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A Yak is a domesticated wild ox which is used for hides, milk, and meat.

It is found in the Himalayas, Mongolia, Tibetan Plateau and Russia.

It is a powerful animal which is perceived to have ancient wisdom. It has higher “magical” power. On the other hand, to dream yak indicates a lack of self-control and possible doubt.

The Yak is generally connected to having doubt in regards to feelings towards another. The yak is also associated with being somewhat overprotective in a relationship

Detailed Dream Interpretation

A Yak is somewhat a rather ugly creature, they spend their day's grazing and are adaptable to both hot and cold climates. Regarding representation in the dream, they signify intelligence and a strong character. Interestingly Tibetans have an in-depth relationship with this animal.

They are associated with many different elements in culture. For example, a Buddhist will view jewelry made of "yak bone" as a way to connect with spirit.

Interestingly, we can connect this to the dream state in that the message is clear: you may need to dive deeper into your subconscious in order to uncover the real meaning of your dream.

If you happen to dream of yourself leading a Yak, it simply implies that you are a wise person committed to a spiritual path in life. To see a Yak grazing in a prominent position in your dream indicates positive spiritual encounters.

Try to trust spirit guides to help you to achieve your endeavors. A yak running in your dream indicates that you feel that you are frozen out from a group. This is proving to be tough due to the fact that you lack self-control. Despite this, you are destined for accomplishment.

Your doubts in life will disappear. A situation will help you achieve what you wish in life. You need to change the way you handle things so that you start being more positive.

A Yak that belongs to you in a dream indicates you need to accomplish a task in life. Control yourself because the act of being hot tempered and lack of self-control makes it impossible to have close companions that can help you in life situations.

If you see someone you know taking charge of a Yak, it means that you will come across one of your friends or relatives who will ask for advice. Approach them and try to give them advice on the way forward and let them know your thoughts. This way, they will trust you.

To survive a Yak attack indicates new beginnings. This will automatically mean future success. Change of attitudes and avoiding negative energies is the key message.

To see a herd of Yaks is connected to self-control. This could be affecting your state of mind. If you see them grazing this can mean progress in life. People do not have to depend on you as much as normal.

To kill a Yak means that you will benefit from a burden in life. Take care of yourself. A Yak that is injured or passed away suggests you need to surround yourself with people who are emitting positive energies and thus, be able to help you progress further in your endeavors.

A strange person in charge of the Yak means that you have self-control and you are well organized to the extent that other people, even those you don’t know, come to you for advice because of the blessing surrounding you. Take that opportunity to let them know that you are moving towards higher grounds in meeting your “goals” in life.

In the dream, you may

  • Have seen a Yak.
  • Been chased by a Yak.
  • A Yak was running in your dream.
  • Worried about a Yak.
  • A Yak in the wild.
  • Have jewelry made of Yak bone.
  • Seen a Yak grazing in the mountains.
  • Been the owner of the Yak.
  • Someone familiar is the owner of the Yak.
  • A strange person is the owner of the Yak.
  • Seen a herd of Yaks.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Hot tempered, self-control, desperate, successful, blessed, in charge, wisdom and higher purpose and understanding.

By Florance Saul
May 5, 2017