Dreaming of Wages

Dreaming of Wages

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A dream of wages denotes to how you currently value yourself.

Your wages can also be known as your rate of pay and is similar to a salary. People receive wages after having performed a task, usually for a company or organization. As money plays a constant role in our lives past age of four, it means that dreaming of wages and cash and cheques are also constantly seen in our dream world.

Mostly, people will dream of wages just after they have left education and have to fend for themselves in the outside world. The reason for this is because generally people will not be able to rely on their parents any longer and will have to become wage centric to afford to survive. In the same respect, people will also dream of wages just after moving into a house of their own, away from parents and guardians. Usually, this is because they are encompassed by the feeling of full independence. To be fully independent you need a constant income of money, which is one of the primary thoughts when leaving home and a big reason to dream of wages.

Your dream:

  • Receiving wages.
  • Losing wages.
  • Giving up your wages.
  • Getting more wages than you expected.
  • Sharing your wages.
  • Somebody else giving you their wages.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You have been receiving wages.
  • You understand why your wages have been taken away from you.
  • You are sharing your wages in your dream.

To dream of receiving wages will suggest that you are particularly proud of yourself at the moment. You may have just discovered you will be getting a promotion, you may be forming a new relationship with someone, or you might be undertaking a new business venture. If it’s the latter, then dreaming of wages denotes that you will have good fortune in your future. If you happen to lose your wages, this suggests that you aren’t completely satisfied with your current work position. You may be in a temporary job until you have saved enough to move up to something more permanent and suited to you, but be wary not to extend this out too long as you may lack motivation for the future.

This might already be a hint from your subconscious that you need to be moving a bit faster. If you are currently working in a good job and have a great income - dreaming of losing your wages suggests that you hold an ambition to pursue something different in life - and you have now settled down in life. The career path you’ve taken is good. If your wages are reduced in your dream this means you need to be more careful with what you are spending your time on, and not to waste it. It falls under the same genre as losing your wages, but a bit more frustrating.

Losing your wages in a dream is an isolated event, but if they are reduced it appears as a permanent reoccurrence. This shows you are stuck and need to make good decisions about where you would like to be in the future, and how you will get there. If you find an increase in wages during the dream state this suggests that you should be accepting all things that come your way. This is because you have just been involved in a surprising and spontaneous event in your dream world, which brought you good fortune. Now your subconscious is hinting at you to be more spontaneous in your actual life. Similarly, you might have just declined an offer which could have been great in your actual life, and now your subconscious is feeling regretful.

Feelings encountered in your dream:

Loss. Worry. Worried about losing a job. Wages have been lost and feeling worried.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017