Cannot find the toilet

Cannot find the toilet

Cannot Find The Toilet Dream Meaning

Having a dream about being unable to find the toilet is very daunting but very common. If you have this kind of dream, it, of course, does not literally mean that you cannot find a toilet in the waking world. In addition, there is a spiritual meaning of this dream that you cannot find a simple way out of a complex problem. If there is an issue in waking like that is bothering you and you seem to keep going deeper into this (but of course you don't want to) then the unable to find a toilet dream may appear.

Let's take your dream for a moment. It is likely that you are in public places where a toilet, should be readily available, but it is simply nowhere to be seen. After a series of strange, weird, or even absurd delays, you could finally find the toilet and rush to use it, maybe even in your dream, you could not find it at all. There is also a further unfavorable dream whereby the toilets are all full up and there are too many people. Maybe you finally reach a toilet but it isn't working properly or is backed up and clogged up. This is a dream where you only wonder why this is so difficult to find somewhere to go to the toilet. What are you going to do?


What does it mean when you can't find the toilet in the dream?

This dream is more common in women than men and tends to be prominent during the twenties or thirties. This is when we are changing in life, making a career for ourselves, and starting to put ourselves first. This is a theme in such a dream - the inability to satisfy personal needs due to frustrating circumstances or other people. These dreams can sometimes happen when we really do need to go to the bathroom in real life. These particular trials are a result of frustrations that we experience in our waking lives and make it difficult to take care of ourselves. I myself have had such dreams when I am taking care of others all the time. We naturally put people's needs before our own often our wants are in a long line of people blocking us which can be a metaphor for such a dream. People who live in situations that compromise their privacy may dream of feeling uncomfortable because there is no toilet nearby. If you went to where you normally find the toilet but something else replaced it in the dream, then you are anxious about too much change.

What does it mean to see dirty toilets and you cannot use them or find them?

People who care for others in some way are familiar with the overflowing or full toilet - even the overflowing nasty toilet. Do you help people solve their problems and achieve their goals? Are you used as a dumping ground for other people's problems and do you often neglect your own needs? This dream indicates a need to be private, self-care, and express oneself. You may feel deprived of your personal time and privacy if you are prone to making personal sacrifices. Try to be more practical about your situations in daily life - and recognize that you cannot always fix everything. This dream is telling you that time for yourself is important.

What does it mean to dream of not finding the toilet?

If you dreamed that you were unable to find the toilet, then there are some major anxieties and fears plaguing your life. Being without a toilet is certainly one of the most embarrassing nightmares you could possibly face in the waking world, so in the dream world, this is likely representative of you having many of your own anxieties and fears.

What does it mean to dream of a toilet and something unusual?

If you had to use something unusual as a toilet in your dream, then you are trying to relieve yourself of an embarrassment or fear that you have faced in the past. You tend to hold on to things for too long and you have likely built up anxieties from your past that do not need to be there. Try to forget these unnecessary burdens since you will need to move forward in order to succeed.

What does it mean to dream of not finding a toilet in a strange place?

If you found the toilet in a strange place (such as outdoors, in a bedroom or kitchen, on the roof, etc.) in the dream, then you are worried about the future. The future causes you a lot of stress because you are always certain things will not go your way. Past failures are not an indicator of the future. Try not to worry too much, and live your life as well as you can.

Other dreams about not finding a toilet?

If you visited a house or a public place with no toilets, then you are anxious of the way other people see or judge you. You feel like people can read your emotions, and you do not like sharing too much with other people.

If you asked for directions to a toilet in the dream, then you are trying to rid yourself of anxiety. Letting people into your life is a good sign; it shows that you are willing and ready to start over new and let go of your past errors.

If you were searching for a toilet in your dream even though you did not need one, then you are prepared to let go of anxiety. This is a good sign; showing this kind of preparedness reveals you are taking the right steps to ensure your own future success and finding your own way in life.

This dream is in association with the following areas of your life

  • Fear and anxiety.
  • Worry and doubt.
  • Embarrassment or fear of being embarrassed.
  • Escaping the judgment of others.
  • Finding your own way.
  • Responding to your bodyโ€™s needs.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen someone who was unable to find the toilet.
  • Been unable to find the toilet.
  • Seen an accident.
  • Used something strange as a toilet.
  • Found the toilet in a strange place.
  • Noticed something else where the toilet normally is.
  • Gone to a public restroom without toilets.
  • Visited someoneโ€™s house without toilets.
  • Known you needed a toilet.
  • Asked for directions to a restroom.
  • Helped a child learn how to find the toilet.
  • Looked for a toilet even though you did not need one.

Positive changes are ahead if

  • You found the toilet.
  • You helped somebody else find a toilet.
  • You taught a child how to find the toilet.
  • You were not at fault for losing the toilet.
  • You learned something in your dream.

Feelings you may have encountered during a dream of being unable to find the toilet

Worried. Anxious. Fearful. Judged. Tired. Groggy. Confused. Lost. Overwhelmed.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012