What Judgement means in a tarot reading


Judgement tarot card

The Judgement card in a reading can be a very difficult one to be read.

This is because it has multiple meanings. On one hand Judgement can come in the form of your own personal judgment and in that case the card is telling you to be careful how you proceed. It can also be a representation of harsh judgments being made upon you or by you. It is a reminder that we all end up in the same place in the end and how we get there should be guided by integrity or virtue. Consider how you may be placing your own opinions on others too harshly or not giving a fair chance to someone.

You may also feel that you are being watched or judged by others. If you have this suspicion, when this card comes up you are most likely right. Seeing the Judgement card is a reminder that you are not alone in your doings and that your actions can be interpreted or even misinterpreted. The card itself has a lot of Christian symbolism to the final judgement. A family stands with their arms up looking towards and angel often stated to be Gabriel. He blows a trumpet which is signaling the end of days. It is likely that those who are followers will be judged and atonement will soon take place. There are many different interpretations of what happens next after the scene in the card, but most will concur that there is going to be a judgment upon the souls of the land.

When the card appears in your reading it can often refer to legal battles or court cases of all varieties. Whereas the Justice card can be a good sign for your legal outcome the Judgement card neither good nor bad as it doesn’t state whether you will win or lose. However this card is a guide of sorts, telling you what will need to be done next in order to be successful. All of your actions are going to come to light and anything that you are trying to hide or be deceitful about will not remain hidden. Now is a time to come clean before others find out your secret in their own fashion. The truth is better told when it comes from your mouth directly. You have the capability to control the outcome of a situation that you are in right now.

Judgement in Love At first glance, the Judgement card shows that you are likely having a tough time in a relationship and like the general meaning of the card, either judging or being judged harshly. The accusations or suspicion around you at this time are not wholly emotionally based and they carry a heavy burden with them. Often the card will come up around a broken relationship that needs time to heal. Accusations made and thrown that are designed to hurt the other person in the relationship are another common occurrence. Be mindful of your state of mind in your relationship right now. Consider if you have been angry for the sake of anger itself and if it is truly your partner that is the problem. You may find that other areas of your life are causing weights that are too much to bear or that you are taking on too much and lashing out to those around you that you can trust. Think of it like a toddler’s behavior that can’t speak about what it wants. Instead of speaking the toddler cries to get their way. In a relationship, sometimes it’s easier to start a fight than to really sit down and talk about your problems. You want to be sure that the way you are acting is true to your own emotions so that you get what you want. Be careful of bringing your work home with you or allowing other stressors in your life to cloud your judgment about your relationship.

The card is a good sign for making amends and coming clean about something. This can be to another person or to yourself. With the Judgement card comes a sense of freedom and allows for communication, healing, and a time of reflection. You may find that this card comes up after a relationship is already over or about to end. Just because you get this card doesn’t mean you are going to be breaking up with your partner but if you are recently out of a relationship now may be the time to view your own actions in the relationship and be honest with your future expectations. Take time right now to focus on healthy avenues that bring out the best in you rather than spending time with people that bring out the worst.

Judgement in Work and Wealth Judgement has an obvious meaning when concerning work and finance. It tells you that you are in a place where you need to make a choice or decision. There may be heavy demands being placed upon you right now. Allow time to contemplate before making a choice but don’t allow yourself to run around in circles. Once you have made your decision, act on it. Do not linger in the indecision phase. Be frugal with your money right now and avoid taking risks that seem too good to be true. If you feel that you are lacking information about a purchase, seek out the advice of others. This card is a very active card and you may feel invigorated with a project at hand. Continue moving forward, making decisions, and actively seeking an outcome in order to see success.

Judgement in Business: When the judgment card appears in a business reading this can imply you are on the right path but you may think you have done all you can. It is like you think you have failed but later down the line you might find success somewhere else or there is a delay in your business. The card indicates that you are guided from spirit in order to succeed in business, but the business you are in at the moment might not be the one. Judgment is also connected to finishing something and then selling it. This card is about transactions and getting something in return. Judgment is also about thinking about the future and that you need to reach some important decisions.

Judgment as an outcome: The card could be asking you to make choices and decisions but above all, it is about letting go of something so that a better situation can be reached. In a tarot reading pulling judgment as an outcome or future card can indicate letting go of the past in order to get something better in life. It is time for you to reach some conclusions in life. What do you need to let go of? This card can also mean you are holding onto something that is dear to you. Indicating that things might stay as they are “balanced” and that all-important moment of realizing that something might succeed. 

Judgement Reversed Meaning The Judgement card is a good card to see in your reading even in the reversed position. When the card is reversed it indicates a more carefree time in your life and often will accompany a life-altering change in your life such as the birth of a child, a job advancement, or spiritual momentum. It tells you in this direction that you need to seize the day and think outside of the box. It is especially a warning about being too wishy-washy or indecisive. The time is now. You have the knowledge and power to complete your goals. 

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