car dream dictionary meaning

What do cars mean in dreams?

Cars in dreams are about your control. Without this control, you won't be able to tap into your full potential --- to make any lasting and real change in your life, and you must change your belief system. Just like the engine in the car, it is time to take the seat and drive that engine. Think of the engine of the car like your brain. It needs a rethink - it's time to move in the right direction.

The parts of the car in your dream represent your beliefs.  What are they? This dream is urging you to think about every action, thought, and feeling you have had over the past few weeks. Are you really doing what you want in life? The dream of a car is about the power to feel good, the power to do what you want and be good. You are in the driving seat. You are good. We don’t always have people telling us this. 

Now, you can't raise your standards without taking control of your engine (the brain) so this is a great dream to have. No matter how the car was presented in the dream it is a positive one. You can go the distance, think of life like a car journey, everything needs to keep moving forward. The dream is about what you are made of. The actual symbols of your dream also mean something powerful and I will expand on these so that you can move through the easy road to lead to your greatest destination.

If you notice the car crashed or there was a problem with it this can signify a lack of control in life and worry. To see multiple cars in dreams is often associated with your relationships or anxiety. When a car is being driven fast or out of control this can reflect your own life - what is in control. The other thing I want to touch on is not giving up easily. We all do. I do. But not anymore. There is one highlight in the car dream meaning, and that is to take control and rationalize all elements of your mind --- I dare you to.

Today is a good day - and it is time for taking control.

What does a car dream mean?

I want to share with you that the car dream is an opportunity so if there is something in your waking life that you wish to control or if there is something that is worrying you - take that control. Generally, these types of dreams occur when you are feeling insecure, or a bit disordered inside I am afraid. A car crash in a dream can indicate a lack of confidence - remember you can do anything you put your mind to. I have often seen this kind of dream happen when one loses something that they care about, a job, relationship, home or money. Everyone though has the opportunity to get ahead in life.

What do car dreams mean in ancient dream books?

I have many dream books as you can imagine. Cars in ancient dream books are associated with one's reputation in life. If you see yourself or others driving recklessly this is a “warning” dream. It points to the fact that you need to watch out for bad habits and ensure that they do not result in long-term problems. You will find many different dream meanings in this article, sorry, it is a bit long...I know! I have given you a summary in the next few paragraphs - if you don’t have time to read the specific meaning. However, I do urge you to try to scroll down and find the most applicable meaning of your dream. In your dream, you may have any of the following:

  • Driven a car = lack of control - get that control back!
  • Seen a car = being focused in life - greater things are coming if you apply yourself.
  • Been a passenger in a car = you are being carried by people - what do you want?
  • Been hit by a car = a warning in life - something will hit you. Get up. Be bold!
  • Been in an unmoving car = people will ask for advice - let them lean on you.
  • Been in a car wreck = difficulties in life but you can go the distance and triumph.
  • Lost control of a car = problems resulting in others being annoyed but remember you are in control.
  • Visited someone in a car = suggests that you need to relive the past to find the answers.
  • Driven a car into something = loss of balance in life - get it back.
  • Car on fire in a dream = someone will anger you - let it go.
  • A crushed car in a dream = a situation will result in you finding the best path in life.
  • A car that is in two halves = there will be two paths that you need to choose from.
  • To dream of your old car that you no longer own = material success.
  • To drive a dream but not be able to drive in real life = good luck and you are moving in the right direction.
  • The electric car is seen in a dream = people will turn to you for advice.
  • To drive up a steep hill or fall from a drop in a dream = there are challenges that are going to lie ahead.
  • The car crashes into water in your dream = emotions will be challenged.
  • The car crashes off a cliff in a dream = change is coming.

What is the spiritual meaning of a car in a dream?

I’m going to start with the spiritual meaning of “cars” in dreams this is because I want you to gain an overview on a hierarchy level, regardless of the details of the car in your dream. The first thing I will say is that cars are associated with control and empowering your own life. Maybe you had a dream of a beautiful red Ferrari, or a luxury Mercedes or alternatively an old banger! Whatever the car the spiritual meaning still stays the same. It’s time for you to be more vigilant and prepared for the next stage.

The spiritual meaning of cars is also often associated with a strong connection to your emotions. The car represents the direction of our life. When you dream of your car going forward in a dream this can indicate that you are focused on your finances, marriage, growth, and focus on different parts of your life. The car has a range of spiritual symbols in dreams, depending on the details. 

The spiritual meaning of a car can indicate that you are feeling you need more control in a dream. If you have problems with your car in a dream, from a spiritual perspective this can indicate that you feel you are moving in different directions. If you are not in the driving seat from a spiritually perspective this dream can indicate your own spiritual realm. If your GPS is altered in a dream this dream can indicate that you are being guided by spirit. Consequently, the spiritual reason for dreaming of a car can indicate that you are trying to gain control in a situation.

As cars are associated with driving it can often be spiritually a dream connected to moving in the right direction in the waking world. I believe we all gain wisdom based on our own experiences. The car itself can provoke a challenge that you have the mental courage to move forward with confidence. There may be some problems or alternatively tasks that stimulate your mind. The car itself can be a symbolism of the challenges that you face, the good news is that I believe that car dreams basically symbolize that you are heading in the right direction. This is only applicable if, in fact, you are not reversing the car in your dream! Reversing the car in the dream from a spiritual context indicates you are going backward and you should be focusing on the future!

What does it mean to see your own car in a dream?

The fact that you see your own car in a dream is all about your own self-esteem and spirituality. Your own car is connected to your identity. In dream meaning terms your car often represents how you control your life. This dream implies an extension of what is achievable, with more confidence you can achieve anything. Generally, cars are attached to our inner emotions and can indicate spiritual progression on both a psychological and emotional level.

What is the quick meaning of a car in a dream?

Cars can be represented in many different ways during the dream state. For example: buying a car, a car crash, driving a car, having sex in a car, or alternatively losing your car. What I’ve tried to do in this dream interpretation is gather all meanings of the car dream, so I can help you better understand the meaning. Cars are generally a big part of our modern world, many people use cars on a daily basis to drive to work and back, or go to the shops. In dreams, the car itself has been associated with our own control in life. Cars can also be used as our own “identity” in waking life, for example, the car is sometimes used as to how we are perceived by others. If we drive around in a luxurious car we are perceived to be successful in life.

If we drive around in an old car it means that we have struggled to meet the material expectations of society. If you yourself are behind the wheel of a car rather than a passenger it can indicate that you are in fact in control. This is a positive dream! However, to dream that you are driving erratically and you are not in control of the vehicle then this dream is an alert of possible dangers or adjustments in waking life. Cars in dreams often have much different symbolic symbolism, from a psychological point of view the car can be associated with our own state of mind. The way the car looks and feels in a dream is represented by our own personal perception of life. From a spiritual perspective, the bodywork of a car is associated with how we are perceived by others. The steering wheel is connected to how we control our lives. The car brakes are associated with how we can overcome difficulties and finally the engine itself relates to our hidden desires and needs.

The car dream can also indicate that you will be making many visits to others in the future so it suggests “movement.” This may include visits to friends, work meetings or meetings with the family. If you are reversing the car in your dream then this shows that you feel that your life is going backward. It is important to recognize that the only way forward is to focus on yourself and change your own behavior in certain situations.

To dream that your car is crashed or alternatively you drive your car into something (like a wall) generally implies that you have a significant fear of failure in life. Driving in the opposite direction in a car can indicate the need to re-evaluate your life. If you had a dream that a child or a baby was driving the car this can suggest that you are finding it hard to control your feelings in regards to your family.

What does the car symbolize in your dream?

There is something I want to say, there are certain occasions a car can also symbolize a lack of responsibility for actions in the waking world. It is important that you do not feel that you are left behind in any matters with regards to the future. Now, if anything breaks on the car such as your tires, window screen, parts, engine, or glass windows then this can be a symbol of something broken in your life. In fact, to see anything else “broken” in the car can suggest that you really love what you are doing job-wise but you feel that things are broken. You may wish to discover what tasks you need to focus on in the future.

I believe the car in dreams suggests parts of your life that are associated with your “goals” or for example you may see yourself traveling in fast directions. If you do so, it is a great symbol and indicates the need to uncover new opportunities in the area of work. To buy a new car in a dream means you need to improve your own self-esteem. To buy a new car suggests doorways in your future and possibly doorways into new opportunities. Maybe you will get a promotion or move jobs if you are being driven by another.

It might be somewhat frightening, but to see a car crash that includes children in the car means you must drive safely. I always drive extra carefully after having a dream of a car crash as you never know! There is a fantastic time in life if you see a racing car in your dream. To dream of a woman in a car indicates that someone will bring supportive opportunities in life. If you see more than one car in your dream this is also positive. Or you see a fairground ride car (such as a bumper car) suggests your destiny will be clear, in the world of work. You will be attracting greater abundance and lasting success. Ok, so that is a quick summary of various things that may have occurred in your dream, but now I will go into more detail so scroll down to find your dream!

What is the dream psychology around cars in dreams?

The famous dream psychologist Carl Jung believed the car is associated with our own hidden ego. In Jungian psychology, the car dream indicates the layers or masks of our own characteristics. The dream itself is connected to our own personality traits and characteristics. Carl Jung also looked at what passengers signify - he believed that they are a representation of our progress or encouragement. As we all know, cars are associated with many paths, roads, and ultimately opportunities. From a psychological perspective, a dream of cars can indicate our own hidden power or control in life. If you are alone in the car during your dream this can suggest independence or even reliance upon others. If the car loses complete control in your dream then this indicates there is a situation that you have been trying to control with little success. How can you gain better control?

What does it mean to drive a car in a dream?

Simply driving a car in a dream indicates how you plan on moving forward. The meaning of this dream is that you need to focus on your own path in life. As all cars are connected to the movement, driving in a dream is just that! Driving forward. I can remember one of my dreams. I was driving my car in a dream once and suddenly I was driving too fast. I was not in control of the vehicle. This type of dream indicates events in the waking world are happening too fast. To dream of driving along a road indicates that you are focused at work and heading in the right direction in life. If you are driving on a bumpy road in a dream this suggests that you are encountering sexual frustrations. If you are driving fast and you cannot control things in your dream or to be whizzing through the road is a common dream. This type of dream can indicate the feeling that you cannot go back on past mistakes in life!

What was your position in the car during the dream?

Are you sitting in the passenger seat? If so, this means you feel out of control. To sit in the back seat in a car indicates that you will let people take a lead in life. To be in the driving seat implies that you are in control so well done. Now, the actual position that “you” are sitting in the car during your dream is important. As we have already defined the car itself indicates our “own personal control in life.” It can also suggest that we are going in a certain direction, and according to Carl Jung, this dream is connected to our own social status and self-image.

What is the biblical meaning of cars in dreams?

The biblical meaning of cars in the dream is focused on how we run the course of our life. The car biblically can be associated with the define, the lights could be seen as spiritual lights. The car enables us to spiritually travel to places and it is worth noting that in biblical terms the dream could be associated with the tree of life, in that you are moving swiftly in life from one phase to another. Spiritually it could mean driving places and opening up your creativity. The color of the vehicle is also important as the car becomes the extension of the divine self. The holy ghost can transport itself to you. In the New Testament in Acts 8:39 an event was recorded where the holy spirit transported when the spirit of the Lord caught away Philip.  In Psalm 126 it states “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” therefore, if you have been having conflict the car dream biblically can indicate that joy will be yours.

Cars often appear spiritually in our dreams when we are looking to control aspects of our life. The biblical meaning of driving cars in dreams is associated with your spiritual direction in life. Moving forward in a dream can be connected to your focus in life, business relationships, unions, and partnerships or your growth spiritually. Obviously, in the bible, there is no mention of the car in those times. There have been reports that cars were in fact around in biblical times and considered modes of transport.

Peter 2:17 reads "driven by a storm for whom the black darkness has been reserved" the black darkness has been discussed as being associated with transport, and that in life we all have storms and try to overcome our problems. Miracles happen every day but also tragedies, the number one killer is automobile crashes, there is a connection between the biblical meaning of this dream and struggles in daily life. Resilience, emotional intelligence, and direction in life are infused into the biblical meaning of driving a car in a dream. Sometimes when we have been through a difficult period of time we find it hard to bounce back from difficult times and even though we become stronger, the last part of a war with someone we feel weak, we feel that we cannot go on and want to give up. This is the most difficult part of when we are fighting with someone. 

What is the biblical meaning of driving a car with a child inside?

If we turn to Proverbs 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame." this is about discipline, we all need discipline in life. If you dream of driving the car with your children on board it can indicate the road they are taking in life. If we turn to Psalm 127:3 all children are "a heritage of god" they trust their parents with their care. Scriptures point to driving a car with a child on board is a direct association of how we care for our children to make them successfully function in society. 

What is the biblical meaning of driving a car forward in a dream?

Driving a car forward biblically in a dream indicates that it is time to move a part of our life forward. This is about willpower and self-control, maybe you have had to choose your battles wisely. This is a time where you need to be alert and ensure you have a nerve in order to ensure that you have rewards. This dream is about power shifts and the control of your thinking brain. A car that is moving in different directions can indicate that you need to develop your relationships, manage your emotions and improve the quality of your own emotional skills. There are many ways this dream about driving forward is associated with increasing your awareness.

Self-awareness: The biblical meaning of a dream where you see yourself driving forward is about the ability to focus on emotions and put yourself in motion too strongly. This dream is about your strengths moving forward and limitations on how emotions impact yourself and others. It can signal that you want to move quickly in a situation in waking life but you are being limited somehow. The dream could also indicate that you need to focus on moving forward calmly in the face of aversion. We all have difficult situations in life that challenge us, without such challenges it is hard for us to understand what we need to do moving forward. Dreaming of driving a car biblically can indicate that we need to be aware of said challenges. If we review Ephesians 6:12 ESV / 91 it states “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” 

Control: The biblical meaning of driving forward in a dream can indicate that you need to limit making rushed decisions. It can imply that you are taking responsibility for your actions when someone annoys you. There is also a component that will allow you to look at all the possibilities in life. This dream is about how you control your own possible goals, internal motivations, and your curiosity and energy going forward. 

What is the biblical meaning of driving backwards / reversing in a dream?

If you have been experiencing problems and driving backward this is about making choices and these could make you feel a sense of dread then it is not uncommon to dream of driving backward when a choice needs to be made. This dream indicates the need to understand that you need to balance solitude and also togetherness with your own spiritual life. Dreaming backward can indicate a problem with a situation where things seem to take a turn for the worse. 

In 2 Kings 20:9 the bible verse says “This shall be the sign to you from the Lord, that the Lord will do the thing that He has spoken: shall the shadow go forward ten steps or go back ten steps?” It is about understanding your shadows when you dream of reversing in a car. This dream is normal when we are going through difficulties in life. You need to remain strong in the face of such difficulties.

How was the journey in the dream?

The other aspect of this dream is to think about the journey itself. Was the car going fast? Was it bumpy? Are you accelerating? Did you see any obstacles or challenges in the way? If the journey was quite smooth it can indicate that the path you are on is the correct one. If there are any obstacles in your way, such as traffic lights or diversions this can signify difficulties.

What does it mean to see a car hit you or others in a dream?

If in your dream you see a hit or run or a vehicle “runs” people over in a dream this can suggest that you are feeling apprehension about letting someone down. To be “hit” by a car in a dream can suggest that other people will move quicker than you at work. Make sure you try to keep abreast of any changes. If the car hits a dog or a cat in a dream this can indicate challenging times ahead.

What does it mean when you are driving your own car in a dream?

Most people dream of driving their own car, alternatively being a passenger in their own vehicle, which is a common dream. By driving your own car indicates you have to be ready for any challenges that come along. These challenge might not be the ones that you want but with foresight and logic, you can overcome anything. To drive your own car in a dream signifies a mission will be accomplished. I believe that it is now the time to enjoy yourself and indulging your successes. On a positive note, you are going in the right direction and in the right way to see yourself behind the wheel of your own vehicle. This dream indicates that you are rather self-reliant and hold a good sense of independence.

What does it mean to see reckless driving in a dream?

Often, people dream of driving the car erratically, into a ditch or alternatively you can see that the car rears onto the other side of the road. So, if your driving is dangerous in any way then this dream is linked to a readiness to communicate and exchange ideas with others particularly in a relationship. Such a dream is trying to tell you that you must see other people’s viewpoints when it comes to movement and control matters. It is also important to try to leave the past behind. I believe that if you dream of crashing your car then this suggests that there is going to be a situation that will seem out of control you will be able to grasp the problem and succeed!

What does it mean when you lose your car in a dream?

We are always losing stuff in waking life. Yes, I do! So have you lost your wallet or purse recently? Maybe you can’t find your car keys or the remote control goes missing down the side of the sofa. In daily life we often lose many different types of things every week, we find them then forget we lost them. What is it mean to dream of losing your car? This is connected to your own inner motivation in life. This is a dream where you need to provoke change. Perhaps you are thinking about your mental state and also the courage that you need to move forward then this dream is a wake-up call in that you need to be more honest about your needs or desires in life. When you lose your car in a dream try to consider your challenges and stand up for yourself and your life.

The car can also indicate that you are feeling a lack of direction and you don’t know which way to turn, it can mean that there is a certain amount of unhappiness in your waking life. If you are unable to find your car in the dream then it can indicate you are going through life blinded to the truth. Sometimes this dream can occur many times during a year. Once, I dreamed that my car was submerged in water, to lose your car in water, mud, sand or sinking in the soil during the dream can suggest that you need to stop deceiving yourselves as you know inside the right answers. In my dreams, when I have dreamed of losing the car or a car being lost at sea this can indicate the need to look for a way forward in life. Try to turn a situation to a positive outcome!

What does it mean to dream of losing car keys?

If you are losing your car keys in a dream then I honestly believe that this is just a metaphor of losing something in life. Now, losing your car keys is probably one of the most common dreams - especially based on the volume of people trying to search for the meaning! I believe it means you need “mental courage” in life. That you need to be honest and truthful to yourself - that is my advice to you.

What does it mean when a car will not start a dream or a car battery?

I feel this dream often occurs when you are overworked or you are in a relationship whereby you are not focused on the challenges in life. The car battery can be featured in many different ways in a dream, and ultimately this dream is about questions or problems or tasks that stimulate your mind. If you have a recurring dream where your car battery dies, or you try to restart your car battery it can indicate that you are feeling drained in life. My advice is to think about your own situation at work. This dream often occurs “spiritually” when you are basically not holding charge of the situation, the car battery in a dream can also signify that you need to slow down and think about other people.

Now, if the car will not start in the dream then this can suggest a fundamental change in life. In dreams that people have sent to me regarding the car battery, I always reply to the fact there is a danger that you are going to burn yourself out in the near future. The car battery can also extend to our social arrangements at work. Try not to deceive others and be honest if you do not want to attend a social engagement. The battery is connected to how we're feeling inside, overworked and underpaid are keywords that come to my mind when interpreting dreams that are connected to car batteries. So don’t overdo it!

What does it mean to dream of car racing?

Don’t we all love a bit of car racing! Maybe you are seeing yourself racing a car, or you are seeing a number of cars racing against another, or you could see the Grand Prix or an official car racing match. But what does it mean in your dream? Car racing is connected to our hopes and fears in life. The good news is that you can navigate through life successfully. To see speeding cars can indicate success in love, work or financial matters. To be the driver behind a racing car indicate your aspirations in life, if you are speeding along a racing track in a dream this can indicate that you have ideas and expectations and you are going to live up to them.

What does it mean to dream of a car accident?

In order to decode this dream further, we need to turn to the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud. What did he think about the car accident in dreams? The first thing I will say is that this dream psychologist was practiced in the 1930s. His beliefs might be somewhat outdated because in the modern world we are so much more focused on our cars, yes... don’t you just love your car! Freud did believe that a car featured in a dream can indicate some maneuvers of our unconscious mind. He also believed that our dreams are usually associated with events that happen in our daily life, for example, it could be that you have seen a car accident on the television thus, this has ultimately resulted in your dream.

According to Carl Jung (another dream psychologist from the 1930s) to see a car accident in a dream is connected to a traumatic experience and anxiety in waking life. The anxiety or nightmares that you received during the dream state is a result of a worry that you have. Now, this may not necessarily be in associated with the actual car in a dream so don’t wake up and actually think you are suddenly going to have an accident today! This dream is generally connected to the fact that the accident signifies a pent-up feeling of anxiety. I have covered this above but if you dream that you are hit by a car while walking along the street or running away in a dream - then the meaning needs to be analyzed from a spiritual context. This dream is connected to potential danger or loss of control. Why are you feeling a loss of control? Try to meditate on the answers. The traditional dream meaning of an accident is a warning in life. This is from a spiritual context. Dreams are associated with hidden aggression in life. If we turn The psychological view of a car accident can suggest your hidden behavior possible problems in life. Dream psychologists have written that cars in accidents are connected to how we view our life.

What does it mean to dream of a car garage?

A car garage in your dream indicates that you need to repair something in your waking life. The car garage itself as a metaphor for something that needs to be fixed or mended. If you are in a broken-down car and you see a car garage or rescue truck in a dream, this can indicate that other people are going to have to support you through a difficult situation in life. A broken-down car represents that there is an issue in waking life that has been problematic from the start. If you are sitting and waiting for your car to be fixed in a car garage during the dream state, this suggests that the matter what happens you’re going to let others focus on helping you reach your goals in life.

What does it mean to dream of renting a car?

There are many ways of renting a car that can occur in a dream. Maybe you leased a car - alternatively if you rent a car in your everyday life or you went on holiday and rented a car this dream does not have a “spiritual” meaning. But what if you have not rented a car in real life, what does your dream mean then? In spiritual terms renting a car indicates that there is going to be a situation that is somewhat “temporary” this will make you feel a loss of control in life. This could possibly be a difficult time at work or in a relationship that is close to your heart. I have had many dreams of renting cars, each time I have attributed the meaning to feeling somewhat out of control in life, as renting a car is normally a temporary measure the good news is that it indicates that the problem is likely to be temporary.

What is the dream interpretation of a fast car?

Seeing a fast car can suggest that things are going crazy! Excuse my language here because I don’t want to worry you in any way as it is a great dream to have. The fast car dream I normally associate or connect with the “wheel” tarot card. It basically means that fate is at work! There are going to be some quick decisions and the focus for you is on a brighter tomorrow. Additionally, this dream can also symbolize that things are going to move in waking life at an accelerated rate. Decisions reached quicker than lightning! If the car was going fast and you are unable to slow down the car it can suggest a lack of control.

What does it mean to dream of a car crash?

If a car crash is featured in a dream this can be rather worrying, especially if while sleeping you are in a lucid dream state and the crash seems real. I have mentioned before that driving a car is all about moving in the right direction in life. Therefore, if you crash the car in a dream this can indicate that there are going to be some changes or worries in the near future. Try not to focus on achieving too much at the moment. There is a very small chance that you need to be more careful when driving your car. It is very highly unlikely you are going to go outside and have a car crash after having this dream. However, I will say that you need to be somewhat vigilant on the roads if you did dream of a car crash and it appeared vivid.

What do car headlights mean in a dream?

Car headlights in a dream are associated with disillusionment in life. The headlights can represent that you need to be more honest with yourself. If the car lights are on high beam during your dream then this indicates you’re letting your heart totally overrule your head. You are trying to see the right way forward but things seem to be rather uncertain. If the car headlights will not work during your dream this can indicate that you will form an objective view - but there will be limitations. To not be able to see where you are going in a car during the dream can indicate that you shall focus on moving forward in life. You have a problem that is possibly quite awkward or difficult to resolve. If the bulb goes in the headlights during the dream then this can suggest that you are trying to move towards success. If you find yourself in darkness during the dream then this can imply that you are feeling a defensive opposition, most notably connected to work.

What does it mean to dream of car wrecks?

Firstly the good news! A car wreck seen in a dream indicates that you’re going to clear the air - there may have been lots of doubt and confusion around you. Now, for the process of this dream meaning “a car wreck” is defined as multiple cars piled high in a dream. You could have seen a traffic collision, crash, or cars in a salvage yard. So, to see cars piled high indicates that something is not going to go to plan.

What does it mean to see a black car in a dream?

So, what does a black car dream mean? Dreams of a black car are focused on our own subconscious mind. Basically, your mind is trying to focus on a particularly difficult situation in waking life. The color black has been associated with hiding thoughts in spiritual terms, therefore this indicates you could encounter a situation will end up being rather difficult. Try to review any external factors that will affect how you succeed in life. This dream can also be connected to a “personal choice” you will soon make.

The actual color black in spiritual terms is connected to as I have mentioned hiding thoughts but also transformation, grounding, excess energies, and difficult patterns in life. Black also indicates that there may be some sort of illusion around you at the moment. Therefore, the black car and indicate you need to look at the different energy that is surrounding you. The fact that you are dreaming of a black car can also indicate that there is people or situations that could be hindering a successful spiritual journey. Black indicates that you need to try to move away from difficult people and find a balance of communication. Interestingly, black is associated with the body area of the feet in reflexology. Obviously, we drive with our feet and it can indicate that there is a time at the moment whereby require balance and perseverance. The best advice I can give for having a dream of a black car is that you need to seek balance. The fact that you are driving or seeing a black car indicates that you need to focus on your life and your own direction.

What does it mean to see a red car in a dream?

To see a red car in your dream can suggest there is a burning passionate objective that you wish to meet. If we look at the color red its simplest form it has the most wavelength of any color on the spectrum. It can also indicate passion in life. To drive a red car in a dream is associated with our passion and sexual nature in life. After all, everything in life is balanced and the red car in a dream indicates that you will have confidence, power, action, and honesty in all areas of your life. If however, the red car was out of control in your dream it can suggest that things will eventually become visible that you have not been able to see the wood through the trees for some time.

If you see a red car stolen in the dream this can suggest that there are many different positive attributes in your life. It can mean that you are focusing more on the negative side of life - rather than the positive. If you see an unknown red car in a dream this is basically the fear of losing something. Red is very much focused on the color of action, therefore spiritually this dream means a lot of things can happen in the near future. In terms of luxury cars, especially the 1980s red Ferraris or other branded sports cars were quite popular. To see a luxury red car in your dream indicates that you will do the very best things for others. It can also mean that you are feeling challenged and possibly lack control in material affairs. A luxury car (no matter what color) represents that you have many options to make money. This is just my personal opinion after reading many different dream dictionary books.

What does selling a car mean in a dream?

Selling a car in a dream can indicate that there is going to be a time in the future where you going to contemplate on changing jobs. A car, after all, is all about how we are in control. Selling a car means that we are selling our sense of control. Sometimes it is difficult to face change and if you see yourself in a car dealership with many different cars to choose from and this can indicate there will be many choices open to you. If you are selling a car to an individual in your dream this can imply that you are trying to persuade others in the future.

Your opinion will be valued. If you sell your own car in a dream this means that you don’t want the extra responsibilities at work. To see your car advertised in the newspaper or to sell your car on the internet in the dream state indicates that you do not wish to take control of a work situation. Additionally, it can mean that you want to step back. My advice is to take time out - recuperate and think about what you actually want from your life. If you notice or encounter a car salesman in the dream this can suggest that someone is going to try to sell you an idea! Try to take some time for yourself to find out if you really want what you will be offered in life. In ancient dream dictionaries selling a car in a dream indicates that you could owe someone money in life.;

What does it mean to see a white car in a dream?

A white car in your dream is connected to our innocence in life. White is also a sign of success from a spiritual sense. As we have already outlined in the opening of this dream meaning, the car itself is associated with the control that we have in life. White cars have become somewhat popular in life, this is due to the fact that they have been mass-produced and that it's more expensive to color the car in an alternative shade. In fact, I’ve just looked along my street most of the cars happen to be white.

White cars are definitely popular where I live. In fact, it has become the most popular color for cars. Now, it's important for us to reflect on the actual dream meaning of the white car, it symbolizing how we move forward in life and our control. The white car therefore in dreams, can indicate your innocence, peace and vision are being challenged at the moment. There is not much detail on the dream interpretation of white cars in most dream dictionary books.

For me to identify the significant dream meaning we have to look at the color white from a spiritual perspective. So what does white mean? White in spiritual terms indicates that we will learn the truth in life. If we look at the biblical meaning of white, this color is connected to the truth of faith. Putting on white garments is also popular in religion. It indicates a sense of innocence and also a connection to heaven.

There has been much research in the fact that cars also indicate our own bodies, therefore as white is a very spiritual color it can signify our own self-control. If you have reoccurring dreams of a white car, perhaps you see a white car in an accident there is a niggling doubt in my mind that it might be best not to buy a white car! I know that dreams are not connected to events that happen in reality but when a dream appears multiple times you have to really take notice!

What does it mean to see a blue car in your dream?

Blue cars seen in a dream are connected to our own emotions in life. Blue signifies (from a spiritual perspective) calmness and tranquility. This shade of blue is also important when analyzing your dream. If you could see a dark blue car this indicates that there are shadows and hidden problems around you. If you see a pale blue car in your dream this can suggest that you are going to succeed in life.

The actual details of driving the blue car are also equally important you may wish to take a more passive approach to life. If you are a passenger in a blue car this is a positive dream. If you are sitting in the backseat of the blue car this can indicate that despite everything you need to let others take control. I believe the blue car is actually rather popular, many users have emailed me asking me to interpret the blue car's meaning. All I can say is that the dream of a blue car is connected to your overall calmness and assertiveness in life. You must remain calm in the face of adversity. This is the key message that I’m going to convey. In time, if you see the blue car in a dream it can suggest that things are going to be somewhat successful.

What does it mean to see a new car in your dream?

Don’t we all love the smell of a brand-new car! If you are buying yourself a new car in a dream this is positive. To pick up a new car in your dream suggests new possibilities in life. If you are riding a new car in your dream or alternatively you see a new car in a garage in your dream indicates that there is going be a new challenge and great possibilities in the future. Most dream dictionaries denote that seeing a new car indicates change, control, and also power over others.

If we look at the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung he believed that our dreams are connected to symbolism in the waking world. It could also represent that you are thinking about buying a new car and this is the reason for your dream. I personally believe that seeing a new car in a dream is a positive experience and you should take on any new challenges that will come your way.

What does it mean if you cannot find your car in the dream?

I must share something with you before you move on. I had the really embarrassing experience of going to a car park and not being able to find my car (this is in real life) and I actually thought it had been stolen and the police were called. After about an hour I was able to find the car in a certain car park position that was very similar to where I thought I’d parked. Yes, totally embarrassing! So has this happened to you? Maybe you lost your car and this was the trigger for your dream? This is a Jungian perspective. So what does it mean if you cannot find your car in the dream state? To not be able to find your car in a dream indicates that you are feeling a complete and utter lack of control. It can suggest that other people have probably let you down and spiritually this is a “wake-up call” that it is time to find yourself.

What does it mean to dream that your car is stolen?

Having your car stolen in dreams is connected to possible deception in life. Perhaps you are concerned about your sense of belonging or security in your job. The car itself, according to Carl Jung is your personal ego. It is representative of your own personality and control in life. Oh, dear! I have had many of these dreams, as mentioned earlier in this article. Having your car stolen in a dream also suggests that you have multiple insecurities in life. Perhaps you are focusing on the truth and are trying to find yourself again. I always believe that when your car is stolen in a dream there is somebody in your life that are being dishonest this could be a friend or partner. Having your car stolen also indicates that you feel wrapped up in your own internal emotions. Do you have a clear and rational view of life? I have gone into more detail about this dream if you visit this page by clicking here.

What is the dream interpretation of a passenger?

So what do I think? To be a passenger in a car during a dream can suggest that you are feeling confused or unsure what to do next. You don’t actually feel in control of your life. If the car crashes and you are a passenger this can indicate that you are feeling vulnerable and at the moment. If you are in the back seat as a passenger in the car during a dream it can suggest the darker side of your own nature, the unknown parts. If you are driving and you have passengers in the car this can suggest that you are feeling that other people are supporting you in waking life.

What does it mean to see a standard transmission can in a dream?

A standard transmission car seen in the dream has a slightly different meaning than an automatic. To see yourself in “control” of a gear stick illustrates that even though you feel that things are out of control you are in fact “in control.” This dream often occurs when we are looking at our own personal goals. The dream can also represent how you feel about the possibility of disappointment in life. The gear stick in your dream indicates that you are in control of the car, it is not automatic which can suggest that there is going to be alternative plans and actions going forward! To get the gear stick stuck in the dream indicates that you will come up with a number of workable plans.

What does it mean to dive a car off the road in a dream?

This is never an easy dream to have. Driving the car off the road can indicate that you are taking the wrong turning in life. The dream itself might be a representation of a particular need. You are vigilant and prepared for the next stage of any situation no matter how it turns out. This dream is a warning that you need to have foresight and logic in life. Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to communicate your ideas and work out the best way forward. If you drive your car into a ditch during the dream it can show that the people around you are being honest that you are not sure about how truthful they really are. If you drive your car off a cliff in a dream then this is a warning to stop deceiving yourself you don’t always know all the answers.

What does it mean to avoid an accident in a car?

To avoid a car accident a dream is generally a positive omen. It can often be a metaphor that you are going to avoid a difficult situation in the future. To dodge an accident in a car indicates that you are coming to terms with yourself and other people around you. Spiritually, to avoid an accident in a dream means that you’re going to move forward and perhaps choose a pathway and follow the right signposts in life. It can mean that sometimes you don’t listen to anyone’s advice. Beware of being too careless, this is the reason why the accident actually occurred in your dream! The positive news is that you avoided the car crash in the dream - which is a positive sign and omen.

What does a parked car in a dream mean?

Parked car dreams can take many different forms. Maybe you were driving and trying to avoid a parked car, you could be in a multi-story car park and dodged parked cars. You could have even found yourself among hundreds of parked cars. What does it mean? To dream of parked cars indicates problems. Think each car is an obstacle in life. You need to overcome your problems and you can do so quite successfully.

What does it mean to drive into a wall in your dream?

Crashing into a wall in a dream can often indicate a problem in life. In my view, this dream denotes that there is a clear sign that emotionally you need to connect with other people. The wall can suggest that you are facing some “roadblocks” in life and it is a clear sign that you need to overcome your own fears. Deep down it indicates that you have been feeling out of control.

What does a broken-down car mean?

A broken-down car in a dream is connected to stepping back and rethinking in life. Perhaps you need to create a new strategy or direction, that is totally different. If you cannot start your car in the dream this means that you are perhaps at a crossroads. You feel that the control has slipped away from you in recent years and you’ve got to start again. You will begin to grow and move forward in life.

What does it mean to dream of a luxury car?

The luxury car featured in a dream can indicate that you have done well so far. The luxury car is connected to material wealth, everything you have done has paid off, and will feel a little more confident about your abilities in life. You have everything now but what is next? I believe that the luxury car dream indicates it is time to take a look at your progress so far, think about how you performed at work and how you can move forward. If you are driving a luxury sports car it suggests you need to be honest with yourself there is a challenge that is coming soon and the opportunity to pave the way for more riches. To see an Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Bentley, BMW, or Acura in your dream can suggest that you are looking for flawless quality in life.

What does it mean to dream of an out-of-control car?

Oh, my goodness the “out of control car!” So what does the out-of-control car mean in your dream? This dream often alarms people, it is never nice to actually be completely out of control. If you are driving extremely fast then this indicates you’re projecting your own greatest fears in the dream state. But surprisingly an out-of-control car is a positive omen. Remember that after any difficulties there is always a new beginning. This dream simply implies that something has reached the end of its cycle. If the brakes don’t work in a dream it can indicate the lack of results no matter what you do.

What does it mean to dream of being in a car with a friend, partner, family members, such as a brother, sister, mother, dad, or grandparents?

Many people have dreams of seeing a car full of friends, a family member or a partner. This dream is about luck and chance, it can indicate the strength and courage in your relationship. Perhaps the people seen in your dream give you an indication of how to move your life forward. If you know the people that you are driving with your dream it indicates you are feeling in control of the situation. It can also often represent your self-awareness and tolerance of others. There are different areas of your life that will bring you success and also inner strength and stamina. Dreaming of being in a car with an ex-partner indicates that you will eventually get through any difficult times in life. The person represented in the car can also indicate that they can perhaps give you gentle guidance if you so need it.

What does it mean to dream of seeing fog and mud in connection with a car in a dream?

If you dreamed that your car was submerged in either fog or mud it can indicate that you are now in a position to stand your ground but you are feeling a conflict between you and others. It can also suggest the need to encounter a sense of resistance in life. To see fog on the road in your dream can suggest that you’re having a battle with your conscious mind, finding it difficult to make a stand or see-through any difficulties. Let’s get back to basics, fog obstructs our view in life, it is connected to not only air which is the spiritual representation of how we communicate but also our emotional feelings which is water. If you are unable to see the road due to thick fog then this can suggest that you have reached the end of a cycle in life.

You need to undertake some transformation in order to see your way going forward. Let’s now turn to the meaning of mud in relation to your car in a dream! The mud in dreams is connected to our own thoughts about a situation in waking life, mud from a spiritual context is representative of our own grounded facts. As mud is found in the earth it is spiritual in nature. Ok, this dream in its simple form is connected to the lessons we learn in life. If the mud appears to be thick and traps your car wheels then this dream can suggest that you are going to have some confusion about how to move forward in life. If you dream that cars are passing you by and your windshield is splattered with mud, this dream indicates that there may be some internal conflict in life. What do I mean by that? Maybe a friend will demand a lot of attention from you. Especially if the mud itself sticks to your vehicle in a dream. The mud represents that you are not thinking clearly.

What does it mean to have sex in a car during the dream state?

I must admit when I was a teenager we did have sex in cars, this was partially due to the fact that we couldn’t have sex in the house, so the car seemed the better option. That was over 20 years ago now! Yikes! Having sex in a car in real life can be somewhat fun no matter what age you are. This led me some time ago to understand what is the meaning when you have this type of sex dream? The details are equally important, so try to think about the position that you were in during the dream state - were you happy? What I mean is that was having sex in the car essentially a happy and loving dream?

If so, this is a positive dream. So, if you could see backseat action during the dream it indicates that you are in a happy and content in a relationship. If you are single and you dream of having sex in a car this can often be connected to your sexual frustration in life! Freud always believed that our dreams are related to sexual frustration. When I think about this dream, I often relive the moment in the Titanic film, where we could see the “steamy windows” and the buzz of sex in the car. Many different dream psychologists actually associate driving a car in a dream with our own need for sex in real life. Sex dreams, like most other dreams, are often connected to our own hidden desires and waking life. If the dream was worrying or unsettled you in any way then it could be associated with that you want to have more control in life, the car itself could be the symbolism of power.

What does it mean to see an automatic car in a dream?

Generally, most cars are automatic. So what does it mean to see an automatic car in the dream? Cars are often quite a common dream to have. We can assume that the automatic car is connected to our spiritual journey throughout life. The car itself is a representation of our social status and identity in life. If you are driving an automatic car then this indicates that you like to focus on your own goals in life. If however, the car is being driven recklessly or causes danger in any way then this dream is connected to how you subconsciously connect with other people.

In dream dictionaries, automatic transmission cars indicate that things are going to be focused on happiness and contentment in life. This is a positive dream. It can indicate any problems that are out of control and are often solved in the most appropriate manner. I believe that if you dreamed of an automatic car being driven on its own then this dream can suggest that you feel that events are not on the right path. Perhaps your life is somewhat bubbling along and you are unable to grasp or control situations.

What does it mean to see a traffic light in a dream?

Traffic lights seen in dreams are rather interesting. In my dream analysis, I found the traffic lights symbolize that you are holding back. The three colors of the traffic light consist of: red, amber, and green. In the USA a traffic light is generally yellow in color, in England they are black. We all know that the green light allows us to proceed in life. It is no different in the dream state. Thus, to see a green traffic light indicates that you are going to have a number of wonderful opportunities opening up for you. If you stop at the red light in a dream, then spiritually this can suggest that there will be some minor delays that you will encounter in life. To see a flashing amber light indicates that you need to get ready for new changes on the horizon.

To see a sign that says walk or don’t walk in the dream is connected to a delay in life. To encounter a pedestrian crossing in a dream can suggest the need to have more control in life. To run a red light or if you speed past a traffic light in a dream this indicates you may have low energy at the moment. If the traffic lights are LED (commonly seen in Australia) this dream can imply that you will encounter some risk in life.

What does it mean to dream of visiting a car wash in your dream?

If you dream of visiting a car wash in a dream, this is in connection to a part of you that you wish to clean that is currently suppressed. Of course, the dream can feature either an electronic or manual car wash. The actual details of the car were are not that important they both have the same meaning. Your feelings at the moment indicate that you need your own life in order to grow. It could just be that the car wash is a reminder that in life we need to start again. Many people experience the dream of the car wash and normally from this can learn the obstacles in their current life. It may be a complete nightmare and the car wash results in negative consequences. It is completely natural to be scared if the car wash was negatively featured in your dream.

What car dreams have I encountered?

Now, I can remember not long ago I dreamed that my car kept been stolen I could see my car in the distance in the dream and someone driving away in my car. Interestingly, about a month ago I had another dream where I encountered a car crash only a few weeks ago I dreamed that I took my car to be cleaned and washed at my local car wash and when I returned the car was no longer there! The plates were changed and alternatively, the car was stolen. Yes, very strange that I have had many dreams about my car and this led me on the path to discovering not only the spiritual but also the psychological meaning.

In conclusion, I hope that you enjoyed this article and the decoded your car dream. Thank you for visiting! There are many sources I have used for this dream interpretation as follows:

What is the conclusion of the car dream?

Sources on writing the dream about cars

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Positive changes are afoot if

You drove the car to an ideal location You were in charge of directions or driving the car. You visited someone close to you with your car. You had someone you love with you in the car.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

Your future hopes and goals. Family members, friends, and loved ones, especially those you feel distanced from. Work meetings or a very busy lifestyle. Fear of failing or not achieving a goal. Controlling your own destination.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of cars

Controlled. In control. Uncontrollable. Afraid. Happy. Adventurous. Responsible. Active. Alone. Spiritual. Interested. Imaginative. Watched. Being scared. Desirous. Restricted. Public. Anxiety. Worry. Strange impulses. Force. Ambition. Secretive. Spied. Examination. Competitive. Searching.. Fearful. Mundane.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012