Dreams about money

Dreams About Money

A dream featuring money is generally associated with your "inner" drive to make things happen, the presence of money in a dream is also connected to gaining good luck and wealth. In my view this is a positive dream. I have decoded around 600 money dreams in total in my 20 years of running this website. To dream of being wealthy is a reflection of the power of your thoughts, and how they will manifest into material prosperity. Basically, money is the means of getting valued items into your possession, but in a dream state, its monetary value does not depend on the financial state of your affairs, but rather telling you that you are going to be wealthy from a spiritual point of view. Most likely this is a continuation of your waking moments, specifically your worries and anxieties that you are currently having in the waking life.

There is something interesting that I want to share with you which I feel is the reason you are here. In Greek mythology, there is a story about King Midas, who was granted the power to turn anything he touched into gold. This may seem like a dream come true for most people; however, it soon became his worst nightmare. He quickly realized that having an abundance of wealth did not bring him happiness or fulfillment. In fact, it caused more problems in his life than he could have ever imagined. This story teaches us that sometimes our desires and aspirations can lead us down a path that we sometimes don't realize.

Now let's relate this back to your money dream. When you dream about money, it may be indicative of your subconscious desire for financial success and stability. However, just like King Midas' experience, these dreams may also symbolize your fear or worry about becoming too obsessed with something in daily life (a person, a job or even a relationship).

But dreaming about money is not always negative or based solely on fears and desires. In fact, throughout history, there have been numerous famous figures who have had significant dreams involving money that influenced their lives in one way or another. One notable example is Alexander Hamilton's Founding Father of America who dreamed about banknotes burning while he was serving as Secretary of Treasury in 1789. This prophetic dream led him to spearhead important financial reforms which shaped U.S. economy today.

Another famous figure known for her prophetic dreams was Nostradamus (sorry if you already know about him) he was a renowned French astrologer from 16th century ---- who predicted the rise and fall of many empires through his symbolic visions involving coins and riches, the reason why I mention this is because it could be giving you a clue to what is going to happen. A bit like a premonition.

Is this dream of money good or bad?

As I have said above it is a good dream, it means wealth is coming and essentially that things will settle down in life. Now, if the dream featured "debt" or that you need to pay for something it means that you have offended someone or someone has offended you and that lack of forgiveness is draining the life out of you. To dream of stealing money in your dream means that you may suffer from low creative energy and the effects will be shown in the days to come when new ideas will not come out easily, just like writer’s block. If you are borrowing money in your dream because of an urgent need, it means that things will become much easier for you in the near future.

What does the dream of money mean?

Money like everything is with us in our daily life. Essentially our dream is a reflection of our subconscious mind. The most important thing is to also realize that our turmoil and difficulties in life are sometimes surfaced in the dream state. Therefore, if you dream of money then you need to ensure that you are happy about money in waking life. As our dream is a communication with our subconscious mind to dream of money can indicate possible changes. If you constantly dream of money then it can actually be significant and mean something. Money is the most popular dream symbol for those that are younger, this is because making money is of paramount importance. A money dream can be interpreted as a classic dream. The feelings experienced in the dream also represent your feelings and approach to money in waking life. Money can often represent symbolic force at work, in the context of the money is equally important and in this deep dream interpretation, I will explain what money means in your dream.


What do the psychologists say about money dreams?

In order to decode our dreams, it is important to look at the famous psychologists: Carl Jung and Freud. Both of these psychologists analyzed a number of dreams involving money. In their conclusion, many dreams represent successful endeavours and also the value that one places on oneself. Freud believed that money was connected to our own sexuality and the power that we have over others.

From a negative perspective, many can also represent situations in life that are challenging and also difficult in this respect money can suggest the transformation or time of change if the dream is negative in nature. In its simplest interpretation if a dream of money is negative this indicates that you may be at a crossroads in life financially. It can suggest that things are in limbo. Dreams of stealing money, being robbed, fraud and not having enough money illustrate that you need to think about the next path in life. I will now break down your specific dream.

What about the amount of money in your dream?

The value of money in your possession during your dream usually represents your confidence to make things happen -- the larger the amount the more "powerful" the dream. The more money you have in your dream, the more you will have choices in the waking life. Remember that the elements in your dreams are only projections of your subconscious. That is why it is your subconscious that is actually determining your wealth in your dream, and not the hard work to earn that money. The amount of money you have in your dream does not necessarily reflect your actual wealth in your waking state, but it does reflect your disposition and your contentment.

Dreaming of a monetary system is a signal that you have to take things easy. To dream that someone gives you money suggests that your level of greed and contentment are interlinked. It also means that you have been much more worried about your financial security and it is killing your freedom to enjoy life. So try to chill out and take it easy.

What does it mean to dream of physical cash?

If you dream of holding an amount of cash, it means that you are seeking a sign that what you are currently doing is in line with your future goals. It is a call for thorough self-assessment because a profound doubt on your abilities is coming up from the depths of your unconscious, and it has been disturbing you. On the other hand, if you dream of being rich or having money in your bank account, then this is a positive dream meaning happy times are ahead. If you decide to buy material items using your ATM card instead of cash in a dream, it means that you need more confidence in your creativity. To dream of silver coins means that you need more drive. A dream of dollars means that your confidence is still intact, and you are likely to be prosperous soon.

To lend cash in your dream to another person while expecting that person to pay you back with interest is a warning that a great disappointment is looming at your door and that it calls for a reassessment of your financial affairs. Sometimes this is a signal to watch over your current relationships because you might become a little too tight than you usually are. On the contrary, lending cash freely without expecting something in return is a very good indication of possible financial freedom.

To count money in a dream is a sign that the creative energy within you is waiting to be tapped into. It also means that you have many ideas to share with others. Being in debt in your dream suggests that you have so many areas of interest in your life that you still have not finished or even started. If you lost money in your dream, of feeling stressed about money, this reflects the anxiety that you feel in the waking life about having to finish a range of important tasks.

Dreaming of finding money:

Yes, what a wonderful dream! Dreaming of finding money can symbolize material gain and happiness in life. After all, money is a symbolism that denotes not only power but also wealth and prosperity. Money is connected to our spirituality and pursuits in life. In 18 dream dictionaries from the 1930s they believed finding money indicates that one will be successful in their career. Money also represents not only confidence in life but also self-worth.

To find money on the floor implies that you have power in your life. This power is associated with a change in happiness. To find a lot of money, perhaps you saw a bag of notes or you uncovered money in your dream represents that you may be looking for something in life such as love or connection. If you dream that you find money, but this money is somebody else’s this dream can indicate that you are going to overlook an important situation in life. Try to make sure that you finish all your career goals and that you do not limit yourself in terms of direction and happiness. If you are single you dream of finding money this can suggest that you are not engaged in finding somebody. If you find money that has been stolen then this denotes that you are lacking a sense of self-worth and ambition. Perhaps you need to meditate and focus on yourself for a while.

Receiving money in a dream:

We all love to be given money right! Receiving money in dreams is connected to your attitude in life, successful dealings, your own inner values, power and confidence. The person that gives you the money in the dream is also significant. If you know the person that gives you money then this indicates that you may be feeling ignored by other people. If you do not know the person who gives you the money it suggests that you are going to be given something amazing from the universe. Isn’t this such a positive dream to have! But what does gaining a sum of money in a dream really mean to you?

Receiving a sum of money in your dream is a positive omen and indicates that you will have success and tokens of appreciation from others. If you receive coins in a dream it suggests that you need to count your blessings. To receive gold in a dream suggest success will soon be yours. In ancient dream dictionaries to receive money illustrates that you are going to find somebody who cares for you, additionally you will also be successful. So in summary, receiving money in the dream is a positive dream. As money is important in our waking world it could also suggest that by receiving money in a dream you are picking up on subliminal signals. There is much more to this dream so read on.

Dream about money notes:

Dreaming of many bank notes implies that you will have enough money in life in order to freely do what you wish. To count money and bank notes in the dream suggest an unexpected event. To dream of dollars indicates that you need to be careful where you spend the money. To dream of Australian dollars indicates that someone will contact you from afar. To dream of British pounds illustrates that you need to watch what you’re spending. These dream meanings were taken from an old dream dictionary written in Britain. Whether it still has significance today, we will have to see. Ok, so let’s move on to more detail around your dream.

What does dreaming of someone giving you money mean?

To dream of somebody giving you money is a positive omen. The dream itself is a representation of a new start and future success. Dreaming of someone giving you money represents the part of yourself which comes to life. It can also suggest that you need adventure. the actual person giving who you give money to is also significant. If you know the person giving you money it can imply a relationship will go right. It can also imply that this person has an immature attitude towards money. If your mother gave you money in the dream it can often indicate avoiding responsibility. If your father gave you money in the dream it indicates you need to listen more to other people’s advice and don’t be careless with promises and feelings. Try to make a decision as this dream implies that it is time to have faith in yourself and trust others. If a friend gives you money in a dream then this is a signal of a new beginning or change of direction. If a brother or sister gives you money in a dream then this can suggest happy and content times in the relationship. Let's take a look at the individuals mentioned in your dream who gave you money:

  • Mother - In general, mothers represent nurturing and caring aspects of ourselves. So if your mother gives you money in a dream, it could suggest she wants to give her support in your waking life. It could also signify financial stability or abundance.
  • Father - Fathers often represent authority figures and the male aspect of ourselves. If he gives you money in a dream, it could suggest that you seek his approval or validation. It could also mean financial success or material security.
  • Sister -  Sisters usually represent relationships with female siblings but can also suggest qualities like loyalty and protection. If she gives you money in your dream, it may reflect issues related to sibling rivalry or jealousy.
  • Friend - Dreams about friends giving money in dreams can indicate feelings of gratitude towards them or potential conflicts between friendship and finances.
  • Boss - As an authority figure in our lives, dreaming about receiving money from a boss may suggest career advancement or recognition at work.
  • Coworker - Similar to the boss figure, receiving money from a coworker might signify professional recognition from colleagues.
  • Brother - Just like sisters representing female siblings' relationships earlier mentioned counterparts - brothers (or just males) - generally represents masculine qualities like aggression or competitiveness but can also indicate harmony between different parts of yourself.
  • Uncle - Uncles can be seen as father figures or mentors in our lives. If they give you money in a dream, it may symbolize seeking advice or guidance.
  • Aunt - Like uncles, aunts represent female authority figures and can also mean you need nurturing right now. Therefore, receiving money from an aunt in your dream could mean support from her or the need for maternal guidance.
  • Grandparents - Dreaming about receiving money from grandparents might suggest feelings of wisdom, guidance, and protection from them. It could also indicate inheritance or family karma.
  • Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Since these partners represent romantic relationships, receiving money from them in a dream might reflect issues related to finances within the relationship itself.
  • Father/Mother-in-law - Dreams about mothers-in-law giving us money can signify complex dynamics between families or conflicts with an influential figure in your partner's life.

What does torn money in a dream mean?

To see torn money illustrates unpredictable events and surprises in life. It can suggest that there is a sense of worry, especially about a project or business. Torn money can also imply that there will be a lot of hard work in the future. Were you alone trying to fix the damaged moneh or was someone else involved? If there were others present who seemed unbothered by the situation - perhaps this indicates envy towards others' wealth or feeling financially inferior compared to those around you. If someone else ripped up the money in your dream this can suggest that there is more to life than just money.

Moreover,this type of symbolic dream could also represent inner turmoil within yourself; particularly when tied with emotions like guilt for overspending or shame for not making enough income.That being said,the tearing apart of your own hard earned cash may point towards self-sabotaging behaviors or self-esteem issues in regards to money management. Just make sure you take care of yourself.

Dreaming of paper money:

If you dream of banknotes and paper money this indicates that you will get help in waking life. The dream usually implies a childlike enthusiasm for life and also the need for adventure such as falling in love or being and of afraid of leaping into the void. The actual currency of the money is also important. There is all different types of money that are in the world, from euros to dollars to the British pound. Also electronic money such as bitcoins! If you are dreaming of actual notes or paper money then this can suggest that you need to discover and experience yourself. The wealth is really a theme of a new start in life. You may wish to review your activities, affairs and also concerns of the heart. As a universal symbolism, we use the money to “buy products and goods” this dream can suggest that you will happily succeed in life.

Counterfeit money in your dream:

Did you dream of counterfeit money? Counterfeit money featured in a dream indicates deception. This can be deception of your own growth and possibilities in life but is generally connected to work. This dream implies that it could be a signal of the new start or change of direction. If you were given counterfeit money in the dream then you have the optimism in order to progress in life. If you received counterfeit money but you were unaware that it was counterfeit illustrates an unknown factor in the subconscious mind. Perhaps you are mystified with certain events around you at the moment and the counterfeit money represents moving away from problems.

To dream of silver money:

Now, silver in dreams is a lucky omen! If you saw silver coins or money in the dream and this can indicate that sometimes you don’t listen to anybody’s advice. To count silver coins illustrates promises and feelings of others. In ancient dream dictionaries, silver is connected to how we are perceived by others and wealth. Therefore, if we apply this to the dream it indicates that you will find other people will give you advice.

Dreaming of finding money:

What a wonderful dream to have! We all want to find money in life or receive money and become richer and wealthier. What did this mean in your dream? Finding money indicates that you are going to succeed at the challenges to come. These challenges may not be the ones that you particularly want but it indicates that you will become vigilant and prepared for the next phase of life. Finding money also illustrates a logic and reason in a career aspect.

Dreaming of being given money.

Being given money in a dream is a wonderful experience. The money represents your own inner challenges. You need to prove that you not only have the determination but also the mental power in order to overcome any obstacles in life. Being given money illustrates that you have many positive qualities it suggests that you are going to finish any projects.

Paying someone in a dream:

To pay someone a dream illustrates that you do have some current challenges and these have come in many different forms. These challenges have somewhat stimulated your mind and pain suffering - this dream indicates the your fears have been swamped. You were trying to remove the emotional baggage that you have inside.

Try not to deceive yourself you don’t always know the answers. Ancient dream dictionaries denote that paying someone in a dream illustrates that there is going to be difficulties arising in life. Perhaps things won’t work out as you’d hoped. If you are paying a bill in a dream this can suggest that we need to see a better way forward in life. The bill itself represents a blockage problem. If you are paying for a house in a dream then this illustrates that you are going to have a test or challenge around your own property. To pay someone a dream that you do not know illustrates that you are going to have to deal with a test or challenge in the future. Dreaming of paying somebody that you do know, such as your mother, father, sister, brother in a dream is associated with that actual relationship you feel you need to give more to that relationship and you have done in the past. Maybe this person is feeling somewhat neglected and this is the reason why you dreamed of giving the money.

Dreaming about counting money.

So you have a dream of counting money? What a wonderful dream to have. Counting money is a positive omen this indicates that even though you are going to juggle events in the future will have infinite possibilities. To count your own money illustrates success and wealth in the future. To count other people’s money illustrates that you will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity in the near future if you are counting money by using the machine, or the working bank account money this can illustrate you will have many different positive situations.

Dreaming of winning money.

Everyone wants to win money, right! The feeling of winning money is excitement and happiness. To win money by gambling in a dream illustrates that you are going to gain some valuable advice in life. It also signifies financial stability. To win the lottery is also a positive omen. We do have a specific article on winning the lottery in dreams which can be found here.

Dreaming of coins:

Coins featured in dreams illustrate your own insight into your material wealth. Maybe you have been feeling worried about your finances. Coins indicate self-confidence, opportunities and also power. In dreams to see coins illustrates you will be able to achieve and get what you want.

Dreaming of dollars:

Dollars in a dream represent our own connection to money in waking life. The dollar is a low denominator of money. If we turn this dream on it’s head it can suggest that you are avoiding poverty. To be a successful person you need to focus on yourself more. Try to think positively. To see $100 bills illustrates a connection financially. It indicates you are and how to print in order to gain wealth forward in life.

Evil or criminals involved with money:

Oh no! what a dream! If in your dream you are being robbed or the dream involves negative people stealing money this can often alarm you especially in the dream state. Try not to take this dream literally. He does not mean that somebody is going to steal something from you in waking life. It can often be connected to embracing change through a negative situation. This could be a job or simply a belief system that needs to be transformed in some way.

Dreaming of nickels:

To dream of nickel coins illustrates that you should not be overspending life. The silver nickel is connected to our own financial independence. The nickel can also be a warning of overspending. To receive a nickel suggests a windfall or financial success in life. To count nickels in a dream also indicates that you’re going to have success and happiness in life.

Seeing money on the floor:

To see money on the floor symbolizes you will have insight and self-confidence in the future. Make sure that you look at all the different opportunities you have in life and plough your resources into focusing on a new start. The floor itself is also significant it represents your power and the resources that you need to gain life.

Dream about stealing:

Oh no I hear you say what a negative dream to have. So what does it mean to see stealing in a dream? The dream of stealing indicates the time of transition in life. If you are stealing money in the dream it suggests you need to move away or move from a difficult situation. To dream of other people stealing money from you illustrates that the way ahead may not be clear but if you explore your deepest subconscious mind may be able to come to the right conclusion about your financial affairs. Stealing money also indicates opportunities.

These opportunities may not materialize the way that you would hoped. If you dream that somebody steals money from a bank or shop this dream can suggest that you are facing some uncertain times. This may be from those around you. To dream of your sister stealing illustrates that there is going to be a difficult situation in a relationship. If you dream of your brother stealing then this can suggest that you need to take careful consideration when it comes to finances with your brother. To dream of your mother or father stealing money is associated with a lesson in life that you must learn. This lesson will be positive but may involve moving away from turmoil in taking an easier route. To dream of somebody stealing money means that you don’t know what to do next - this illustrates a possible mental or physical journey.

Dreaming of saving money:

This is a fantastic dream to have. We all try to focus on saving money and life. Perhaps you have been overspending not doing enough and saving and this is your subconscious mind telling you something, maybe this is giving you a clue on how to progress your finances. In ancient dream dictionaries saving money illustrates that you need to get off your high horse and think about how you treat others. This is a rather strange dream interpretation as it really has no relationship with money itself. I believe that the aforementioned dream interpretation of saving money illustrates that you need to believe in yourself more and save your funds in waking life to gain in life.

Dream of lots of money:

Dreaming of lots of money is an extremely positive omen. If you see piles and piles of money then this can indicate that material wealth will soon be yours it is also connected to work. It can suggest that your garden has grown and work is actually paying off for you. You may be thinking what’s next in life? To see lots of money indicates it’s time to look at your progress and think about how you have performed in the past and how you can move forward in life. Lots of money in dreams illustrate the possibility of change and happiness.

To dream of foreign currency:

To dream of a foreign money illustrated journey or passage in time. Foreign money can often appear in many different formats in the dream. This could perhaps be that you are visiting a country alternatively you are in a foreign land. Foreign money seen in dreams illustrates that you’ve been so engrossed in work that you have found it difficult to take the time and relaxation to travel.

Dreaming about borrowing money:

If you are borrowing money in the dream, such as loan or borrowing money from somebody you don’t know then this is an example of your value and attitudes towards achievement. To borrow money from a friend illustrates that you have a solid and good relationship with this person. If you are borrowing money from your parents (mum or dad) in a dream then this can indicate that you will have contentment and happiness in the future. If you are borrowing money from the bank in your dream then somebody close to you is going to ask for advice. Try to make sure that you give the best possible advice, they will need it!

Dreaming of someone spending someone else's money:

This is a rather peculiar dream. To see somebody spending someone else’s money is a dream of growth. This is an omen that you need to make new plans and also create a way to share your prosperity and harmony with the people. If the dream was positive nature, and you see somebody spending someone else’s money for the greater good then this suggests all forms of support will be yours in the future. If however the dream is negative and you dream somebody spending someone else’s money such as their inheritance then this can suggest blockages in life.

Dreaming of inheritance money:

To receive inheritance money or you have been given inheritance during the dream state is connected to how you exchange ideas with others. As normally inheritance money comes from the death of somebody, this dream is associated with trying to focus on results and happiness in life. If you receive inheritance dream for an unknown source then this literally means financial gain. If somebody has died in a dream and you try to sort out inheritance matters then it indicates a fresh confidence about life itself!

Dream about giving money away:

We all love to give in life! If you dream of giving away money to others, such as charity work alternatively you see somebody on the street (homeless person) and you give money to them in a dream then this can suggest that you may lack some material security. The chances are you moving on but you're feeling restricted financially. It implies also that hard work will pay off if you give money to others in the dream.

Dream of shredding money:

This is a very strange dream to have. Obviously shredding money in a dream is something that we wouldn’t tend to do in waking life. Shredding money indicates that you have been wrapped up in your own sense of deprivation it can also suggest that we need to think about how you can overcome any financial difficulties that you do have. There will be a period of soul-searching in order to find out how you move forward in life.

Dream of earning money:

If you dream of earning money, this could be through work alternatively another avenue represents facing up to new challenges in life. It is important that you have the logic and firmness in order to progress yourself. Try to remember to believe in yourself. If you see other people earning money but you don’t have any money then this means you need to be honest with yourself in terms of your future goals. To earn money in a dream is positive and connected to your wealth.

Dream of having no money:

Having no money in a dream can be quite disturbing. There are many different dream accounts where one has not had any money - this can cause a lot of confusion and difficulty. Perhaps you have not got the money for a train ticket, a bus ticket or an important event that you must attend. Normally, dreams of losing one’s purse will result in having no money in the dream state. So without further ado let’s try to understand a little bit more about this dream. Having no money signifies that you need to accept a situation for what it is. It can suggest that you are in the process of changing your life maybe you’re looking at your finances. Try to unleash the true potential in your life.

Dream of a pay or redundancy:

If you dream of your salary or a pay rise then this is associated with clarifying monetary situation or issue at hand. To see our salary in the dream reminds us that caution and prudence is required in order to move forward. If you dream of your boss sacking you, resulting in you having no money and this can suggest that you need to avoid obligations in order to focus on working harder. If you are made redundant in dream and you don’t have any money or income coming in then this suggests maybe people around you are being dishonest. You may be finding that somebody is trying to deceive you try to look behind other people.

Dreaming about your mortgage:

Mortgages in life just one of those things. Sometimes we find it difficult to pay our mortgage alternatively taking on new mortgage. To dream of a mortgage illustrates that you need to move forward with your goals. There is a lot going on in your life can be somewhat fast and furious. Mortgages featured in dreams illustrate that you need to think about your money long-term. As mortgages are generally connected to houses or places of residence it suggests that you may consider a change of residence in the future. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage in a dream and this can suggest that you are going to take on a personal challenge and try and increase the pleasures in your life.

Dream of a bonus at work:

Wow getting a bonus is a fantastic achievement, even in a dream. This dream represents freedom. The great news is that despite anything you will succeed. A bonus is also associated with many different meanings. It could mean that you are looking to grow and also represents a career progression. What a lovely dream to have. If your boss gave you a bonus it can suggest he is not giving you enough attention.

Dream about the stock market:

The stock market featured in dreams can be connected on how we gambling life. As the stock market is focused on chance and also insider knowledge it can indicate these the aspects of life you need to consider. This dream doesn’t have to relate to money in your waking life. It can just suggest that you need to risk something. Try to make sure that you are not neglecting an important decision or focus in life.

Dream about investing money:

to dream of investing money illustrates that you need to think about how you are spending maybe you are feeling let down by mother or emotionally hurt stop again investing money is not necessarily connected to self. It is more focused on investing in either abilities. Sometimes these dreams occur because you have a fear in waking life. If you are investing money in property in a dream then this suggests that we will have good logic and reason in the future. To invest money in somebody's business idea illustrates that you have achieved a lot in life. Step back and think about how you can progress.

Dream about donating money:

To donate money or give money to charity illustrates that you are at a crossroads in life. It is imperative to evaluate where you are going even though you are giving kind to others are you satisfied in life? Donating money can also mean that you need to sow more seeds and start again. Donating money to a good cause illustrates that you are giving out goodness around you and it will soon come back stronger in life.

Positive changes are afoot if:

You was happy in the dream state - you had enough material money in your dream. You took things easy and chilled out. You were wealthy in your dream.

Now, the song from Abba has just entered my mind! Anyway, welcome to my site. I am so excited to have you been here. My name is Flo and many of my dreams have come true and I hope yours do too!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of money:

Embarrassed. Astonished. Confident. Happy. Worried. Upset. Ashamed. Proud. Surprised. Content. So that is it folks, all the dreams about money. If you visit our contact us page or email me at info (at) I will be able to help you uncover your dream further. Love and blessings Flo xxx

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012