Paper Bag

Paper Bag

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A paper bag refers to a temporal bag, made of nylon materials or paper which you can use to collect shopping or store things temporarily.

Depending on how it represents itself in your dream, a paper bag dream can have various meanings. If you see a folded paper bag in your dream, it represents your feminine nature, the womb.

Seeing a paper bag in your dream denotes that a situation which looks ordinary from the outward is extraordinary when checked from the inward. It is a warning that you should not try to rate people or things or judge them just by looking at their physical appearance; consider what is inside the paper bag before rubbishing it away.

At times paper bags represent lunch and food. If you dream about a paper bag, you might be feeling hungry in your sleep and needs something to eat.

In the dream you see

  • A paper bag that contains lunch.
  • The store and purchased items that are put in a bag.
  • A paper bag.
  • Yourself loose a paper bag.
  • You are unable to find any shopping bags.
  • Yourself but unable to see what is inside.
  • Yourself unable to discover what is inside the paper bag.
  • A brown paper bag.

Detailed dream interpretation

When you happen to dream about a paper bag that contains lunch, it means that, before going to sleep, you were feeling hungry and thus, you are having a desire to eat. You must wake up and eat! To avoid such dreams, you need to eat something before going to sleep.

When you dream that you have been at the store and purchased items that are put in a bag, it denotes that, you will be receiving some presents from friends very soon. It might be that you are planning for a party and during the celebrations, those invited will give you gifts.

When you dream about finding a paper bag, it means that, there are some people who are not giving you the respect you deserve, they tend to judge you without knowing exactly who you are and this has made you try and prove to them your real worth, which is bringing a lot of stress on your person.

When you dream that you are unable to discover what is inside the paper bag, it means that you are trying to understand something which is not making sense in your life. You had taken a “comment” literally the way it was presented to you, but it seems, there is a hidden secret about it and you are feeling frustrated because you can’t unveil the secret.

When a brown paper bag is seen in your dream, it means you are infatuated with someone whom you wish they belonged to your life, but it is proving to be futile and you are left with fantasies only because, you cannot have them. The best you can do is, in your waking life, try and approach them and let them know what you feel for them, if they too have a feeling for you, you might be lucky to start up a relationship.

Feelings associated with your dream

Infatuated, futile, understanding, stressed, hungry and worried.

By Florance Saul
Jan 21, 2013