High Priestess Tarot Meaning

The High Priestess

What the High Priestess means in a tarot reading?

The High Priestess

The high priestess tarot card

The high priestess is the ultimate symbol of balance and manifestation.

If you receive the High Priestess in your reading then the time has come for you to understand the balance necessary to get what you want out of life. She is the mystery of the mother, of the moon and of life. The High Priestess is a guiding card, telling you that right now you are on a path of enlightenment. It can represent multiple aspects of your life showing a true understanding of your own wants and needs. Now is the time to follow on your instincts and trust that internal feeling. You know you better than anyone else and that means that you also know what is best for you. It is okay to seek counsel or advice from others but make sure that their wants for you are not overshadowing what your own heart tells you.

The deeper meanings of the High Priestess card is strong as sits in between a black pillar (symbolic of the negative life force) and a white pillar (symbolic of positive life force) and balances the two. On her lap is the Torah which means ‘Divine Law,’ something that isn’t meant for all to see. When you receive the High Priestess, you can expect the question to be shrouded in a great mystery that can be attainable if you allow yourself to practice listening to your intuition. The High Priestess can be a great ally in discovery for she is connected with the moon (evidenced by the Moon Crown on her head) which is often shrouded in illusion and mystery making it difficult for us to see straight. Often times this card will come up when one is trying to understand a situation that is convoluted. You can ask the High Priestess for help and then practice listening for her advice.

Listening for spiritually intuitive advice allows for communication with your consciousness and the world of pure experience. One must find time to quiet the mind and have patience as well as trust that the process will help you and then the truth will come over you like a sun rising over the horizon. This may take some time to perfect, as it is a practice like anything else, but the High Priestess is the manifestation of the desires of the Magician. She is the connecting force between the heavens and the Earth. Depend on her to bless your Will.

The High Priestess in Love

The pomegranates behind the High Priestess are symbolic of feminine energy and the palm leaves are symbolic of masculine energy, thus also making her the ‘go to’ energy to acquire assistance in understanding the energies in all of us that are masculine as well as feminine. This helps a lot when it comes to relationships. The High Priestess shows up in a similar light to that of the Moon card when it comes to Love and Relationships. Love is a mystery. Each person experiences it differently. When the High Priestess shows up in relation to a reading on love one must accept the possibility that not all is being seen appropriately in the relationship or the pursuit of acquiring one. She helps solve issues where there is a disagreement between partners, she assists by providing intuition that enables partners to communicate and get to the center of the issue. The key always with the High Priestess is to know that she has something to tell you which is very important, that you will not understand without her assistance and then make sure to listen. In matters of the heart this is doubly important.

A note of warning with the High Priestess is that she can also be guiding you to seek out the truth in a relationship. If you have concern in your relationship it is exceptionally important to follow your instincts, but to do so in a way that is not a detriment to you or the relationship. Just because you have a feeling of insecurity does not mean that your partner is cheating on you. Often we are sensitive to specific issues but the situation is not as dire as it seems. Take advice from surrounding cards to get a clear idea of what is going on in love before acting or jumping to conclusions.

The High Priestess in Health

The High Priestess appears when it is necessary to focus on matters such as reproductive health. Due to her balancing abilities, she can be an excellent patron helper for birth control, or producing the proper reproductive hormones, balancing estrogen and testosterone. If there is confusion within this section of the body, ask the High Priestess for help to remove the shadows that darken that area so that the trouble can be brought to light.

The High Priestess in Work and Wealth

The High Priestess helps in matters of business and wealth in the sense that if you are about to get into a business with someone else, or are going through legal issues; she will help you to shed light on all that you are not aware of. This could mean paperwork that you need to sign that you weren’t aware of will come up, or the proper assistance to get your business up and running will just show up. Expect clarity and certainty in matters of business. The High Priestess clears out the sullied waters so that they shine with the vision of your future.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Reversed

Reversed High Priestess in a reading

When you receive the High Priestess in the reversed position, this is symbolic that you are completely detached from your intuition. Messages are being sent to you, but you are experiencing a block due to a lack of desire and momentum. The best advice that the High Priestess in Reverse has to offer is that it is time to open up your chakras and allow the spirit to move through you. Meditate, meditate, meditate!