Three of Cups

3 Of Cups Tarot Card

The Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

When the Three of Cups has a central focus in your reading it is a sign that you are being blessed with a season of success and abundance, for which you can achieve much.

This card is a celebratory one. There is no work, only play. Now you have done what you needed to get by and you have some time to relax. This card moves the story of the Suit of Cups farther because you must have some time for celebration in order to take the next step forward. This is a kind of break time for you. Whatever has been making you feel stress will invariably pass. Sometimes we need time to celebrate, to let loose and relax so that we can refocus on what it is that we are trying to accomplish. This step is as essential as working hard toward your goal. Consider it like building muscles in your body. It is imperative that you take a day off in between lifting weights so that your muscles can heal themselves in preparation for expanding. This is the same with the Three of Cups. Except in this situation, you will have much to celebrate and you should do so socially. This is not a time of introspection; this is a time of embracing your inner social butterfly. Go have drinks with your friends just to celebrate where you are right now.

The image of the Three of Cups in the Rider-Waite deck shows three maidens dancing in a fertile garden, joyously toasting with their friends. They sing out their congratulations on a job well done and a step forward in a position of prosperity. These maidens represent a time of hospitality, of nurturing, and of fortune as well as victory. You will experience a phase supreme pleasure at this time. Do not let it pass you buy. Soak it up for all that it is worth! Life can be hectic and hard and stressful, so take the time that you need to revel in how far you have come.

The Three of Cups symbolizes the celebratory existence after a crisis has passed over you. Your effort has produced positive results and you have something positive coming your way. You are an exceptionally talented person who is also very intuitive and sensitive. Often times these attributes remain somewhat under the surface. However now is the time for freedom of expression. Be as happy and as silly or giddy as you’d like. You deserve it.

The Suit of Cups is related to all matters of the heart and the emotions, and the Three of Cups is clearing the way for you to find intense fulfillment through love; both the giving and the receiving. Remember that when you share the good love in a relationship, it is a reciprocal act that touches all aspects of life. When you behave in a manner that is compassionate towards others, you encourage that loving light to transcend all that crosses your path. This is the road that you travel now with the Three of Cups: Complete acceleration of joy and an actualization of all of your dreams and hearts desires.

This is also a time to develop any metaphysical interests that you might have. Dream big. This card is a continuation of the Two of Cups as well in a sense because through the continued relationships developed from that time period, you have been able to create a level of security and solid foundation from which to grow and that has brought you to this time in your life where you can just revel in joy. The lesson of this card might seem almost too simple: Enjoy yourself. But it is true, and it is important. The Three of Cups is telling you to find relaxation with others and joy, identify your talents and use them, and communicate freely in this time of celebration.

The Three of Cups in Love

When the Three of Cups is transiting your life there is a resounding element of success in love swirling around you that you never thought was possible. This is the time to begin a new kind of lifestyle or commence a relationship that is on mutual grounds. Even though there is an image of three individuals in this card, this can be a time of great love and passion with just one romantic partner or a time of achievement with a group of friends or business partners. You are blessed with a communicative spirit, and the ability to communicate with your partners, romantic or others is going to help you a lot right now. In fact, it will feel as though you are capable of saying things you never thought possible. Now, words just seem to fly out of your mouth in an almost poetic prose and you feel completely on top of your game in your love life. You will feel light as a feather as you enjoy the rest and relaxation as well as celebration that this card encourages.

The Three of Cups in Health

The Three of Cups is such a celebratory time that it is easy to overindulge even to the extremes. Some indulge in copious amounts of alcohol or sex or drugs, and while the manner in which you find relaxation is not in question, the Three of Cups is a gentle card. So treat yourself gently. Do not push yourself so hard in the acquisition of celebration that you end up getting sick or injuring yourself. The time to celebrate is now, but there will be a time of work coming for you that you need to be rested and ready for. You do not want to have to focus on healing an extra wound to the head because you drank too much and decided that you could lift a car over your head, for example. Be gentle, celebrate, and be happy.

The Three of Cups in Work and Wealth

The Three of Cups in Work and Wealth signifies the beginning of a time of enjoying what you have done. If you do not have business partnerships in your world right now, except individuals with common interests to present themselves to you. Partnering up with others of a like mind will be very good for you. If you already have business partners, or friends who work with you, you will find that you will all be compelled to celebrate all aspects of your relationship together.

The 3 of cups Reversed

Reversed Meaning Of The Three Of Cups

As mentioned, the Cups are cards that directly influence our emotions. When you have received the Three of Cups in the reversed position, you will find that there is a need to balance your emotions without being too hard on yourself or attempting to control how you express love. There is a creative or even an emotional block going on. The extremism aspect of this card is of key importance. Do not put yourself in an extreme situation that you cannot easily recover from. Also make sure to not dwell on what you do not have at this time because that will get you started on a cycle that will be hard to get out of. Even if you can’t think of much to be excited or grateful for, even the gratitude for the fact that you can breathe could be enough to pull yourself out of it. This card is warning you not to get stuck in isolation.

Upright Three of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Eclectic friendship
  • Possible love triangle
  • Insight into females
  • Soul connections
  • Laughter
  • Manifesting more friends

Reversed Three of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Unconnected hearts
  • Threes a crowd
  • Blocked friendship
  • Spiritually restricted

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012