Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

If you find yourself to be naked suddenly in your dream and you are happy in this state this suggests the desire for freedom and your ideal life would be one which doesn’t care much for the restrictions of the society you find yourself.

You are in the process engaging in your newfound confidence which has been a long journey for you and you are finally able to celebrate this aspect of yourself.

If you find that you are not comfortable about being naked in the dream this has a way of expressing that you are concerned about the way others see you and you fear being judged or laughed at. If this has come up for you then you must spend some time self evaluating to figure out why exactly it matters to you what others might say. You need to be happy with yourself and with who you are in your life. If this is not the case, then begin making changes to make this so, but do not let the desires of others influence you to such extremes.

In this dream you may have...

  • Been completely ashamed of your nakedness and strived to find a way to cover yourself.
  • You cannot get away from the sensation of nakedness, with all eyes on you everywhere you go and feel completely vulnerable
  • Experienced feelings of ineptitude and being separate or different from others.
  • Been extremely thrilled to be naked.
  • Had a sexually explicit entanglement
  • Had feelings of invisibility, no one could see you despite your nakedness

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You are clear and communicate efficiently with others and the fact that you are naked doesn’t inhibit or change your ability to speak with others.
  • You are satisfied to be naked because of a feeling that this is your natural state of being.
  • Other individuals present in the dream are also naked.
  • You are extremely comfortable with your body and have a sexual encounter as a result in your dream.
  • Everything in the dream ends on a light note making you feel happy to have been naked in your dream.
  • Others enjoy being around you even though you are naked. They are welcoming and kind to you.

Detailed dream meaning...

For men: If you were naked in the dream and you felt ashamed, the dream is telling you about a fear that you have had about being judged and being hurt by others. You feel ashamed of yourself and your actions and you feel belittled as well as incapable of providing for others or stimulating them either sexually or emotionally and intellectually.

For women: If you were naked in the dream and you felt ashamed, this dream is telling you about the fear which you are experiencing which is directly a result of your physical body issues as well as a feeling of ineptitude to control your circumstances. In this you can be somewhat caught up in being too rigid and the dream is telling you that you must learn to let go of the chains which bind you.

For all: Regardless of your physical sex, the energies which arise when dreaming about nakedness is going to reflect directly on how you responded to the nakedness. If you came across naked people and found yourself to laugh or to feel utterly comfortable, this is going to directly represent how you handle intimacy. If you are afraid or run away, then you are likely to approach life in a similar manner when someone else is trying to be intimate or vulnerable with you. It is often times hard for us to let go of control, but if you are dreaming about these things, it is time for you to spend some time allowing yourself to just be yourself.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Job interviews where you feel ill equipped or even not professional enough.
  • Weight Loss Fears.
  • A new serious relationship.
  • Sexual/Emotional vulnerability.
  • Embarrassment of a physical or sexual nature. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of nakedness...

Embarrassment. Uncertainty. Sexual Desire. Interviews. Inspection. Judgment. Freedom.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012