Hurricane Dream Meaning

hurricane dream meaning

What a hurricane means in a dream?

Hurricane in dreams are associated with hidden change, disasters, people that can destroy you and a feeling of anticipation for issues and problems in life.

The hurricane represents a worrying time in life. The fear is related to the symbol of the “spiral” in that it is uncontrollable and never-ending. As the hurricane destroys most things in it’s path it denotes the power you have maybe lost in life. Seeing a hurricane destroy your home or property in a dream suggests that a problem has got out of control. Hurricanes generally create havoc, trees are uprooted, objects flown, buildings and houses demolished in its path normally roofs are lifted up cars are overturned. There is great worry about the destruction of flooding and also winds that can accompany large-scale Hurricanes. If you dreamt of a hurricane reaching its maximum ferocity then this indicates that there is going to be a difficult period of time in the foreseeable future. The speed of the hurricane indicates how quick the situation becomes light. It is also important to look at where the wind is blowing. And the direction of the wind.

Direction of wind and spiritual meaning

  • North = good luck
  • South = worry and disappointment.
  • East = new start
  • West = bad luck

If the hurricane is devastating then this can indicate destruction in waking life. One must also understand that when the hurricane hits a land it only has a certain amount of time before it dies. Hurricanes need the sea (water which represents emotion) in order to continue.

General meaning of a hurricane in a dream

Dreams are often associated with multiple meanings. if we look at the start of the hurricane it often begins out at sea, the wind pressure becomes much lower than at one point. As air pressure falls clouds generally grow around its centre, spiral shape developed and then winds can exceed around 25 mph and this is known as tropical depression. If the wind exceeds to around 65 km an hour it is classified as a tropical storm.

Tropical storms over the Atlantic Ocean are somewhat frequent in the summer months. Sometimes, a tropical storm becomes a hurricane when speed increases to around 75 mph. In order to give us a bit of perspective on how often a hurricane occurs, out of 15 tropical storms half normally grew into Hurricanes - on a yearly basis.

If you do not have ample time to prepare for the hurricane in it just appears in your dream then this can suggest that situation will create a sudden amount of destruction in your life. If the hurricane in your dream crosses the coastal sea this can be connected to your emotions. You will have a difficult time in order to control your emotions going forward. To see hail or snow that accompanies the hurricane is an omen of depression. As each hurricane is associated with low pressure is a symbolism of depression in your dream. If you see hurricane on the mainland or in the distance this could suggest that there is going to be an issue over your home life in the future.

Hurricane symbolism will also serve as a warning that through devastation you will get back on your feet eventually. The dream in its hidden context and is involved with the strength that you need to carry on. To see a hurricane kill or injure people in the dream can be rather traumatic. This indicates that destruction or problems in your life in the foreseeable future is going to affect your emotions.

Hurricanes leave a path of destruction, many displaced from their homes. Leaving the land in desperate chaos. They are all given a name in alphabetical order, however if the hurricane caused allot of destruction the name retires. The next name begins with the same letter. If you dream of a specific hurricane name then this suggests that your troubles are nearing an end. If you are named after the hurricane in your dream then this indicates then the destruction in your life is your own thought.

In your dream

  • Dream of surviving a hurricane.
  • Dreams about hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • You dream a hurricane is coming or approaching.
  • The dream of a hurricane that resulted in a flooding.
  • The dream of standing in the eye of the hurricane.
  • You see a hurricane lifting objects in a dream
  • A hurricane rips off the roof of a house
  • Dying in a hurricane - loved one dies in a hurricane.

Dream of surviving a hurricane

We are all left wondering how to overcome the tremendous odds and recover from such an ordeal? To survive a hurricane in a dream illustrates is that you can have the strength in order to progress in life. The hurricane itself can be an affirmation in order to clean up one's act in life. To see people clinging to rooftops all objects in the floods indicates news of the satisfactory kind will come your way.

As the water is connected to a emotion in the dream, to see people trapped in a flood illustrates that you do have the desire to help other people emotionally. You will receive an unexpected offer to change your job which you should consider and not reject. If your possessions are destroyed in a hurricane during the dream - it indicates that worldly expectations will soon be realized. To see your possessions flying in the wind illustrates that you feel it is difficult to keep hold of material possessions. A brighter outlook ahead as predicted. The limits of the actions of the hurricane can affect our psyche. There is a sense of fear, and the use of instincts in times of crisis. To have a reoccurring dream about hurricanes indicates we need to build strength from a psychic perspective.

Dreams about hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones and typhoons.

In order to understand the differences between a tornado and hurricane. You may have seen both in a dream. The cyclone term can be applied to any type of wind that is in a circular motion. A hurricane and a typhoon are the same but found in different parts of the world. Both hurricanes and tornadoes destroy! The landscape generally gets restructured, alternatively things are left very differently. There has been accounts where rivers have merged, lakes have appeared and also hills have been wiped away. So what does this mean in a dream? It indicates that after such destruction there is a completely different perspective and change of circumstances. We can apply this in a spiritual context. The difference between having a dream of a hurricane and a tornado indicates that it is important not to miss the key areas of your life.

What are the differences between a tornado and a hurricane?

A tornado is basically air that is in a column type shape. Tornados are created on land, Hurricanes are created in water. The tornado is also smaller than the hurricane. A hurricane can be many miles wide, whereby the tornado is usually less than half a mile wide. The tornadoes don’t last for long, generally an hour or so but a hurricanes can last weeks. The volume of tornadoes in United States are around 700 per year compared to 5 to 10 Hurricanes. So now we understand the key difference we can apply this to our dream!

How do you define whether you dreamt of a hurricane or tornado?

You may have only just seen an uncontrollable spiral in your dream. Both hurricanes and tornadoes generally carry the same meaning. If you do know that you actually dreamt of a hurricane then this will carry more weight than dreaming of a tornado. Generally, a tornado is associated with a weak loss of control in dreams - where the hurricane is more prominent in life which denotes the destruction be much more impactful upon your actions.

To see any type of natural disaster connected to wind carries a clear message: try to reach a point in life and start again. There is a psychic awakening after the hurricane settles and the need to build from the loss, the loss of possessions, loss of time and live by a real sense of values.

To be affected by this natural disaster in the dream state, from a psychic perspective indicates that we need to strengthen our aura to promote the courage and confidence to overcome negative feelings. The spiritual advice is to light a white candle, the divine flame will offer a spark to help the higher self truly recover and be strong gin life.

You dream a hurricane is coming

To dream a hurricane is coming indicates possible repressed emotions. To see a hurricane approaching you in the dream, suggests that you will need to define what is important in life. You may receive some news from an unexpected source this will bring not only happiness but also worry. If you see yourself preparing for the storm, such as shutting windows and doors, going underground alternatively watching the television then this can indicate emotional tangles which may be present in love affairs. It is a warning against taking too many risks in life, generally people dream of a forthcoming hurricane when they know that their emotions bottled up inside. This dream is really an indication that you need to share your feelings with those you trust!

Nightmares about hurricanes

If you experience nightmares about hurricanes then this can be connected to your own inner fear. To see huge grey thunderclouds in the sky illustrates that it is time to shut out anything that may be hindering you in life. The hurricane From a negative context means that controlling power may be taken away from you. New will really experience challenging time ahead is a stream is associated with motions and fears in waking life. to see hurricane in addition to an earthquake indicates that there may be an event that will shock you. If the power lines or the electricity goes out in a hurricane dream and this can suggest that you are looking or seeking something important in life.

The “eye of the storm” inside the hurricane in a dream

The eye of the storm is an interesting part of the centre of the hurricane. What does it mean to see the middle, be in the middle of the storm? The centre is around 30-65 km wide, and in a strong hurricane the eye is surrounded by a tower of wind all around the walls! You can imagine standing in the middle with walls of destruction all around you! So what does the eye of the storm mean if you dream of this? To see yourself standing in the middle of the hurricane denotes emotional distress - especially if you see yourself standing in the eye of the storm. If you know the storm is approaching and you are locking the doors, sealing windows and generally creating hidden space for yourself to survive! This dream denotes that you do have protection against any problems or issues that can affect you in daily life. To stand inside the hurricane in the dream indicates you are going to see commotion around you.

Flooding in a dream

Water as a symbol is connected to our own emotions. The fact that the flooding has resulted from a hurricane indicates that your emotions are somewhat unsettled, there is a difficult situation surrounding you. If the flooding appears in your house then this can indicate that something is going to threaten the comfort of your own home. It can also denote temptation and allurement. Someone will endeavor to attract you and this could result in disaster. To be trapped in waters in the dream - due to a hurricane is an omen of possible risks. Money will come your way but will require effort.

You see a hurricane lifting objects in a dream - such as a roof

Category one hurricanes carry winds of around 95 mph. The category five hurricanes have winds of up to 150 mph. Every season there are around 10 unique hurricanes. To see the devastation of a hurricane ripping through the terrain in a dream indicates the dreamer needs to think twice before entering into any obligations or financial agreements that will tie their hands. This is really a warning dream in that you can actually see the destruction in front of you, be wary of entering any agreements or plans of people in the future.

The hurricane killed you during dream or killed others

To see a hurricane that caused death or destruction in the dream, illustrates that after a stormy period in waking life you are going to be able to solve a mystery surrounding a “specific” situation in life, you know that something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it. To see animals hurt or killed in a hurricane during the dream can be rather traumatic, it indicates that there will be some disruption in the future you will be able to overcome it.

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By Florance Saul
Sep 8, 2017