Dream Of Brushing Teeth

Dream of brushing teeth

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Brushing of teeth in dreams is generally a positive omen. Teeth in dreams generally indicate power, conflict, strength and the act of “brushing” your teeth clean can imply you are trying to express these important emotions to others. Our mouth also indicates how we communicate and express ourselves.

I must say though, in terms of odd dreams there is nothing stranger than seeing yourself or others brushing teeth. In fact, I had this repetitive dream night after night for about a week. I kept seeing myself leaning over the bathroom sink brushing my teeth with a red toothbrush. Sometimes I would spit blood into the sink and one dream my teeth actually fell out while I was brushing them.

I asked my priest in church on Sunday to uncover the biblical dream meaning of “brushing teeth.” Interestingly, he said that brushing our teeth in dreams could be a fear of communication, and brushing teeth and then seeing them fall out or bleeding can indicate a lack of spiritual vision. He said that I might need some advice on how to manage my own power over others and that I need to redefine my goals and finances. Scripture uses teeth to communicate how “powerful people are.” After a long chat, myself and the priest concluded, there are phrases in the bible that include “gnashing of teeth” therefore, as a biblical symbol, teeth can symbolize internal power and human anger. If you look at Job 41:14 teeth are used as fear and in range in Job 16:9. This made perfect sense to me! Moving on from the biblical meaning I will now look at the spiritual meaning of dreaming of brushing your teeth. 

To brush your teeth in a bathroom and look into the mirror can indicate you need to be more assertive and “reply” on yourself more. The thing that really resonated with me was that this is a message we have heard since childhood. I remember my mum saying “Brushing your teeth before bed”. 

Is the dream of brushing teeth good or bad?

I do feel this dream is generally a great omen. Even though “teeth” dreams are considered negative in most dream dictionaries. I feel that seeing yourself brushing your own teeth is much more positive. In welsh dream lore brushing someone else’s teeth is lucky to dream and that you are about to attend a particular social event, such as a wedding. If the dream was a nightmare, then I feel the dream is still positive and was sent in order for you to understand what you to reflect on your self-image. There are many reasons why we would have this dream. (which I outline below) A toothbrush without bristles is an extremely negative sign that can suggest a very tricky situation. To dream of your own toothbrush, is however a lucky omen but to borrow one indicates that you will face communication problems. 

What is the general dream meaning of brushing your teeth?

Interestingly, about 80% of all Americans have some sort of gum disease. When one brushes their teeth in real life we are helping prevent periodontal or gum disease, which is the main reason for losing our lovely teeth.  

To see yourself actually “brushing” teeth at your own bathroom sink in a dream can indicate that you are trying to get a new start – or to wash away your troubles. Dreaming of brushing your teeth somewhere else (such as a hotel or friend's house) can suggest that you are temporary going to change your goals. To dream of using your toothbrush can indicate that you need a “clean break.” 

If the toothbrush was dirty this can suggest that good communication is required in order to overcome problems. If there is food stuck or something else is in-between your teeth this can suggest (according to dream lore) that there are external influences that are going to delay your goals and progress.

To dream of cleaning your shiny white teeth is a positive dream it can indicate that you are setting your goals wisely if you are looking at your teeth after brushing them.  However, dreaming of cleaning rotten or bad teeth suggests that there will be stormy challenges ahead, but you can ride the waves of life, and continue your life’s journey. To have a dream that you don’t brush your teeth regularly or that your teeth are falling out after you brush them suggests that you are going to have some difficulties with communicating your point of view. 

Brushing someone else’s teeth in a dream means you need to take a lead

Dreaming about brushing someone else teeth (such as child’s) can indicate that you need to be more decisive. That you are letting other people take the lead. It is important to look at your inner struggles and understand what goals are needed in order to be more assertive.

The general meaning of brushing teeth in dreams

  • You need to be more assertive in real life. 
  • You feel inadequate in other people’s company.
  • Brushing away your problems.
  • In ancient dream books cleaning teeth indicates that you will brush away problems in life. 
  • In ancient superstition lore to dream that you are brushing your teeth and they subsequently fall out is connected to being “afraid that you are losing a loved one.” 
  • If you dream that you have yellow plaque and tartar or smelly breath and you “brush” your teeth and mouth clean, this can suggest that you may feel that you are feeling somewhat inadequate in front of others.

As well as the meanings above, brushing teeth in dreams can mean the following:

1. Brushing teeth is a symbol of resilience

The message of this dream is to be able to feel what you need to do inside and not ignore your inner intuition. Sometimes the act of brushing plaque away in dreams can suggest that you are worried about unexpected problems or focus and you need to pay attention to in order to remove them. It could be the symbol of being resilient in the face of problems.

2. That you need to be more attentive

Cleaning teeth is also associated with how attentive we are and to see nice looking teeth can mean that we hold great self-esteem. These types of dreams can suggest that you are worried about “keeping up with the Jonses” and it is important to not let things bother you too much. 

3. The dentist has caused this dream.

Dentists always tell us we need to clean out teeth better, floss more or invest in better toothpaste. It could be that you are just feeling guilty about not coming up to scratch at the dentist!

Dream of someone brushing their teeth

According to my 1000 dream dictionaries, watching somebody brush their teeth is a happy omen to appear in a dream. Yes, it is very positive! It foretells that you are going to receive some success and riches according to folklore. If you dream about watching somebody brush their teeth that you “know” it can indicate that you can expect great fortune to smile upon you in business matters.  to dream of watching somebody brushing their teeth that you do not know indicates a change in the direction some things you have been involved with. It can mean that you are not getting the results you hoped for I am afraid. 

What is the spiritual meaning of brushing our teeth?

Dream lore is quite strange sometimes and I noticed are many references to brushing teeth in ancient dream books from the 1930's. After researching my library of dreams (I have about 1000 books on the subject.) I concluded that the dream of brushing teeth can have a number of meanings depending on the details of the dream. I will cover them here. Spiritually speaking, brushing teeth indicates cleaning and change in most of the books. To see teeth “fall out” in a dream can mean that we are losing our internal power and that it is time to regain this in waking life. Teeth in dreams generally is quite negative. Brushing teeth as a spiritual metaphor can suggest that you need to gain power again and be extra assertive. Brushing your teeth not only cleans them, but equally, it stimulates our gums to prevent cavities, so it means you are preventing problems, metaphorically speaking.

Dreams of flossing teeth

To floss your teeth in the dream indicates you wish to remove problems in your life. To have a dream that you don’t brush your teeth regularly or that your teeth are falling out after you brush them suggests that you are going to have some difficulties with communicating your point of view. Interestingly, about 80% of all Americans have some sort of gum disease. If you dream that you have plaque and tartar and you “brush” them clean this can suggest that you may feel that you are feeling somewhat inadequate in front of others. I will now go over some specific dream meanings of brushing your teeth.

What does brushing your teeth and then your "teeth" fall out in a dream to mean?

If you spit out your teeth or these suddenly fall out while brushing can indicate that you are going to fall out with people close to you (  according to ancient dream lore) "concerning to dream that your own teeth are suddenly dispersed over the floor, but have the comfort this is a popular dream. In my view, from a psychological point of view to dream that you are brushing your teeth and then they fall out can suggest that you are worrying unnecessarily about the future.

If you’re brushing your teeth and it is painful or you feel unsettled in a dream it can suggest that you were suffering at present. Maybe there is a crisis or broken relationship which is bothering you in daily life? Any type of pain in dreams can signify that we are feeling particularly sensitive in waking life.  

Is brushing teeth in dreams popular?

No. The dream is not popular. There was a interesting scientific experiment by a professor Mathes et al in 2014  that researched teeth dreams in general. It’s interesting to know from this research the frequency of teeth falling out dreams was extremely low in all the studies. However, teeth is supposed to be one of the most popular dreams in the world. There was a study in 1970 by a professor called Snyder and he analyzed 635 people during REM sleep. Strangely, out of these people, only 0.47% dreamed of teeth. What I am trying to say is that even though it is a given that “teeth” is a popular dream. The most popular dreams are flying, falling or finding money. 

What is the dream psychology of brushing your teeth?

I do also like to consider dream psychology when writing my dream interpretations. The two big dream psychologists from the 1930s known as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung covered dreaming of teeth in their books. I could not find anything in Carl Jung’s books about brushing teeth but Sigmund Freud believed brushing in dreams (the act of) is connected to how clean we are in waking life. I do feel that psychologically speaking brushing teeth could mean it is a sign that you FEEL you need to psychically clean more. Do you? Our society, in my opinion, has to some degree become too clean. 

I was browsing on twitter earlier today, I can see many people are focused on dirt and cleaning. Many believing dirt may harm their children.  There are also many different interesting cultural differences. For example, parents who live in Japan have a particular concern over germs on children’s stationery, toys or bedlinen and this has to be sterile. The Japanese use a horrendous number of antibacterial products and there are hardly any infectious diseases like in other more undeveloped countries. What I am saying is that we as a “society” have become very focused on cleanliness. This can subsequently move into our dreams. We comfortably live with dirt and bacteria,  and after brushing our teeth germs will arise back on the surface of the gums as soon as we eat. My advice, from a dream psychology perspective is start your revolution and claim back your life and try to identify the “problem” that you need to “brush” away.

Dream of brushing rotten teeth

If the dream theme was that your teeth are bad/rotten this can suggest that you were worrying about your strength to move forward in the future. Dreaming of rotten teeth is quite a common dream symbol. The dream psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that dreams about rotten teeth can be interpreted as what is called “ psychological stimulation”  more simpler terms, it can suggest that the dreamer is worried about communication.  If you are brushing black, rotten, smelly teeth it can suggest that you are nevertheless worrying about what other people are saying or or losing your confidence. The most important advice from this type of dream is that you focus on improving your self-confidence.

Dreams of not being able to brush your teeth. 

If you cannot find your toothbrush in a dream or it is broken is an interesting dream. Sometimes we experience dreams whereby we are trying to achieve something but we can’t quite do it. These are the most frustrating! And, we never really know why we cannot complete the tasks. Interestingly, trying to brush your teeth but not being able to (due to loss of toothbrush or whatever the reason) indicates that there are certain blocks in life which are delaying you at the moment. If the toothbrush is simply “not available” it suggests that you are going to have to overcome “delay” before facing a difficult situation. To dream of a broken toothbrush means that you are going to break a “pattern of events” according to Scottish dream lore.

Dreaming of teeth breaking or crumbling while brushing

To dream of your teeth breaking a crumbling indicates fruitless rebellion against a situation you can no longer put up with.  if the teeth are breaking crumbling into the sink can suggest that you should not rise to the bait. I also think this dream can suggest gossip. If we look it the two symbols separately stop breaking a crumbling teeth can be connected to saying something you shouldn’t and gossip, however, brushing your teeth indicates  that you are trying to assert yourself.  feel that such a dream can result in the fact that you will be the object of criticism but if you defend yourself will be supported by others. Try to be careful about not getting embroiled into difficult social situations being specifically overambitious with regards to your plans of the future.

Dreaming of brushing teeth with something strange (other than toothpaste)

A user emailed me a few months back with a very interesting dream. She dreamt she was brushing her teeth with pineapple juice. Obviously, in waking life we brush our teeth with toothpaste. If you dream of using something super weird then we need to bring this as a “symbol” into the dream.  what I’m trying to say is it doesn’t really matter “what” you are brushing your teeth within your dream. When it comes to dream interpretation simply look at the actions of the dream first then look at the object you were brushing your teeth with and interpret it all together. In the case of the example, I have given the dream meaning is as follows: teeth represent power. The brushing represents trying to overcome problems to keep that power and finally, the pineapple juice symbolizes wealth and luxury. So, for the dream meaning: the dreamer wants to keep their strength going in order to maintain their wealth. Simple. 

Dream of using someone else’s toothbrush

To dream of using somebody else’s toothbrush can suggest there needs to be more communication in your life. Have you been hiding away? Using or borrowing a toothbrush reflects your own considerable strength of will. If you are borrowing a toothbrush from somebody and this can suggest you need to prevent malicious gossip from people around you. Everybody judges each other and it is important to try to overcome any problems or conflicts with in a calm and contentment. It is a warning sign to be more careful in your actions and what you say to other people.

Dream of flossing teeth

To floss your teeth in the dream indicates you wish to remove problems in your life.  In 1815 Levi Spear Parmly invested dental floss. He was concerned about oral hygiene and noticed that between the teeth required a cleaning aid. To dream of flossing indicates that you are trying to remove a very tricky problem. If you are finding it hard to dislodge any food (that a brush cannot reach) this indicates that something will impact you in the future.

Dream of brushing teeth summary

In conclusion, this dream is quite an interesting symbol. When you are “cleaning something” such as your teeth in a dream it foretells a process in waking life - of what we need to undertake.  It could mean that there is a new situation in life. Perhaps even a new start.  the most important aspect of this dream is the symbolism of teeth themselves. As I have already outlined in the opening paragraph, teeth indicate power and confidence. It could mean that you are trying to force through your emotions and thoughts.

I have mentioned many times in this article that losing your teeth while you are brushing them in a dream is generally a negative dream, however, it can mean that you are going to overcome some difficulties and changes ahead.  I hope that my dream meaning has been informative and don’t forget to check out the other parts of my website! Flo

By Florance Saul
Sep 11, 2019