
  • As we have already covered above: red ants, black pants, and green months.
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By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012