The Two of Cups

Two of cups

The Two Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Cups in the Tarot is one of the favorite ‘feel good’ cards that exist in the whole deck.

This card is similar to the Lovers card, but just to a smaller or less intense degree. This card is one of friendship, or of blossoming romance. If you have received this card then the energy of love, as a nurturing, spiritual, creative energy is blessing your circumstances. This is a card of fulfillment that is equal to that of the person or situation that you are encountering. More often than not, this is a card that specifically references another person.

A loving embrace, two souls intertwined like ivy - this scared union is the cornerstone of a natural affinity to another human being. Love blossoms, and souls stir with feelings of affection and mutual understanding. Are you nurturing this relationship, could you be doing more? This card revels in meaningful connection - often it’s romantic - but it isn’t always. Feel with your soul the one who makes your heart flutter, who illuminates the best parts of you like a double rainbow lining the sky. Now is the time to extend your hand and open your creative mind, creating and communicating will bring you wonderful things and greater levels of prosperity. 

If you are wondering whether or not the new person that you have just met is going to be ‘the one,’ this card is saying that there is a genuine possibility of a beautiful friendship that could blossom into a romance. With this card, it is saying that you are on the same page with this person in multiple ways. You feel an almost kindred connection to them naturally.

The image on the Two of Cups shows two young people who are making a vow of affection to one another. They each hold a cup that is full of all of the good things in life. What more could a person ask for? This kind of friendship is one that most of us hope to find at one point or another. Some of us confuse the desire for sex with the desire for this kind of relationship, but it is not the same at all. It is somewhat easier in a sense to connect with someone sexually then it is to have this kind of ultimate connection with another person. In fact, many of us are afraid of this very connection.

However, here you are being welcomed to entertain the concept of having a soul mate in your life. This is a relationship to be honored, and it is one that develops over time. The serpent in the card represents the balance between good and evil and above them is a lion which indicates that carnal desires have begun to take wind. Again, this isn’t as obvious as the Lover’s Card, whose Union is unquestionable. This is the card that feels like the beginning of all new relationships. It is giddy, intense and exciting, even nerve-wracking. Together with this person you will achieve a great many things. The feeling of being simultaneously special to someone else is mind blowing. This is a very exciting time for you. Like a sun rise, love is awe inspiring, nurturing and beautiful.

Individually you are a very charismatic, compassionate person; you even understand the importance and healing power that is love especially in relation to other people. Another dimension to this card is its connection to the spiritual universe. When one experiences love, it raises our vibrations up. We get a spring in our step and we become so grateful for every little thing. Connect with Higher Source Energy in love and you will go far.

Some of us do not have an easy time allowing the entrance of someone else into our experience, especially if the relationship has the potential to be something great, worthwhile and fulfilling for a life time. However, choosing to love is an active experience. By recognizing the choices that you have, you are showing the universe what you can handle. Give yourself a chance to be vulnerable with someone, to open up the channels of communication and feel free to explore realms of happiness that you never thought possible.

This card is symbolic of a great number of possibilities; Love, proposals, engagement, marriage, and partnerships. One on one friendship, recognition of interesting and talented aspects of the self. Relationships develop, person to person.

The Two of Cups in Love

The Two of Cups is, in essence, a very loving card. It bares tidings of a lucky romantic future very clearly. This love could range from romantic love to a friend's love, to family love. But in this category, if you have done a reading on love or relationships, you will be happy to know that this bodes very well for you. If this card has arrived it means that if you haven’t met someone that you share this kindred energy with yet, you will very soon. And you will know it when you meet them because suddenly you will connect intimately on an intellectual level, then spiritually and of course physically. But remember, this is not the kind of relationship that moves fast. This relationship is a slow-moving, one that gets better with age like a fine wine. Do not push the envelope, take it slow, and give this experience time to blossom. You deserve to have a lovely experience, so have some fun with it. Be kind, be gentle, and be open and receiving as well as ready for this to potentially become something great.

The Two of Cups in Health

When you have received the Two of Cups in reading about your health, you should take note that many positive things are going to happen for you. This card brings into focus full balance of medical issues. This means that if you have been struggling with a disease or injury for a long time, that healing is on its way. Generally, this card has good messages of celebration in all aspects of life. With health, you will find the connection with someone else is so nice and interesting that you will forget the fear of not healing, which will ironically be enough allowed room for healing. Distractions sometimes are the very best medicine.

The Two of Cups in Work and Wealth

When you have received the Two of Cups in your business or work reading, you can expect for new doors of opportunities to open up for you in the form of new business associates or contacts. Though this card can be romantic, the main focus is on the actual friendship or partnership that evolves. You can expect to meet someone soon who will help you with your business venture, who thinks and processes as well as wants the same things out of work that you do.

Two of Cups Yes Or No

Yes or no? In general, the Two of Cups is celebratory - your answer is very likely a yes. In matters of couples and questions relating to another person this answer is concrete and resounding: yes, 100%, yes. The only time this card loses it’s assertion is in matters of the individual. The Two of Cups loves human connection, relationships which run through shared experiences like two magpies flying together. This is why it sometimes begins to lean towards no when your question orbits more individual pursuits.

Two of Cups Past

Experience is our potter and we are the clay, love shapes us more than anything else - and romantic relationships and loyal friendships can have a lasting impact on our lives. Who are the most important people from your past? The ones who helped you grow through their love and appreciation for you. Mistakes are valuable, like streetlights on a dark night, they show us the way - but repeating mistakes render their value nil. Sometimes looking to the past and the lessons we’ve learned is a good way of refreshing our senses so we can act with more purpose and determination in the present. Even for those no longer in your life, we can still recall essential moments like a student retracing an old textbook. 

Two of Cups Present 

The rose opens in the sunlight, its fragrant smell is heightened by the warmth of a spring day, its beauty coming into full bloom as its petals open to the sky. It may look solitary, but the flower’s development is really a process of collaboration, the sun giving it the energy to grow and become more. You too may encounter such a beneficial relationship, one that bathes you in light and accomplishment - sometimes what seems like a small, insignificant meeting becomes a pivotal moment in your life. The Two of Cups appears because it sees potential for an incredible partnership with another, romantic or otherwise. Forging such a deep connection takes work, but like a welder working hard to produce a gold ring, the effort will ultimately be worth it.

Two of Cups Future and Outcome

Happiness is golden and beautiful, it is a thread through your life, giving the good times meaning - so often, this comes most directly from our relationships with others, and you have one to come! See the love of the couple on this card, the chemistry of their loving embrace as hot and meaningful as the flames of a fire; soon, this will be yours too. If you are already loved up, this card sees a continued and sustained relationships - for those who are single, your soul mate may just be fluttering around the corner. Whatever your situation, this is a beautiful card to see in your future position - it may even signal wedding bells for you or someone dear to you.

Two of Cups Love Reconciliation

Is there anything more lovely than rowing your boat gently on a warm summer’s day? No rush, no hurry - just a relaxing journey down the stream of life. For the attached, this card represents just that; the easy and meandering joy of a life spent in love together. Like the ocean rolling out, your love will only deepen with time and your respect for one another will grow like a great tree. Emotional openness is key here, it is being transparent and truthful that will allow love to blossom further and further. Not in love or attached? No matter, The Two of Cups smiles upon you just the same - whether it’s a coming romance or life-lasting friendship, there are good connections to come. This card becomes it’s most beautiful in areas of love, so feel a deep gratitude for its appearance. 

Two of Cups As Feelings

Here, this card chuckles affectionately - you ask how another feels, but they feel just the same as you do. In feelings, this card is like a mirror - it reflects back the emotions of the enquirer. It also brings a soaring sense of calm and peace, any recent transgressions or arguments will be salved by time and love. The relationship will grow once again like daffodils in spring. When love is lost, The Two of Cups often speaks of lingering feelings - an old partner has not moved on, they still dwell in the memories of your good times. Feel the same? Now is the time to extend an olive branch and reconcile in glorious romance and love. 

Two of Cups As Friendship

 Thick as thieves, kindred spirits, two peas in a pod - all the things they say about the greatest of friends apply to your relationships at present. Balance, like justice’s great scales, are wholly even. You are in the midst of a lush, healthy friendship with many connections and many more to come. Keep open your trusting senses and continue to dispense sage advice, it is the reciprocal nature of these friendships which allows them to grow and grow like sunflowers soaring past garden fences and towards the light. The Two of Cups celebrates all of this, if you have considered a holiday or break with your closest companions, there could be no better time - experience the world with those you love at your side.

The 2 of cups Reversed


Reversed Two of Cups in a reading

The Two of Cups in the reversed position signifies a need to control your emotions. Right now you are overly empathizing with people or getting stuck in a sentimental mindset that is counterproductive; because it has reached such an extreme that you forget yourself and what you are trying to do. Control your urges to heal and comfort everyone that you run into. Disagreements and misunderstandings can cause an imbalance in friendships or relationships, but that is normal. Do not let your ‘ego’ get in the way of what is right. Pay attention, listen, and don’t be so demanding.

Two of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

A canyon of unspoken words, communication that’s fizzled away into nothing - how can you solve problems that haven’t been aired? The reversed Two of Cups carries serious news: you have disconnected from your partner. Where mutual love and respect once flourished, now is only resentment and simmering distaste. But the issues arise primarily from the tension of things left unsaid than from the things themselves, you need to sit down and have a real discussion.

Keep an open mind, try to foster genuine compassion via your connection like two wires making a spark. There are no guarantees here; you may find that discussing your issues proves that they are unsolvable or maybe it will be much easier to sort than imagined. Either way, there’s no point in avoiding this necessary next step. 

For those without a partner, the reversal of this card refers to emotional turbulence and stress which may be keeping you from connecting with others. Just like unsaid words, unprocessed stresses can poison the mind and block out the rest of the world; forge friendships, find people to talk to so that you can clear your head and open your heart.

Two of Cups reversed - Family and Home

Family is representative of unconditional acceptance, with the rest of the world you may suffer embarrassment or judgement, but not so at home. And still, it seems you hold back - this reversed card reminds you that repressing feelings or misrepresenting your thoughts causes more problems than it solves. 

Miscommunication thickens sadness so that it becomes harder to combat, sometimes bullying exacerbates this state. Harmony requires equal input from every person, take the time to hear the perspectives of every person within the family unit and set about cooling any anger with the ice of thought-out words. Remember, reserve judgement and instead seek understanding. Love is the foundation of all family, allow it to flow between you and you can find light at the end of the tunnel. 

Two of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

Like leaves falling in autumn, something that has gone rotten and it's impacting your work. It could be a business partnership, work handled with a colleague or a general sense of lacking comradery that’s fizzled away into something sour. This reversed card warns of disconnect at best and sabotage at worst; someone meant to be on your side no longer has your best interest at heart. Do not respond to aggression with aggression, instead seek out new, healthy working relationships and you’ll find that new seeds can still sprout up in the wake of what has died. Keep a keen eye on your finances, be savvy to scams and avoid reckless spending for there may be changes income for you soon. 

Two of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

Your muscles coil with stress, your bones ache and there’s a general sense of disease flowing through your veins. Sometimes the antics of life distract us from our one and essential home: our body. Even the best sports cars need servicing from time to time, now is a good moment to seek out a general medical check; watch out for health issues relating to lost balance like high blood pressure or extreme fatigue. The best technique for remedy is to build healthier habits into your daily life that will enable you to maintain a natural harmony within your health. 

Two of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

The universe opens its arms for you, it has messages of love to whisper in your ear and yet you miss these words of guidance because you are turned the wrong way. You have become unbalanced, if you’re not careful you may fall; reopen your heart, open yourself to the universe and you’ll reconnect with the spiritual path you must walk. Remember this is a natural journey, there’s no need to force it, trust in your destiny and meditative thought are the best way to return to enlightenment. 

Two of Cups Upright Meanings in Keywords

  • Love
  • Two people coming together
  • Perfect harmony
  • Scared union
  • Balance and partnership
  • Soulmates
  • Harmony
  • Marriage

Two of Cups Reversed Meanings in Keywords

  • Disharmony
  • Imbalance
  • Unhappy couple
  • Separation

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012